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Chandler Real Estate Market Overview

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Selling a House in Chandler, AZ

The median home value in Chandler is around $176,000, which is expected to fall by 1.6% within the next year. Residents in Chandler can earn up to 3.14% more than the national average if they sell in the month of June. During October, homes are expected to sell about 5 days faster than any other month. With an iBuyer, you have the ability to sell within a time period best fit for you. iBuyers buy homes from homeowners interested in a hassle-free sale, and can provide customers with an all cash offer within just 24 hours.

Location & Weather

Chandler is a suburb located in Maricopa County, and is surrounded by the cities of Tempe, Mesa and Phoenix. It’s a popular residential community for those who work or like to visit Phoenix, and it has maintained an increasing population since 1980. Chandler is known to promote public art, sports, education and physical activity. It also has a strong housing market, beautiful parks, and a booming downtown, where parades and festivals are hosted year-round. Residents and tourists can spend their free time riding horses at the Koli Equestrian Center, experiencing some history at the Arizona Railway Museum, or feeding animals, playing tennis and going biking with the family at Desert Breeze Park.

The weather in Chandler is made up of scorching summers and chilly winters. During summer, highs are in the low 100’s and lows are in the 70’s. Winter temperatures consist of highs in the 70’s and lows in the 40’s.

Population, Job Market & Cost of Living

The population in this city is 268,675, but it is currently growing at a rate of 2.19% annually. The job market has increased by 3.3% over the last year and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 30.8%. Some of the largest industries in Chandler are vehicle services, business and finance services, health and bioscience, as well as high-tech manufacturing and information technology. Some major companies to work for are Arizona State University, American Express, Intel Corporation, Mastech Digital and Southwest Airlines. The cost of living here is higher than both the national average and Arizona’s average.

Chandler is the perfect residential area for those hoping to raise a family, work in the near-by city of Phoenix, or simply start fresh. If you find yourself home-searching in Arizona, consider taking a trip Chandler.

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Circle G, Ocotillo East, Tuscany, West Chandler, Fulton Ranch

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