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Selling a House in Lubbock

Lubbock’s prime month to sell a home is in October. The average number of days it takes to sell a house in this city is 74.46, and the median home value is $148,565. Although, it’s obvious that not all residents can plan to sell in the month of October. When the future seems improbable and you need an expedited home sale, an iBuyer can help you within a matter of minutes. With a real estate agent, your home could take more than 74.46 days to sell in Lubbock. With an iBuyer, your home will close within the month. They’ll also take care of showings, cosmetic repairs and paperwork. It’s that simple.

Location and Weather

Lubbock is in Lubbock County, located in northwest Texas. The region is part of the southern end of the High Plains, and is known as Llano Estacado. It can be found lying at the center of the Lubbock Metropolitan Area of Northwestern Texas. Lubbock is near the Dunbar Historical Lake and is 120 miles south of Amarillo. The area is the largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world, and has been named by CNN Money as the 12th best place to start a small business Lubbock is known for its many attractions, such as the Buddy Holly Center, the National Ranching Heritage Center, the Science Spectrum Museum, and the Silent Wings Museum. Both residents and tourists spend their weekends visiting the Prairie Dog Town Nature site, going to the Joyland Amusement Park and enjoying wine at the Llano Estacado.

In Lubbock, the summers are long, hot, and mostly clear. The winters are partly cloudy, cold, dry and windy. The summer temperatures are in the 90’s, with lows in the 70’s. The winter temperatures are in the mid-50’, with lows in the 30’s.

Population, Job Market and Cost of Living

Lubbock’s population in 2019 was 247,323, with a growth rate of 11.3 %. The job growth has increased by 2.35% over the last year and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 39.78%. The major industries are educational services, healthcare, social assistance and retail trade. The largest companies to work for are United Supermarkets, Texas Tech University, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, UMC Health System and Imperium Risk. The cost of living is low, due to the Lubbock real estate market and cost of available homes.

With its rich agricultural heritage, favorable small business climate, growing population and active lifestyle culture, Lubbock will attract those hoping to live and work in a northwestern, Texas city.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

Caprock, Tech Terrace, Heart of Lubbock, Clapp Park, Maxey Park

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