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Location and Weather

Daytona Beach is in northeastern Florida about 90 miles south of Jacksonville. It is on the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River which is a part of the intercoastal Waterway. It is known for it’s very wide, hard packed sandy beaches which you can drive on and park on for a day at the beach.

Daytona’s warm season is from late May through September with daily temperatures in the high 80’s. The cooler season lasts for about 3 months from December to March with highs in the low 70’s and lows in the 50’s. Since Daytona is on the Atlantic Ocean there is usually a nice breeze.

Population, Job Market and Cost of Living

The population of Daytona is 68,055 with an annual growth rate of 1.36%. The job market has increased by 2% over last year. The ten-year job growth is predicted to be 43.3%. Daytona is, of course, known for the Daytona Speedway which is a major employer in the area with 760 employees. Other big employers include Teledyne Oil and Gas and Florida Healthcare Plans.

With a low cost of living, coastal locations, major employers and steady job growth, Daytona will continue to be a growing beach community.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

Bryan Cave Estates, Coventry Forest, Harborside, Indigo, LPGA, Pelican Bay

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