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Campbell Real Estate Market Overview

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Location and Weather

Campbell is a city in Santa Clara County, California, it is in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a part of Silicon Valley. It is south of Santa Clara and Southwest of San Jose. Campbell is centrally located near the workplaces of Silicon Valley, Mineta International Airport, San Jose’s cultural attractions, and Santa Cruz’s mountain wineries and beaches. It has scenic mountain views and a culture of outdoor recreation activities and events.

Campbell has a mild climate with long, warm summers and short, cold, wet winters. The high summer temperatures are in the high 70’s with lows in the high 50’s. The winter high temperatures are in the high 50’s with low temperatures in the low 40’s.

Population, Job Market and Cost of Living

Campbell’s population in 2019 was 42,466 with a growth rate of -.54%. The job growth has increased by 2.53% over last year. Ten-year future predicted job growth is 38.74%. As a part of Silicon Valley, the largest industries are Professional, Scientific & Technical, Healthcare and Manufacturing. The largest employers are Barracuda Networks, ChargePoint and The Chase Group. The cost of living is high due to the Campbell real estate market and high cost of available housing.

With its central location close to other cities, scenic mountain views, many outdoor recreation areas, mild climate, and good tech job growth as a part of Silicon Valley, Campbell will continue to attract tech workers and industry professionals to live and work in this thriving community.

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