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Selling a home in McKinney, TX

If you’re interested in selling your home in McKinney, you’ll first need to know that the median home value is around $330,000. For a higher priced sale, we suggest selling in the month of May. Home sales during this month are 3.06% higher than the yearly average. For the fastest sale, aim to sell in July. During this month, sales are 11 days faster than any other month. Since the average amount of time a home is on the market is around 3 months, those who need to sell quicker might find themselves feeling a bit helpless. Luckily, iBuying is one of the new real estate methods that can promise a fast sale, at a fair price. iBuyers buy homes from homeowners and then “flip” it to be put back on the market for a small profit. They handle the showings, cleaning, and staging of the home, once they’ve purchased it from the home owner. Within 24 hours, you could receive an all-cash offer from an iBuyer in your residential area.

Location & Weather

McKinney can be found in Collin County, and is located 32 miles north of Dallas. It is the second largest city in Texas, and is in close proximity to the cities of Plano, Arlington, and Fort Worth. Due to this, McKinney is the perfect place to enjoy the mixed atmosphere of a big city and a small town. The downtown area of this city provides residents and tourists with a variety of restaurants, boutiques, cafes, and galleries. If you’re planning a trip to McKinney, stop by the Mitas Hill Vineyard for a drink, take your pet to the Dog Park at Bonnie Wenk, check out the McKinney Performing arts center, or enjoy the out-doors at the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary. It also has a strong historic presence, which is best represented by the buildings constructed in the 1800s at Chestnut Square Historic Park. Despite being a smaller city, McKinney is progressive area that’s consistently growing. Not only is it home to some of the top schools in the area, it has a state of the art medical center, a diverse economy and is a short commute to other cities in the northern region of Texas.

The weather in McKinney is made up of hot summers and windy winters. High temperatures during summer are in the 90’s, while the lows are in the 60’s. High temperatures during winter are in the 60’s, while the lows are in the mid 30’s.

Population, Job Market & Cost of Living

The population in McKinney is around 195,000 people. The job growth here has increased by 3.3% over the last year and in ten years, is predicted to have increased by 54.8%. Some of the major industries in this city are medical technology, data management, manufacturing, sustainability, aviation, defense, retail, and transportation. Some of the more substantial companies here are Capital One, Deloitte, Amazon, J.P. Morgan, and Bank of America. The cost of living in this city is above the national average and the states average. This means McKinney is a more expensive place to live.

Considering the extensive job growth, overall suburban appeal, and undeniable opportunity for recreation, McKinney will continue to be in a high-demand for those hoping to live in Texas.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

Auburn Hills, Hardin Lake, Isleworth, Mallard Lakes, Serenity

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