Sell My House Fast for Cash In A Few Simple Steps

The perfect way to sell your house online.

single family house for sale with stone sidings, garage and well maintained landscaping

The process of selling your house was never easier

Not everyone finds the process of fixing up and selling a house to be a dream project. In fact, it's often quite the hassle. When you just need to get the house sold without stress or a prolonged period of vacancy, iBuyer is here for you.

We'll make sure that selling your house fast for cash has never been easier:

  • Multiple Cash Offers In 24 Hours

    Once you enter your home into the system, we'll connect you with multiple cash offers within 24 hours. iBuyer has access to an entire network of investment home buyers who will purchase a house fast for cash in any condition. You can pick the offer that suits your needs best.

  • Flexible And Fast Closing Dates

    Lastly, you get to choose when to sell the house and the right date for closing. Our cash buyers are primarily investors, which means they don't need to rush you to move in or delay the purchase for personal reasons. They'll close the deal whenever you are ready.

  • Avoid Home Showing Hassles

    You don't have to stage your house, hire a stager, or host showings. You don't need to bake fresh cookies, host open houses, or answer a ton of questions. If you just want to sell your house online, our buyers can see the value of your property from the listing alone.

  • Don't Sell For A Discount

    There's no need to compromise your home's value. Choosing from a selection of cash buyers allows you to pick the best price, whichever is closest to - or even above - your home's quoted market value.

Sell my house fast in 3 simple steps

How can you sell your house for cash as quickly as possible? When the primary item on your to-do list is "Sell My House Fast", the number of steps between you and a home sale really matters.

While a real estate agent will give you a laundry list of tasks before selling and then charge a commission, at iBuyer, you can sell your house online in just three easy steps.

  1. Submit Your Information

    Tell us a little bit about your house. First, we'll confirm your address — after all, we can only offer quotes on houses that exist. Then, we'll ask you just 4 simple questions about the house: Your type of home, condition of the home, whether you have a listing agreement, and your ideal selling timeline.

  2. Receive Your Options

    Once we have the information, you will receive an online quote for your home's market value. Soon after, we will deliver multiple cash offer opportunities, but with no obligation to sell your home to any of them. You can evaluate the offers at your leisure.

  3. You Decide

    Once you receive cash offers, the choice to accept one is entirely up to you. You can choose the best offer and sell your house fast for cash, on your desired timetable, or you can reject them all and walk away. Whatever you decide, our service has zero cost to you!

I Want to Sell My House

And we're here to help, regardless of your situation

There are many reasons in life why you might need to sell your house fast for cash, and we're here for you. No matter what those reasons are, iBuyer will work with you to make your home sale as smooth and helpful as possible.

Selling your house online and selling your house fast for cash is what we do best.

  • Upgrading/Downsizing

    You are ready for a change of scenery. Perhaps your family is growing, you are financially moving up in the world, or you want a cozier house to suit a more compact lifestyle. When it's time to move, we're here to help you sell the previous house without hassle.

  • Major Life Events

    Many people sell their house while going through a major life event. Marriage or divorce, new babies and grown kids moving away, new jobs and retirement, each life stage is an opportunity to sell your house and start a new chapter of your life somewhere else.

  • Emergencies/Urgent Needs

    Sometimes, life throws curve balls, and for any number of reasons, selling your house might be the right answer. If you are facing an emergency, we can help you sell your house hassle-free and get the cash fast.

  • Dodging Foreclosure

    If a foreclosure is looming, you still have a chance to make a profit and prevent the foreclosure process. Selling fast is the best way to dodge a foreclosure and maintain control of your finances.

  • Inherited a House

    Inheriting a home can be problematic. Probate takes forever and the house may not have been in good condition before it stood vacant. If you don't want to take on the burden of property taxes and maintenance, you can sell the house fast for cash instead to get it off your hands.

  • Getting Divorced

    Often, selling a house is the cleanest way to split assets in a divorce. But the process shouldn't take forever. Selling your house online to a cash buyer is a great way to quickly wrap up your divorce and split the proceeds.

  • Expensive Repairs

    Sometimes, a house needs more investment than you have to spend, and that's OK. Roof problems, HVAC failure, or overall decay? Not to worry. An investment buyer will see its value and take over the expense of repairs, so you don't have to.

  • Relocating for Work

    When a new job beckons, you pick up everything to live near your new workplace. That can mean leaving your old house behind in a hurry to claim that golden opportunity to build your career or accept your dream job.

Sell Your House Now

And join others who have done so with

The best way to sell your house as-is

When you need to sell your house fast at market value, accepting an instant cash offer is the best solution. Investment buyers will purchase your house as-is without all the time-consuming hassle of repairs, sprucing, or staging. You don't have to host open houses, and you don't need to make promises to close the deal.

How as-is selling compares to a traditional house sale

  • No Agent Needed

    You get to keep your entire home's value without paying commission or anyone telling you what to do.

  • No Listing Needed

    iBuyers pay cash without ever seeing it in person. It's in the nature of investment buying. So you don't need a listing or fancy photographs to sell.

  • No Repairs Needed

    Your home is selling as-is, so there's no need to deal with (or pay for) repairs before the sale.

  • No Upgrades Needed

    Investment buyers have their own plans for upgrades, so you don't need to worry about upgrades before selling.

  • No Cleaning Needed

    You're not trying to impress a family or even a person, so skip the hassle of deep cleaning.

  • No Staging Needed

    Why pay for staging when iBuyers aren't concerned with the decor? Just move out and leave the rest to us.

  • No Showings Needed

    iBuyers provide instant cash offers, so you don't have to play the host or show anyone around the house.

  • No Waiting for Offers

    The best part about selling your house for cash to an iBuyer is there's no need to wait for a buyer. You can sell your house with an online quote today.

  • No Negotiation Needed

    No need to stop and haggle over the price, repairs, or conditions. Simply accept the cash offer you like best.

  • No Loan Application Delays

    No need to wait on the buyer for their loan approval or risk loans falling through. iBuyers are self-funded and can pay immediately in cash.

  • No Closing Issues

    When you sell your house fast for cash, you also get to choose your own closing date, and move when you want to.

Walk away with cash in hand

Best of all, once you sell your house online to an iBuyer, you get to walk away with cash in hand as soon as you are personally ready to close. Selling as-is is the best way to sell your house fast and easy, and even get market value from savvy online investors.

Selling your house fast online has never been easier

If you were searching for the simplest "sell my house fast online quote" option, you found it! Simply enter your house address in the field below and get your instant online quote in seconds. Let's sell that house!

FAQs about selling your house for cash

Selling a house for cash means that the buyer does not need a home loan. They pay you the full amount out of pocket. This means they don't have to apply for a loan, wait for the loan, risk the loan falling through, or pay you through a lender. Instead, you get paid immediately in cash or a direct bank deposit.

You can sell your house to an iBuyer for comparative market value. After a basic appraisal, your home will be valued based on the location, housing type, style, and size compared to the value of other homes that share the same traits.

You can also choose the best cash offer among iBuyer's pool of cash buyers.

That depends on the forces in your life. But if you're ready to sell, why wait?

You can also set your desired closing timeline with iBuyer, so you can arrange the sale now and still give yourself plenty of time to move out or wrap up any final affairs.

Yes! It's a common myth that you need a real estate agent or realtor to sell a house. But it's your house. Realtors are guides to on-market selling to private buyers. But you can sell your house fast for cash to an investment buyer off-market without a realtor - or the need to pay their commission.

If you don't want to go through the rigmarole of optimizing the home's price through renovations and negotiation, your home will sell for a little less than it might otherwise. Investment buyers will offer anywhere from 70% to 95% of market value, depending on the house.

For example, home flippers follow "The 70 Rule," where they cannot economically buy a house for more than 70% of its potential resale value after renovation costs.

No, they are avenues to investment purchases. Property investors need a market to reach individual home sellers who don't want to navigate the typical housing market. iBuyer and other "We Buy Houses" companies provide a channel for that connection.

Nothing! With iBuyer, we connect you to investment buyers at no cost to you. If you sell as-is, you don't even need to spend on repairs and paint.

"We Buy Houses" companies provide a connection between private home sellers like you and investment home buyers - who are often big companies and investment groups. Just like Amazon is the connection between you and big warehouses of stuff. You would never visit those warehouses or email a REIT (real estate investment trust), but you benefit from having an online company as the go-between.

Selling your house as-is for cash saves time and money. You can move fast, getting the cash you need - or getting an unwanted house off your hands. iBuyer makes it possible to compare multiple cash offers and pick the best one for you.

When selling your house for cash, you might earn a little less than you would going through the usual housing market. But this is only if your house is already gorgeous, well-maintained, and move-in ready. If it would cost you money to prepare your home to sell at its best price on the open market, you might actually come out financially ahead selling for cash to an iBuyer investor.

Yes! iBuyer opens by providing a comparative market analysis so that you can pick the cash offer closest to your home's market value. Many of our investment buyers offer market prices or near-market prices, so you will get a fair value for your home if you sell your house online for cash.