Home Equity Loans and Refinancing

Home Equity Loan and Refinance Guides

We’ll explain how home equity loans work and what your repayment options are, including the popular option of co-investing.

If the idea of monthly payments is off-putting, co-investing may be the perfect alternative. Of course, that’s just one type of loan that may meet your needs.

Home Equity Refi
Guide 1

How home equityloan works?

You may also be wondering how to get value out of your home without having to pay anyone back.

Guide 2

What do I needto refinance my home?

There are countless reasons you might need to refinance your home, but what do you actually need?

Guide 3

How much does it costto refinance your house?

Are you wondering how much it will cost to refinance your house and whether or not it's worth doing?

Guide 4

What do appraiserslook for in a refinance?

When refinancing your home, it’s stressful if you don’t know the answer to this question. It’s a lot to juggle!

Home Equity Loan and Refinance Companies

We know finding the right lender is important to you.

With so many finance companies to choose from, how do you decide who to team up with?

Our home equity loan and refinancing guides give you the knowledge to make it easier for you to select the finance company that is right for you.

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