Knock iBuyer Program Information

Introducing Knock

The Knock iBuyer and Home Trade-In program launched in 2016, forever changing the home buying and selling process. Knock makes it easy for you to sell your home and buy a new home that better suits your current lifestyle needs.

Knock Real Estate Markets

Knock home trade-in services are currently available in:

Atlanta GA House

Atlanta, GA

Median home value $257,700

Austin TX House

Austin, TX

Median home value $370,700

Charlotte NC House

Charlotte, NC

Median home value $226,100

Dallas TX House

Dallas, TX

Median home value $409,800

Denver, CO House

Denver, CO

Median home value $422,700

Durham NC House

Durham, NC

Median home value $230,000

Fort Worth TX House

Fort Worth, TX

Median home value $197,500

Phoenix AZ House

Phoenix, AZ

Median home value $242,100

Raleigh NC House

Raleigh, NC

Median home value $277,400

San Antonio TX House

San Antonio, TX

Median home value $177,400

FAQ about Knock:

Knock is a home buying and selling company with a unique approach—they help you buy your next home and sell your current home. Because Knock real estate offers both services and acts on your behalf throughout, they can make life much easier for you. For instance, the Knock home trade-in program enables you to move into your new home while they sell your old home, which can be very convenient and makes it easier to hold open houses and organize showings.

The Knock iBuyer model is built around a home trade-in approach, making it easy for you to sell your current home and buy a new one that better meets your lifestyle needs. Basically how it works is Knock buys the new home you want on your behalf and then represents you in the sale of your current home on the open market.

That all depends on Knock’s free market price estimate. To calculate that estimate, Knock uses industry data and competitor insights.

To get an instant idea of what this amount might look like, you can simply enter your address into our iValuation tool.

Knock charges a 6% commission to sell your house, which is roughly the same as what you would pay to a traditional real estate agent.

Knock has purchased several thousands of homes to date. Knock’s iBuyer program is quickly expanding across the nation, so their purchase and home trade-in numbers are expected to rise quickly.

Knock typically buys single family homes, condos, and townhouses that can receive traditional home financing. They require that the seller holds a clear title, that the home is owner-occupied or currently vacant, and that the home has no significant damage. While the Knock iBuyer program typically buys homes ranging from $200,000 to $400,000, they do consider properties that exceed $800,000, which makes them different from the other iBuyers, who usually stick to homes under $500,000.

The Knock real estate sale process is typically 2X faster than a traditional real estate agent. Because the Knock iBuyer model is a home trade-in approach—they help you sell your home and buy a new home—it’s sometimes not as fast as other iBuyers, but it’s typically still much less time consuming and a lot less hassle than selling the conventional way.

What is the market value of my home?