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Charlotte is in southwestern North Carolina’s Piedmont region and is 85 miles south and east of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The mountains serve to shelter Charlotte from the northern climate, so the winters are moderate. In the summer the days are warm with cool nights.

As the 3rd fastest growing city in the U.S., Charlotte’s population is predicted to grow by 47% from 2010 to 2030 growing from 1.87 million to about 2.74 million in 20 years. Currently the population is 2.4 million. Much of the growth in the region is due to a migration to the South for a lower cost of living and milder climate. Immigration has also been a part of the population growth giving the city a richly diverse culture.

Contributing to Charlotte’s growth is its position as a major commerce center and the second-largest banking center in the country with corporate headquarters for Bank of American and Wells Fargo’s East Coast headquarters. Public and private investment are also major factors of growth. And the low cost of living makes Charlotte an attractive place to live. Charlotte’s job growth from 2018 to 2019 increased by 2.6%

With a moderate climate, a beautiful location on the Eastern Seaboard, a good job market and a low cost of living, Charlotte will continue to attract newcomers who want the city life and outdoor living.

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Eastover, Commonwealth, Barclay Downs, Dilworth, Myers Park, Fourth Ward, Foxcroft, Plaza Midwood, Ballantyne East, Wessex Square.

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Zillow Offers

Zillow Offers

Zillow has a new home buying service program. This type of program is called iBuying. They will purchase your home sight unseen if it fits their criteria.



Opendoor is the pioneer in the space of iBuying. They are considered the first iBuyer to take the concept of purchasing a home using a data based algorithm to estimate value.



Knock started in 2016 and was the first company to change the home buying and selling process by taking homes on trade.



Offerpad started in 2015 from of the roots of a real estate professional that realized the process to sell a home had many areas of stress and uncertainty.

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