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Homie Real Estate is an option available if you're looking to sell your home without having to do so independently. Their service will match you with a local agent and handle much of the process for you, including marketing your home.

Homie Real Estate is currently buying and selling homes in the following markets:

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Homie Real Estate FAQs

Homie is a real estate company that helps clients with buying and selling homes. They have their own local real estate agents that will help facilitate the selling process, and they will take photos of your home for you as well. Overall, they have designed the process to take some of the steps out of selling your home.

Unlike some platforms, Homie has salaried real estate agents, which means that your agent will not charge you a Homie commission.

Homie includes marketing in the flat fee you pay, so they will list your home on multiple platforms if you decide to sell with them. Currently, they post on their website and app, on affiliated real estate sites, on the local multiple listing service, and on Facebook. If you prefer not to list your home on the MLS, though, you do not have to.

Homie does not guarantee any specific timeframe for home selling. How quickly your home sells depends solely on market conditions.

You will need to pay a flat fee of $3,500 regardless of the price of your home whenever you sell on Homie. Besides this, you may also want to offer a buyer's agent commission (BAC) on your home.

Homie recommends a rate of 2-3% and you can do more or less than this amount as you see fit. There is a minimum to be listed on the local multiple listing service, (MLS), but Homie does not state this amount.

Along with this, there are also some fees that Homie does not provide an estimate for, such as warranties. You will need to talk to your real estate agent to get an exact estimate of how much you will need to pay.

Yes, your Homie real estate agent will handle the paperwork for you.

Homie Cash is a loan that you can get that allows you to make a cash offer on the Homie house you'd like. They do not charge program fees, although beyond this, they do not give any specific information on rates. You will need to be preapproved for the loan as well.

Homie does not guarantee a specific amount of offers you will get, as this is dependent on market conditions and how your home is priced. If you do receive multiple offers, you can look through them and choose the best one. You are also free to contact buyers and negotiate for a higher asking price.