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What Does Off Market Mean in Real Estate Terms?

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In the world of real estate, you may have come across the term “off-market” and wondered what it means. Simply put, an off-market property is one that isn’t listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), making it less visible to potential buyers.

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This article will delve into the concept of off-market properties, why sellers might choose this route, and how it can benefit both buyers and sellers.

Read on to learn more about off-market listings and discover how we can help you navigate the real estate market with ease.

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Off market definition: what does it mean?

Off-market refers to a property that is not publicly advertised for sale. Typically, when a house is off-market, it means it is no longer available for purchase. However, there is a dual meaning to the term, and an off-market home can still be for sale. Homeowners may choose to sell their homes through off-market sales by privately showing the property to a select group of potential buyers instead of listing it online or through other means.

Advantages of selling off market

Selling your house off the market can come with a slue of benefits. For example, there is no “on-market” counter when you sell the house independently. An on-market counter counts the days your home has been on the market. With every day that passes by, more pressure is on you to sell and lower the asking price.

If you have a high-end home you wish to sell; it can take longer to sell when you put it out on the market. When this happens, you may be susceptible to low-ball offers. Selling it off the market allows you to avoid this from happening.

More control of the selling process

If you wish to have more control over the selling process, you should sell your house off market. When you sell on your own, you get to choose who views your home; if you want to sell it as is, you can set viewing dates and times and the asking price.

This is excellent for homeowners who prefer privacy when it comes to selling the house. You won’t have a lot of people coming in and out of the home.

More discretion

The formal selling process can be overwhelming if the reason for selling the home is due to a death, a divorce, or some other reason. With many people asking you why you wish to sell, and going through the home selling process, in general, can add more stress to your life. Selling off market gives you more control over who you show the house to, and if you want, you can sell a home as is to private investors or companies that purchase homes for cash.

Avoid open house costs

Preparing your home for an open house takes a lot of work. Not only do you have to keep the house clean, but if significant repairs are needed, you have to tend to those. Most homebuyers use financing to purchase houses, which comes with strict requirements. Most loans, such as FHA, VA, or USDA, restrict what their clients can buy.

If you have significant repairs that hinder the home, the homebuyer may ask you to reduce the price so they can take care of those repairs, or their lender may not approve the loan. When you sell your house off market, you have the opportunity to only show the house to those interested in the bigger picture. A real estate investor may see your house as something they could fix and flip, and if they do, they are more inclined to purchase the house as is.

Disadvantages of off market house sales

Although there are many advantages to selling your house off the market, there are a few disadvantages you should be aware of. For example, not many people know your home is up for sale when you sell your house off market.

With fewer buyers, you will most likely have your house sit for sale for a long time. When properties stay on the market, even an off-market sale, it loses property value.

Paying for marketing expenses

When you take the house off the market, you may save on MLS fees and repair the home, but there is a caveat. The costs instead go towards creating a direct marketing campaign. You will have to spend money on printing, shipping, and other supplies.

Not knowing the value of your home

A common mistake many homeowners make is inaccurately pricing their homes. You don’t want to price your house too high or price your home too low. Enlisting help from a realtor may help you figure out how much to properly price your home. You can pocket list the house if you want them to help you with the process.

What is pocket listing?

A pocket listing is when you sell your home with the help of a realtor instead of trying to do it yourself. The house won’t go on the MLS listing, but instead, the realtor will use their connections to find someone to purchase your home.

Most real estate agents or brokerages use pocket listings for wealthy clients who don’t want to deal with the MLS listing process. This practice is quite popular but has recently drawn some bad attention. Make sure that you research what option is best for you.

Why do people sell off market?

There are many reasons why homeowners prefer to sell their homes off the market. The most common reason is due to the home needing significant repairs.

As mentioned earlier, when selling a home traditionally, most lenders won’t allow their clients to buy a house, not in good condition. Several cash buying companies, such as iBuyers, or real estate investors, may be more willing to purchase your home because they understand the after-repair value.

Distressed property sale

Homeowners without a job and facing bankruptcy and foreclosure typically need a quick way to sell their homes. With conventional sales, buyers typically include a contingency offer in the purchase agreement when buying a distressed property.

These agreements state that if the buyer cannot get a loan with terms they like, they have the right to cancel the transaction at any point. Selling off the market makes it easier for you to find a buyer who has cash on hand and is ready to make an offer on your home.

Lower sales commission

When you sell a home traditionally, two real estate agents are typically involved. One represents your interests as the seller, whereas the other represents the buyer. Each agent receives a commission split to pay for their services. On average, the commission is about 6% of the home sale, and it is divided in two for each agent.

When you sell off market, you only have to deal with the buyer’s agent if they have one. If the buyer does not have an agent, you won’t have to pay any commission fees, but you will have to pay closing costs and other transactional fees.

How to sell your property off market

The first step in selling your property off market is to do your research. Currently, the market is a seller’s market, meaning there are more people buying homes. Understanding where the current market is can help you decide if you want to sell off market or traditionally.

Determine the value of your property

As mentioned earlier, many homeowners make the mistake of pricing their houses higher or lower than their actual market value. To avoid this, you may want to partner with a real estate agent or an appraiser to give you a fair market value. You can use websites to get a general idea of your property’s value, but this is recommended against.

Prepare your property

Depending on who you wish to market your home to, you may need to complete the repairs in your home. If you plan on selling it to someone with buyer financing, you will need to ensure the house is in a specific condition.

If you plan on selling the house as-is, you won’t have to do too much. Many real estate investors or companies who buy homes for cash won’t require you to do many if any, repairs.

List and sell the property

With the proper preparations in place, you can list the home and get ready to sell. Make sure you take eye-grabbing photos or videos highlighting the house’s best features. Reach out to some friends and family members to see if they wish to purchase the property or if they have someone in mind who may be interested.

How to sell the house for cash

As mentioned earlier, several cash buyers or real estate investors may purchase your home for cash. When you list your home for sale off the market, you may be approached by real estate investors who like to flip homes.

House flippers typically buy houses that aren’t in the best shape, fix them up, and flip them back onto the market for sale. They also purchase homes that are going through the foreclosure process. If you have a property you received via an estate, you can also sell it to them for cash if you like.


There are companies known as iBuyers who purchase homes in any condition. They are a large real estate tech business that uses high-tech software to determine the fair value of your home. From that data, they can then make an offer on your home.

If you choose to sell to this company, they typically only charge a small convenience fee for using their services. The percentage is relatively small. If there are any repairs needed on the home, the iBuyer will deduct that amount from your net proceeds, and they can handle the repairs when you move out.

Why work with an iBuyer?

Many clients who work with iBuyers prefer selling their homes to them because of how easy the process is. In order to sell to them, you have to provide them with information about your property, and they will reach out to you within 24-48 hours with a breakdown of your offer.

Granted you agree with the offer, they will send someone to look at the property to see if any extensive repairs are needed. As mentioned above, if there are repairs needed, they will deduct that from your net proceeds. Selling to an iBuyer gives you more control because you can choose your closing date and when you wish to move out after you agree to the final number.

Sell your house off market with ease

Selling your house off market does not need to be a difficult task. Depending on who you wish to sell your home to, you may have to complete a few repairs before they take you up on the sale.

If you want to sell your house in a quick manner, you have the option to sell your home for cash. If you want to sell your house off market and receive the best offer possible, it would be best if you reached out to an iBuyer. Submit your information today to find out how much you can receive as an all-cash offer.

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