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There used to be only one way to estimate the value of your house and that was by asking a realtor to come to your home and provide an estimate. The problem with that model is that realtors tend to inflate your home’s value to win your business (and get a larger commission check). It’s a subjective approach to home valuation that’s designed to fail.

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An inflated home value can mean that your home sits on the market for months unsold and, over time, people question why that is, and the perceived value begins to decrease.

The good news is, you no longer have to find a realtor, show them around your home, and rely on them to provide a fair market value estimate.

There’s a new, faster, and much more convenient way to find the value of your home online, in one click.


the quickest way to get your home value estimate

iValuation is’s Home Value Estimator online tool that uses big data and real-time industry statistics to provide you with an accurate and unbiased home valuation by address without even seeing your home.

iValuation is the futureof home valuation estimates.

According to a NerdWallet survey conducted by The Harris Poll, more than 22% of homeowners in the US now determine their home value using an online home value estimator. And those numbers are growing exponentially because it’s an easy, instant, and accurate way to find the value of your home.

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Traditional Home Valuationvs. New Age Home iValuation

Discover the difference between traditional home valuation and iBuyer home valuation.

Traditional Home Valuation

Search for a Realtor

You spend hours on the hunt for a good realtor, asking friends for referrals, Googling the realtors in your area, and reading reviews to find the best realtors for you.

Interview Realtors

You reach out to a handful of realtors, give each of them an overview of your personal situation, and then determine the best fit for you.

Schedule A Home Visit

You arrange a time for your chosen realtor to visit your home, walk through it, and then provide you with a home value estimate.

Clean and Tidy Your Home

You spend time cleaning and tidying your home to ensure it looks its best when the realtor arrives to make their value assessment.

Show The Realtor Around

You arrange time to be home to meet with your chosen realtor and walk them through every square inch of your home, basement, and backyard.

Discuss Your Plan to Sell

You provide the realtor information about your home, your desired move timeframe, and other typically time-consuming details.

Wait For A Home Value Estimate

You wait—sometimes up to a week—for the realtor to calculate their estimate and get back to you with what they feel your home is worth.

Decide On A List Price

You weigh up the pros and cons of possibly listing your home at an inflated value and having it sit on the market too long, versus understating the value and making less profit on the sale, before deciding on the price you feel comfortable listing it at.

Wait For The Listing To Be Active

You wait a few more days for your chosen realtor to list your home on their MLS system to make it actively available to accept offers.

Hope For Offers

You wait it out, hoping someone will pay your asking price fast, especially if you have already purchased another home and could get stuck paying two mortgages if it doesn’t sell fast enough.


New Age Home iValuation

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Home Valuation Online

Our proprietary Home Value Estimator online tool provides instant home valuation by address by pulling real-time market data and home value statistics in your neighborhood.


Auccurate Market Value


Using big data from local and national iBuyers, we gather the latest industry insights and run it through our advanced algorithm to get you the most accurate market value of your house.


Home Estimate Value

In seconds we present you with a home valuation estimate based on fair market value assessments and the actual cash value iBuyers would likely be willing to pay for your home.

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