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What Is

Noah is an online brokerage company that connects homeowners with investors interested in home equity sharing. This is a unique alternative to traditional financing and allows you to unlock your home’s equity without the burden of monthly payments.

What Is Home Equity Sharing?

In a home equity sharing arrangement, an investor purchases part of your home or part of the equity in your home. While the terms of every agreement are different, typically, they are designed to lower or eliminate your monthly payments and unlock your home’s equity while allowing you to maintain ownership of your home. will enable you to choose no monthly payments as long as you buy back your home’s equity within ten years.

The Advantages and Limitations of Using Noah

Noah’s home equity sharing has many benefits, but it’s not the right fit for everyone.

Eliminate Monthly Payments

Because this is not a loan, you don’t need to pay the investors monthly. You can choose to pay them in one lump sum at the end of the ten-year period.

Unlock the Equity in Your Home

Essentially, you are selling part of your home but still being able to live in it. This allows you to use the cash value of your home today.

Great for People Who Don’t Qualify for Traditional Financing

If you are self-employed, it can be difficult to prove your income to a bank. This is a more flexible option.

Makes Homeownership More Affordable

These types of agreements allow you to put down a smaller down payment, offer no monthly payments, and may allow you to purchase a larger home.

Your Home’s Value May Appreciate Substantially

If the value of your home increases substantially, it will cost more to buy your home back. This can make it difficult to afford at the end of your agreement.

You May Lose Upside Potential

Because you share ownership with the investor, you won’t get as much of the benefit of your home’s appreciation, making it harder to build long-term wealth.

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