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It’s fast and it’s free. Simply enter the address of your home and we’ll get you an instant, accurate estimate.


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House Selling Made Easy

iBuyers, or instant buyers, are real estate buyers that use online home value assessment tools to determine what your house is worth, and then make you an instant cash offer.

Top iBuyers Real Estate

Accurate iValuation Data

Big data from local and national real estate markets makes it easy to get the best value from our estimates.

Sell your house fast as is

Save Time. Sell Your House As Is.

We know how stressful upgrades, repairs, and cleaning can be. Don’t worry, iBuyers cover all that.

iBuyer programs that fit your budget

Transparent, Upfront Costs

iBuyers quote all costs upfront, so you know exactly what costs are involved before you decide to sell your house.

Discover What Selling To An iBuyer Can Do For You

Compare traditional real estate sales to iBuyer sales and see why iBuyers enable you to sell your house faster.

Traditional House Sale

  • Wait days (sometimes months) for offers from potential buyers.
  • Interview multiple agents until you find an experienced one.
  • Handle all necessary repairs and upgrades.
  • Keep your house clean and staged for selling.
  • Accommodate frequent showings and open houses.
  • Hope that loan-based offers don’t fall through.
  • Wait on paperwork. Closing dates might affect your plans.

iBuyer.com Sale

  • Receive an INSTANT offer for your house from iBuyers.
  • Request iBuyer offers in one click.
  • No stress over repairs or upgrades.
  • No need to clean or stage your house.
  • No need for any showings or open houses.
  • Get cash for your house as is. No loan issues.
  • Move on your terms. Closing dates are fast and flexible.

Selling Your House Can Be This Simple

iBuyers offer a faster, more convenient way to close on your house and iBuyer.com is here to help.

Get the best price for your house

Instant Home Valuation

Our iValuation tool provides you with an instant, accurate estimate of the fair market value of your home.

Know your iBuyers

Know Your iBuyers

Our iBuyer Blog and iBuyer Reviews provide helpful tips and important things to know before you sell your house.

Buy a home you want

iBuyer Insights

Our iBuyer Market insights show the latest iBuying trends and transactions in your city and state.

iBuyer Reviews

What makes iBuying so convenient? Read customer reviews and see exactly what people who sold to iBuyers have to say.

Are you in an iBuyer Market?

iBuyer companies are quickly expanding across the US and are likely already in your city and state, or coming soon!

iBuyer Blog and Industry News

Everything you need to know about iBuying and selling your house as is.

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