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Selling a House in Amarillo

The median home value in Amarillo is $135,166, and June is the optimal time to consider selling. If you’re currently a resident of Amarillo hoping to sell your home, you’ll need to go over your options. Many recommend using iBuyers services, as they’ve become a dominant part of real estate. If your home and its condition meet the iBuyer requirements, they will provide you with an instant offer. They then “flip” your home, taking care of repairs or staging, and put it back on the market for a small profit. iBuyers save you both time and money, which is why it’s become a great resource for homeowners.

Location and Weather

Amarillo is in Potter County, on the high plains of Northern Texas. As the chief city of the Texas Panhandle, the city has a large copper refinery, ordnance and helicopter factories, as well as a culture of oil, farming and ranching. Helium is found in large quantities in this area, and the city is the site of a large helium plant. Amarillo is also known for the unusual Cadillac Ranch monument, where 10 vintage Cadillac automobiles stand upright out of the ground.

The city has a notable medical center, which holds a large livestock auction, and is the headquarters of the American Quarter Horse Association and Museum. West Texas A&M University is also nearby in Canyon, TX. Amarillo has much to offer its residents, such as the Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Buffalo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, which is southwest of the city, the Amarillo Zoo and the Don Harrington Discovery Center.

Amarillo summers are hot and clear, while the winters are cold, windy, and partly cloudy. The summer temperatures are in the high 80’s, with lows in the 60’s. The winter temperatures are in the 50’s, with lows in the mid-20’s.

Population, Job Market and Cost of Living

Amarillo’s population in 2019 was 197,823, with a growth rate of 5.7%. The job growth has increased by 1.90% over the last year and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 31.49%. The major industries are healthcare, social assistance, retail trade and manufacturing. The largest companies to work for are BWXT Pantex, Amarillo ISD, Northwest Texas Healthcare System, Affiliated Foods and Plains Dairy. The cost of living is low, due to the Amarillo real estate market and cost of available housing.

With many state parks, livestock heritage, different family attractions and low cost of living, Amarillo is the most ideal place for those interested in a fast growing city.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

Bishop Hills, Amarillo BLvd, Sleepy Hollow Blvd, Gem Lake Rd

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