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Selling a home in Baytown, TX

The median home value in Baytown Texas is around $163,000. During the month of July, home sales are 4.79% higher than the yearly average. During June, home sales are 9 days faster than any other month. If you’re interested in a higher valued sale or a shorter selling time, make your goal to sell during these months. If you don’t have time to spare and June has passed or has yet to come, it might be time to consider using an iBuyer. iBuyers both locally and nationally will help you sell your home quick and easy. They purchase homes sight un-seen, and will close on the sale in under a month.

Location & Weather

Located just 30 miles from Houston, Baytown is the third largest city in Harris county. The city features the well-known Fred Hartman bridge, and both Interstate 10 and highway 146 are easily accessible. This city has much to offer, considering many of its recreational activities are based on the waterways that are found here. Many tourists and residents spend their leisurely time taking tours on the Lynchburg Ferry, spending time with family at the Baytown Nature Center, exploring the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center, or walking the trails of Jenkins Park. Some must-see attractions include Umbrella Alley, Royal Purple Raceway, and the Art League of Baytown. Baytown is also rich in history, which is recognized by the Baytown Historical Museum. For those looking for a place to enjoy drinks during the evening, stop by Yepez Vineyard. This scenic area is known to hosts weddings and even offers live music.

The weather in Baytown is made up of hot summers and short, cool winters. Summer temperatures reach highs in the 90’s and lows in the 70’s, while winter temperatures reach highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s.

Population, Job Market & Cost of Living

The population here is around 77,000. The job growth in this city has increased by 3.2% over the last year and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 22.3%. The biggest industries here include construction, manufacturing and retail trade. The highest paying industries are utilities, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing. The biggest companies to work for in this city are ExxonMobil, GCCISD, Houston Methodist San Jacinto, Bayer Corporation and the City of Baytown. The cost of living here is affordable, and lower than the national average. Housing remains the biggest contributor to its cost.

Baytown is the ideal home for those looking to move to Texas, as it provides its residents with a simple but high quality of life. Thanks to its variety, it will continue to attract families and young professionals alike.

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