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Knock started in 2016 and was the first company to change the home buying and selling process by taking homes on trade.

Initially it was working with all the major homebuyers around the U.S. by easing the process of home upgrades. It has since changed with the addition of the service to include existing homes.

They will purchase your new home for you and then take your old home to market including making repairs and getting it ready for sale.

They also work with other iBuyers when it comes to sell your home as opposed to just listing it or selling themselves

What cities is Knock working in

and will be expanding:

Charlotte NC House


Median home value $226,100

Raleigh NC House


Median home value $277,400

Los Angeles CA House

Los Angeles

Median home value $688,700

San Diego CA House

San Diego

Median home value $634,100

Phoenix AZ House


Median home value $242,100

Chicago IL House


Median home value $226,400

Miami FL House


Median home value $335,000

Orlando FL House


Median home value $241,500

Tampa FL House


Median home value $218,900

Denver CO House


Median home value $422,700

Boston MA House


Median home value $594,600

Salt Lake UT House

Salt Lake City

Median home value $393,900

Home iconHow many homes has Knock purchased?

Knock has purchased well over 2500 homes in 2018 -2019 and is expected to continue to grow the annual purchase rate significantly as they expand into new markets

Home iconWhat is the medium cost per home?

In looking at the homes Knock has listed, the range seems to be $200K to $400K. However, they do have properties that exceed $800,000 which is different than the other iBuyers.

Clock iconHow quickly do they make an offer?

Knock offers come back quickly if they are interested in purchasing your home.

Deal iconHow quickly do they typically take to close?

Closing take a little longer because there is typically two transactions that need to take place. Knockā€™s purchase of your new home and then the actual selling of your existing home.

What is the market value of my home?

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