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Selling a House in Hollywood, FL

In Hollywood, the median home value is $276,800. If you’re interested in earning the highest value for your home, sell during the month of August. August sales are 4.57% higher than the national average. If you’re hoping to sell your home quickly, try selling in the month of September. September sales are 5 days faster than the sales of any other month. The one way to have a guaranteed quick sale, is by working with an iBuyer. Not only can an iBuyer provide you with an instant offer, but they’ll handle the marketing, open houses, staging and even the negotiation of offers. Once the iBuyer purchases the home from you, it becomes their responsibility to take care of the steps that follow.

Location & Weather

Hollywood, Florida is a beachfront city located in Broward County. It sits directly between the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and is home to a variety of beaches, boardwalks, parks, golf courses, and entertainment/art districts. Like many Floridian cities, Hollywood is a great residential area for families, young adults, or those simply looking to settle down somewhere warm and sunny. The city is consistently changing its schedule to accommodate the different interest of its residents, so the options for entertainment are endless. There are many different dining opportunities, as well as luxury hotels and condominiums featured here. Downtown Hollywood is known to host concerts, shows, music festivals, dance exhibitions, arts exhibits and so much more. The city is also home to well-rated schools, promising job opportunity, international airports, and the nations 5th largest healthcare network, Memorial Healthcare System. If it’s your first time visiting Hollywood, take a walk on Hollywood Beach, plan a tour of the city on the Hollywood Trolley, go canoeing at West Lake Park, or take a chance gambling at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Casino.

The weather in Hollywood is made up of long, hot summers and cold, wet winters. During summer, temperatures reach highs in the 80’s and drop to lows in the 70’s. During winter, temperatures reach highs in the 70’s and drop to lows in the 60’s.

Population, Job Market & Cost of Living

The population here is 158,239. The job growth has increased by 1.9% over the last year and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 41.2%. The major industries in Hollywood include healthcare, tourism and hospitality, aerospace, aviation, marine, and professional/business services. Several substantial companies to work for here include the Memorial Healthcare System, HEICO, Engage PEO, Duty Free Americans, and NV5. The cost of living in Hollywood is higher than both the national and the state average. This makes Hollywood a more expensive place to live in.

Similar to many Floridian cities, Hollywood is far from boring. With an active night life, beach-side living, and a comfortable climate, this city will continue attracting residents to the unique lifestyle it offers.

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