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Nance Hatch

I am an experienced marketing communications director, use to a fast-paced environment, with the skills to position companies for growth through their branding, advertising, public relations and marketing communications.I am an expert in building brands and companies through all marketing communications, advertising and public relations strategies, with a background in brand strategy, public relations and marketing, working on the largest brands in the U.S. — American Express, Jack Daniels, Delta Airlines, Johnston Murphy Footwear, Hart-Marx and the most well known global advertising & public relations agencies- BBDO and Ogilvy & Mather. I have university communications and public relations experience at Florida Atlantic University and David Lipscomb University.

Written articles

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4 Top iBuyers Companies: Who Are They?

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Is iBuying Worth It?

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Sell Your House Checklist for 2020: Here’s What You Need To Do

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Selling Your House Due to Job Changes

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Paperwork You’ll Need To Sell Your House

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How to Sell a House When a Relative Dies

When someone significant in your life passes, such as a family member …

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