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Boulder real estate market overview

  • Average Monthly Rent: $1,977
  • Home Price/Value Percentage Change: 2.60%
  • Median Home Value: $788,925
  • Best Time To Sell a Home: April
  • Affordability Index: 93
  • Days To Sell a House: 49
  • Job Market: Fair
  • Public School Ranking: 17

Location and weather

Boulder is 30 miles west of Denver, and rests in a basin beneath Flagstaff Mountain. Boulder Creek flows through the center of the city, with waters that come from the Arapaho glacier. Boulder is 5,430 feet above sea level and has over 300 days of sunshine a year. With over 300 miles of trails and 45,000 acres of open space, Boulder is a great city for the outdoor enthusiast. Its close distance to Denver also offers urban amenities, with a small city feel.

Boulder's high elevation creates a mild climate with low humidity. Summer temperatures are in the 80's, with lows in the 60's. Winter temperatures are in the 40's, with lows in the 20's.

Sell my house fast in Boulder, Colorado

Population, job market and cost of living

The population of Boulder in 2019 was 107,353, with a growth rate of -.05%.

The job growth has increased by 2.66% and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 44.44%. University of Colorado is based in Boulder, which holds many academic events and cultural activities. Boulder is also the leading center for scientific and environmental research. Its major industries include aerospace, bioscience, cleantech, IT/software, natural products, tourism and outdoor recreation.

The cost of living is high, due to the Boulder real estate market and limited available housing. As a prime destination for an active lifestyle, combined with its mild climate, the University of Colorado, and a diverse job market, Boulder is considered a great place to live and work in.

Boulder real estate market details

Hottest neighborhoods

  • Chatauqua
  • Twenty Ninth Street
  • Downtown Boulder
  • The Hill
  • South Boulder

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