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Eustis Real Estate Market Overview

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Location and Weather

25 miles from the Atlantic Coast in East-central Florida sits the small, historic town of Eustis. Originally a hub for transportation, the city has now become a recreational attraction that offers a variety of lakes, preserves, museums and state parks.

Eustis climate is described to be comfortable, with April, November and March being the most pleasant months. On average, rain falls for a little over 190 days out of the year but the short-lived showers still make this city a primarily sunny and humid residential area.

Population, Job Market and Cost of Living

Eustis has a population of 21,882, with a growth rate of 0.89% annually. The job market has seen an increase of 3.9% over the last year. In ten years, job growth is predicted to be 51.2%. Some of the largest, highest paying industries are health care, retail, accommodation, finance and insurance, and public administration. Eustis’s cost of living is lower than Florida’s average, making it a more affordable place to live.

Having a location so close to Orlando and Ocala gives Eustis residents the opportunity to enjoy the attractions of these bigger cities without enduring their higher living costs. This is one of the major appeals of this city.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

Downtown Eustis and Washington Avenue Historic District

Average Monthly Rent in Eustis

The average monthly rent in Eustis is $793 for an average apartment size of 637 sq. feet.

Change in Home Value and Median Home Value

There has been a 12.0% increase in Eustis’s median home value over the last year. As of 2022, the median home value is $319,000.

Days to Sell a House

On average, homes in Eustis sell after 68 days on the market.

Best Time to Sell a House in Eustis

The month of May is the best time to sell a home for the highest value. The month of December is the best time to sell for the fastest sale.

Affordability Index

The affordability index in Eustis is 138. This number indicates high affordability in this city.

Eustis Public School Ranking

The top ranked public schools are Seminole Springs Elementary School, Eustis Elementary School, Eustis Middle School, Eustis High School and Lake Virtual Franchise. This information is dependent on data measuring academic performance and equity.

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