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Location and Weather

Winter Park is an upscale picturesque area outside of Orlando to the north. It’s many lakes, quaint but sophisticated main street and proximity to Rollins College make it a sought-out place to live and to visit. Rollins College is a private college in Winter Park with a student enrollment of 1,984 situated on an 84-acre campus. The many lakes are perfect for boating activities and houses on the lakes have beautiful views. Taking a boat tour to see all the beautiful houses on the lakes is a Winter Park tradition.

Winter Park is warm and humid in the summer during mid-May to the end of September with high temperatures above 87 degrees and lows in the 70’s. The cool season is a beautiful time of year with high temperatures below 74 degrees and lows in the low-50’s.

Population, Job Market and Cost of Living

Winter Park’s population in 2018 was 31,059 with an annual growth rate of 0.86%. The job market has increased by 3.9% over last year. 10-year predicted future job growth is 47.7%. The largest employers are Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services, Health Care & Social Assistance and Educational Services. Major businesses include Ruth’s Hospitality Group including Ruth Chris Steakhouses. The cost of living is high due to the Winter Park real estate market and the higher cost of homes.

With a lake resort-like location, Rollins College, proximity to the growing Orlando job market, job growth and warm Florida climate, Winter Park will continue to attract students and residents seeking a little quieter pace than the city lifestyle of Orlando.

Hottest Neighborhoods:

Green Oaks, Northwood Circle, Orwin Manner, Windsong

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