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Laredo real estate market overview

  • Average Monthly Rent: $875
  • Home Price/Value Percentage Change: 5.20%
  • Median Home Value: $196,346
  • Best Time To Sell a Home: September
  • Affordability Index: Moderate
  • Days To Sell a House: 77
  • Job Market: Weak
  • Public School Ranking: 27

Location and weather

The city of Laredo is the county seat of Webb County, located on the north bank of the Rio Grande River. Laredo sits south of the Edwards Plateau, and just east of the Coastal Plains. This city has a small town-esque and a location that's made it a huge transportation company hotspot. It's also home to a variety of historic landmarks, attractions, museums and annual festivals that attract both tourists and residents.

Weather in Laredo can be very hot and humid, reaching a high temperature of 99.5 during the month of August. There's less rain here than most cities in Texas, and typically no snow.

Sell my house fast in Laredo, Texas
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Population, job market and cost of living

The population in Laredo is 260,938, with a growth rate of 0.74% annually.

The job market has decreased by -6.75% over the last year. In ten years, job growth is predicted to be 33.36%. The economy here is largely dependent on international trade with Mexico, as it is an inland port on the USA-Mexico border. Laredo also serves two public school districts, which has resulted in education to be one of the key industries within the city's job market. Other large industries include transportation and logistics, government, hospitality, construction and health services.

The job market is diverse, and the city of Laredo emphasizes their efforts to maintain a conducive environment for the employment opportunity here. This is an affordable city to live in, with a lower average cost of living than the Texas and US average.

Laredo real estate market details

  • Lakeside
  • Los Presidentes
  • San Isidro
  • Del Mar Hills
  • La Bota Ranch
  • Winfield
  • Villas San Agustin

The average monthly rent in Laredo is $875 for an average apartment size with 1-bedroom.

There has been a 5.2% increase in Laredo's median home value over the last year. As of 2023, the median home value is $196,346.

On average, homes in Laredo sell after 77 days on the market.

September is the best time to sell for the highest value, while September is the best time to sell a home quickly.

The affordability index in Laredo is 82. This number indicates moderate affordability in this city.

The top ranked public schools are Cedar Valley Elementary, Clifton Park Elementary, Dr. Joseph A Fowler Elementary, Charles E. Patterson Middle, Alice W. Douse Elementary, Saegert Elementary and C. E. Ellison High School. This information is supported by data from general educator statistics, school attendance, and the US Department of Education.

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