RealSure iBuyer Program Information

Introducing RealSure

RealSure was founded in 2019 and was created by Realogy. RealSure offers two different programs to choose from depending on whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home.

RealSure Markets

RealSure is currently buying and selling homes in:

Orlando FL House

Orlando, FL

Median home value $330,000

Fort Myers FL House

Ft. Myers, FL

Ft Myers, FL

Fort Myers, FL

Median home value $349,900

Sarasota FL House

Sarasota, FL

Median home value $475,000

Sacramento CA House

Sacramento, CA

Median home value $326,400

Chicago IL House

Chicago, IL

Median home value $226,400

Colorado Springs CO House

Colorado Springs, CO

Median home value $293,500

Denver CO House

Denver, CO

Median home value $422,700

Tampa FL House

Tampa, FL

Median home value $365,000

Austin TX House

Austin, TX

Median home value $370,700

Dallas TX House

Dallas, TX

Median home value $409,800

FAQ about RealSure:

RealSure has a Realsure Sell or RealSure Buy option, depending on which type of transaction you’re looking for. RealSure will first connect you with a trusted agent, who will then walk you through the steps that follow.

If you’re someone looking to sell, your home will first be listed by your agent. If your home qualifies for a cash offer, then you have the option to either accept it within 45 days or you can accept an offer from another buyer with the help of your agent.

If you’re a buyer, your current home value will be determined with RealSures Home Value Statement. You then have the option to put an offer on your next home even if your current home isn’t sold. If you accept RealSures offer, you have the ability to stay in your current home for up to 4 weeks after closing.

RealSure offers the benefits of an iBuyer and an agent, all in one. While you have the option to use one of their agents to help maximize the offer you get for your home, their cash offer will still be available to you. This means you’re ultimately guaranteed to make a sale, regardless of the markets condition or how many offers are made to you. You’ll also have the flexibility to determine closing times.

If you decide to accept RealSure's offer instead of an offer from a 3rd party, you can close in as fast as 20 to 40 days.

Due to the fact RealSure gives you the option to accept their all-cash offer, you’re ultimately guaranteed to receive at least one. The only time you wouldn’t receive an offer from RealSure, is if your home is considered inadequate during property inspection.

Yes. Doing so can increase your chance of receiving a higher offer for your home, whether from RealSure themselves or from other buyers.

RealSure is available in the cities of Orlando, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Sacramento, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Denver, Tampa, Austin and Dallas.

What RealSure offers for your home depends on whether your home qualifies for a cash offer after inspection, where the condition, size, and location, will be taken into account.

RealSure works with Better Homes Real Estate, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Corcoran, and Era Real Estate.