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Chandler real estate market overview

  • Average Monthly Rent: $1,805
  • Home Price/Value Percentage Change: -0.80%
  • Median Home Value: $496,097
  • Best Time To Sell a Home: December
  • Affordability Index: Moderate
  • Days To Sell a House: 54
  • Job Market: Weak
  • Public School Ranking: 48

Location and weather

Chandler is the fourth largest city in Arizona, and is known as a vibrant, diverse community with a strong business climate. Not only is Chandler a great place to live, but it's also a great place to visit, as it has tons of resorts, restaurants, shopping centers, museums, galleries and entertainment to enjoy. Chandler also has great out-door recreation amenities, with endless opportunities to pursue an active lifestyle.

The weather in Chandler consists of dry summers and cold winters, with mostly clear skies year-round. The most comfortable month is late May to early July.

Sell my house fast in Chandler, Arizona
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Population, job market and cost of living

Chandler has a population of 287,945, with a growth rate of 1.4% annually.

The job market has decreased by -1.97% over the last year. In ten years, job growth is predicted to be 30.8%. Some of the key industries of this city include vehicle manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, business, financial services, technology, healthcare, and bioscience. Chandler is considered to have a progressive economy, with companies such as Allstate, Bank of America, Dignity Health, Arizona Nutritional Supplements, and General Motors IT Innovation Center, being some of the largest employers located here.

The cost of living in Chandler is higher than the Arizona and US average, making this a more expensive city to live in. Housing costs are the highest.

Chandler real estate market details

  • West Chandler
  • Cooper Commons
  • Ocotillo
  • Sun Groves
  • Sun Lakes
  • Carino Estates
  • San Marcos Estates

The average monthly rent in Chandler is $1,805 for an average apartment size of 944 sq. feet.

There has been a -0.8% decrease in median home value over the last year. As of 2023, the median home value is $496,097.

On average, homes in Chandler sell after 54 days on the market.

The best time to sell a home for the most amount of money in Chandler, Arizona is during the month of December. The best time to sell a home quickly is during the month of October.

The affordability index in Chandler is 116. This number indicates moderate affordability in this city.

The top ranked public schools are Arizona College Prep Middle School, Knox Gifted Academy, Arizona College Prep High School, Chandler Traditional Academy—Goodman, Santan Elementary and Basha High School. This information is based on general educator statistics, school attendance, and the US Department of Education.

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