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Round Rock Real Estate Market Overview

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Location and Weather

Round Rock, Texas sits 15 miles north of Austin in central Texas Hill Country. This city’s location in a transitional zone between the southwest and southeast explains both the cactus-ridden dry land and the lush green prairies that are found here. It is also the 31st largest city in Texas, and has a reputation for an award winning park system, school district, and low crime rate. Despite this community’s continuous expansion, it still maintains its family-friendly –esque and distinct nature.

In Round Rock, summers can be very hot and humid here and winters are typically short and mild. There is a slight threat of hurricanes or tornadoes, but no potential for earthquakes.

Population, Job Market and Cost of Living

Round Rock’s population is 146,941, with a growth rate of 3.18% annually. The job market here has increased by 3.5% over the last year. In ten years, job growth is predicted to be 52.2%. Round Rock was once known to be a quiet suburb, but is now recognized as a booming economic, commercial, and residential development. It is not only a thriving metro area, but a major center for economic development in central Texas as well.

With such close proximity to Austin, this also means that many of Round Rock’s residents have taken advantage of the employment opportunities in the nearby city. This is an expensive place to live in Texas and in the U.S., considering the high housing and transportation expenses.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

Tervista, Forest Creek, Brushy Creek, Highlands at Mayfield Ranch, Behrens Ranch

Average Monthly Rent in Round Rock

The average monthly rent in Round Rock is $1,530 for an average apartment size of 913 sq. feet.

Change in Home Value and Median Home Value

There has been a 37.3% increase in Round Rock’s median home value over the last year. As of 2022, the median home value is $459,900.

Days to Sell a House

On average, homes in Round Rock sell after 36 days on the market.

Best Time to Sell a House in Round Rock

Home sales in August can provide home owners with the most profitable sale. Home sales in June can provide home owners with the fastest sale.

Affordability Index

The affordability index in Round Rock is 155. This number indicates high affordability in this city.

Round Rock Public School Ranking

The top ranked public schools are Cactus Ranch Elementary School, Fern Bluff Elementary School, James Garland Walsh Middle School, Pearson Ranch Middle School, Meridian World School LLC., and Rrisd Early College High School. This information is supported by data regarding academic performance and equity.

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