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Home of the famous Santa Ana winds, Santa Ana in in southern California and lies at the base of the Santa Ana Mountains on the Santa Ana River. The Santa Ana Mountains extends for 25 miles from the Santa Ana River. The mountains highest point is at Santiago Peak at an elevation of 5,687 feet.

Santa Ana has a beautiful temperate weather with a warm season that lasts from July through September with an average high temperature above 80 degrees and lows in the mid 60’s. The cool season is from late November through March with an average daily high temperature below 70 degrees and average lows in the mid 40’s.

While Santa Ana, experienced a doubling of population growth 20 years ago, it has tapered off and was only -0.08% last year. It is still a big city with 332,725 residents. The cost of living is high due to Santa Ana real estate with a higher cost of housing. The job market has increased by 0.6% over last year. Ten-year future job growth is predicted to be 31.7%. Santa Ana has a vibrant tourism business and so Accommodation & Food Service is a major employer. Other large business includes Manufacturing and Health Care & Social Assistance. First American Financial, Grubb & Ellis Company Inc, Abbott Medical Optics and Universal Electronics are also major companies in Santa Ana.

With a warm, temperate climate, big businesses for employment and an abundance of outdoor recreational activities with the mountains nearby, Santa Ana will continue to attract outdoor enthusiasts.

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