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Selling a House in Columbus, GA

The average home value in Columbus is around $178,000. In the state of Georgia, the recommended time to sell a home for a higher value is in June. During this time of the year, homes can sell up to $14,500 more. If you’re concerned with time, consider selling in May. Homes sell 29 days faster during this month compared to any other, and 10 days faster than the annual average. In Georgia, homes are typically on the market for 29 days. If you’re urgent to sell your house now, iBuyers can provide you with one of the quickest sales of any other real estate method. After entering in some information about your current residence, you’ll be given an all-cash offer from an iBuyer within your area. Once the transaction is finalized, it’s the iBuyers job to repair and then sell it. Meanwhile, you can focus on moving into your new home.

Location & Weather

Columbus is in Muscogee County, 100 miles south of Atlanta. Due to its location on the Chattahoochee River, one of its biggest attractions is the Riverwalk in Downtown Columbus. This city also offers many different museums, parks, engaging dining experiences, gardens and convention centers. Some of these include the National Civil War Naval Museum, Flat Rock Park, the Coca-Cola Space Science Center, and the Columbus Botanical Gardens. If you’re more of an arts fan, Columbus often hosts Broadway shows and concerts.

Columbus is considered to be pleasant in terms of its overall weather. Summers here consist of high temperatures in the 90’s, with lows in the 60’s. During winter, highs are in the 60’s and the lows are in the 70’s.

Population, Job Market & Cost of Living

The population in Columbus is 189,296, and has decreased by .31% since 2010. The job growth here has increased by 2.3% over the last year and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 31.9%. The biggest industries in Columbus that have the highest pay, are legal services, health, management, engineering and computer services. The largest companies to work for include Total System Services, Aflac, Carmike Cinemas, Synovus, and Columbus State University. The cost of living here is less than the U.S. average, making it an overall affordable place to live.

This small city in Georgia not only has highly rated schools, a stable economy, and diverse population, but is a great place for anyone interested in a laid-back life on the river.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

City Center, Dinglewood, Weracoba Heights, Rosehill, City Village

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