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Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte NC

cityscape of charlotte nc at sunset

Like most people, you probably want a nice place to live. Maybe you’d prefer somewhere with lovely homes or quiet neighbors. Perhaps you’re looking for somewhere with temperate weather or plenty of outdoor activities. 

If you’re looking to move out of your old place, perhaps you should consider relocating to one of many Charlotte neighborhoods. “But why Charlotte?” you might be wondering. Why is Charlotte an excellent place to live? 

As it turns out, there are various reasons to hunker down in a Charlotte neighborhood. Great weather and quiet neighbors are just two reasons to consider moving to this North Carolina area. 

Read on below if you’re curious why Charlotte is a wonderful place to live. This blog post will list reasons you should consider staying in Charlotte, NC, and the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC.

Why You Should Move to Charlotte North Carolina

There are plenty of reasons to consider moving to Charlotte. Good food, great weather, and inexpensive living are just a few reasons why you should think about moving here. There are more reasons to consider moving below.

Charlotte Is Cheap

All Charlotte neighborhoods have one thing in common – they’re all comparatively cheap. The cost of living and housing in Charlotte is more affordable than the national average.

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The median price for a Charlotte home is about $300,000. The median rental cost is $929. While house prices in Charlotte are a little costlier than in other parts of North Carolina, it’s much cheaper than in the rest of the country. 

You’re Less Likely to See Snow

If you dislike colder, snowy climates, then Charlotte is probably the place for you. Cold weather lasts for about three months, from late November to late February. The average temperature around this time is about 59 degrees F. 

Charlotte is mainly known for its hot, humid weather. It’s consistently warm for about four months, from late May to mid-September. You can expect an average daily temperature of 81 degrees F.

You Have Plenty of Public Transportation Options

You have the option of driving your car, but if you prefer public transport, the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is available. CATS opened in 1999 and expanded to accommodate buses, streetcars, and trains throughout the city.

Many people throughout Charlotte use CATS for their daily commute and to explore the city. You can use CATS to get to Charlotte Douglas International Airport also. 

Charlotte Neighborhoods Are Unique

Charlotte neighborhoods have something for everyone. South End is where local businesses and entrepreneurs call home. If you’re looking for arts and entertainment, then Center City is where you want to be. 

Younger people and singles favor center City because it’s where Charlotte’s nightlife and dining are. If you want a safe, quiet place to stay, then you’re probably looking for somewhere like Myers Park. 

There Are Many Outdoor Activities to Choose From

Charlotte is the place to be for people that love to be outdoors. There are plenty of places to bike, hike, and even go whitewater rafting. Freedom Park is 98-acres of playgrounds and tennis courts.

You can visit the U.S. National Whitewater Center for paddleboarding, wall climbing, and 30 miles of running trails for more intensive activities. The Whitewater Center is located on the Catawaba River. 

Your Choice of Food and Drinks

Charlotte was initially known for its southern barbecue. While the barbecue is still good, there are much more restaurants to choose from now. You can have your pick of French and Italian cuisine. 

Middle eastern and Peruvian restaurants are located throughout Charlotte also. You can find German-style brew at The Olde Mecklenburg brewery. There’s the Birdsong Brewery Jalapeno Pale Al for those with exotic tastes. 

There Is No Shortage of Museums

People that enjoy museums will undoubtedly enjoy living in Charlotte. There is a museum geared toward practically every interest. Discovery Place Nature will make a fun afternoon for the kids. 

If you want to learn more about African American contributions to the arts, try The Harvey B.Gantt Center for African American Arts + Culture. You can give the Carolinas Aviation Museum a look if you enjoy aviation. 

Charlotte Is the Country’s Second Largest Financial Center 

Charlotte started small back in the 1980s when larger banks began buying out smaller local ones. Eventually, those banks merged with larger ones throughout the U.S. Today, Bank of America is headquartered in this city. 

There are other Fortune 500 companies in Charlotte also. Lowe’s, Honeywell, Nucor, and Duke Energy are four of nine Fortune 500 companies in North Carolina. 

What to Expect From the Charlotte Housing Market

Although Charlotte is generally cheaper than other similarly sized cities, the housing market is seeing an upswing. Prices for homes have increased from $348,739 to $409,327. That’s about 17% ($50 grand) higher than last year. 

People expect housing prices to rise because the supply can’t keep up with buyer demand. While the price increase is liable to go up, it’ll climb slowly as mortgage prices increase. Charlotte is experiencing a seller’s market.

Despite the advantages for sellers, there may be some relief for buyers looking for housing. People are passing up the more expensive options, which might help those tired of searching for the perfect home. 

Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte NC

There are 200 neighborhoods throughout Charlotte, NC. This abundance is fantastic news for anyone looking to live in the Queen City. People from all over the country have decided to call Charlotte their home. 

All the qualities above are only a few general reasons people chose to live in this city. Charlotte, NC, neighborhoods are some of the best places to live in the United States. Here’s the list of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte.

Uptown Charlotte

‘Uptown” is the downtown area of Charlotte and is in the business area of the city. The place splits into four wards – three of which have everything within walking distance. You can live car-free in this neighborhood.

Uptown has a plethora of different housing choices. You can opt for a high-rise apartment if you choose or an older single-story Victorian-style house. The median price range for an Uptown house is about four grand as of 2022.

Uptown is not for those seeking a quieter lifestyle. The downtown area is considered the heart of the city. Charlotte’s nightlife is planted firmly in the downtown area, and it’s full of tourists and big-city noise. 

Uptown may appeal to you if you enjoy being around people and love having plenty of entertainment and restaurants within walking distance. Uptown is one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte for people looking for fun. 

South Park

South Park is relatively close to Uptown at around 15 minutes away. South Park is one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC is you’re looking to combine city life with suburban living. 

Younger professionals enjoy the area because it offers them a taste of fancy living. Families opt to live in this location because it’s quiet and has large homes. Housing in South Park runs at a median price of three grand. 

If you’re not interested in the faster-paced living of nearby Uptown, then there’s plenty to do in South Park. The area is packed full of malls and boutiques. 

Symphony Park offers plenty of activities as well. You can take a relaxing walk around the park or participate in one of the various events held there. 

Myers Park

Myers Park is a Charlotte, NC neighborhood that may not interest many reading this. Myers Park is among the more expensive areas to live in the North Carolinian city.

This old community is about 10 minutes from the city center and will require a car if you’re looking to travel. John Myers intentionally designed Myers Park to capture the feel of living out in the suburbs. 

Myers Park is a family-oriented community. The location is quiet and has some of the most highly rated public schools in North Carolina. Despite the nestled community feel, there’s still plenty to do in Myers Park.

There are plenty of art galleries, bars, and boutiques to sample. You can join the country club or keep in shape by running the Booty Loop trail. The Wing Haven Garden & Bird Sanctuary offers a more sedate connection to nature.

Currently, a Myers Park home can cost approximately over one million dollars. Living in Myers Park is costlier than most places in Charlotte.


Belmont is situated 15 miles outside the Queen City, but the location is close enough to qualify for this list. Belmont rates as one of North Carolina’s best suburbs. The area is open and offers an easy commute to Charlotte. 

The homey suburban area is popular among younger people and families. Part of the appeal is the relatively cheap cost of living. You’d have your choice of condos, townhouses, or an apartment. 

The average Belmont home has a value somewhere in the range of three grand. Rent can cost about one grand for an apartment that’s 975 square feet. There’s a wide range of top-rated schools in the neighborhood as well. 

One of these schools is the Highland School of Technology which is ranked 26th in the entire state. The U.S. National Whitewater Center is also nearby the town. It’s an enjoyable place to visit if you like watersports.


Newell is one of the best places to live in Charlotte, NC, due to its suburban charm. It’s a smaller community and has a decent nightlife, plenty of jobs, and a relatively affordable cost of living. 

The neighborhood is diverse and is home to many families and young professionals. You can walk among the Reedy Creek Nature Center and Preserve trails or visit the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens. 

What makes Newell one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte is the low cost of housing. Purchasing a home in this community costs around one hundred grand, and most people own their residences. 

If renting is what you’d prefer, those prices are low as well. The median cost of renting a home in Newel is a little over a thousand dollars. 


Ballantyne is an affluent Charlotte community located on the South Carolina border. Ballantyne is home to various boutiques and the Blakeney Village, an outdoor mall home to over 70 stores. 

You can choose from Asian, Southern, and Italian restaurants for lunch or evening meals. For nature lovers, there are many parks in the Ballantyne neighborhood. The Ballantyne Hotel offers a public, 18-hole golf course. 

The Ballantyne Corporate Park contains 535 acres of land and over 4 million square feet worth of offices. You can find Babcock and Wilcox, ESPN, and Metlife headquarters here. 

Housing in Ballantyne is on the pricier side. While Myer Park is still more expensive, homes in this upscale community may cost upwards of eight hundred grand. The cost of living in Ballantyne is generally more costly.

South End

South End is a blend of historical and contemporary styles. The neighborhood is located close to the south of Uptown hence the community’s name. Much of the town’s historical vibe comes from the old mills. 

In the 1970s and 80s, the industry declined, and many mills and warehouses sat abandoned. Nowadays, people have renovated those old buildings to house stores and restaurants. Atherton Mill is home to artisan shops.

South End has numerous galleries and is where the Charlotte Running Trail is; the trail is a popular destination for runners and bikers. Two-bedroom homes in South End have a mid-range cost of about five hundred grand. 


NoDa or “North Davidson” is Charlotte’s art district and is one of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC, for the artistically inclined. NoDa is closely situated to downtown and has a lively atmosphere. 

NoDa is well known for its entertainment and has many art galleries and music venues for people to enjoy. Tattoo shops, artisan shops, and jewelry stores are plentiful along North Davidson street. 

As usual for North Carolina, you’ve got a choice between multiple southern restaurants. NoDa offers cajun food and pizza for those looking for something different. Dive bars are plentiful if you’re looking for a nightcap.

Houses in North Davidson have a median price of five hundred thousand, which is a large increase from last year. Rent prices have risen also. 


Cherry is a historically African American community in Charlotte between Myers Park and Uptown. Old, hundred-year-old trees and sidewalks welcome you into the various bungalow-style homes. 

The style is very reminiscent of Myers Park. However, many people sometimes overlook Cherry for nearby opportunities. This lack of attention may make finding housing in Cherry a little easier.

Most people tend to focus on the more affluent Myers Park so that you may catch a break in the local housing market. Houses in Cherry begin in the $300 grand range. 

You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for just over a grand in the neighborhood. Cherry is close enough to the heart of Charlotte that many grocery stores are within walking distance. 

You can visit the Allison Sprock Fine Art and the Picture House Galleries. The Cherry Neighborhood and Pearl Street parks are available for leisurely strolls. 


Belmont is a community on the east side of Uptown’s first ward. The area is amid a revitalization that’s transforming the neighborhood from Old Charlotte to New Charlotte. Young people and families tend to settle here. 

Belmont has single-story Victorian homes, and high-rise condos situated side by side. A house has a median cost of three hundred grand, while rent for a one-bedroom apartment settles at about a grand. 

You can head over to Alexander Street Park to view the gorgeous Charlotte sunset. The Catawaba Brewing Company is dog-friendly and offers an assortment of craft beers and seltzers. 

Tips For Finding Affordable Housing

The housing market has been competitive throughout the pandemic. Experts expect prices may lower during 2022, but overall, you can continue to expect to see a seller’s market. Here are a few tips for finding affordable housing. 

Shop Around Different Neighborhoods

You’ve got a guide for the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC, but “best” may not mean the best price ranges for your budget. Prices can differ wildly between zip codes. For example, Newell is cheaper to live than Myers Park. 

Another thing to remember is that less popular Charlotte neighborhoods can cost less than others. If you can’t find housing in Myers Park, try the neighborhood’s cheaper counterpart, Cherry. 

Consider Networking

Tell them you’re considering moving there if you know people in Charlotte. Your friends and family may know the best places to live in Charlotte, NC. Coworkers and neighbors could potentially grant assistance as well. 

Perhaps you know someone that’s got a connection in the Charlotte housing market. Maybe a cousin in South End has heard of an apartment for rent in their area. Word of mouth can be cheaper than broker’s fees. 

Be Honest About Your Budget

Charlotte, NC, neighborhoods can get pricey. It’s helpful to have a pre-planned budget before searching for your home. Knowing what you’ve available to spend can help you plan items to cut from your wishlist. 

If you want a house with a pool in NoDa, you’ll know beforehand whether it’s something you can afford. You may need to forget about the pool if it means you can make higher rental or mortgage payments

A handy way to calculate expenditures is to divide monthly post-tax income into the percentages you need to spend. Food, transport, student loans, savings deposits, and utilities should be calculated and accounted for.

You will hopefully spend approximately a fifth of your income on housing. Any amount above a fifth for your earnings is not considered “affordable.”

Consider Finding a Roommate

One of the most straightforward solutions for finding cheaper housing is to cut your costs in half. Sharing a home with someone is the simplest way to reduce costs. The more people, the less each of you spend on housing.

You must find people you can trust if you intend on sharing housing costs. Untrustworthy roommates can leave you stuck with expensive fees. Start with people you know and see if they’re looking to move somewhere new. 

Hold interviews with people you don’t personally know. It’s OK if someone you’re close to recommends them, but you should still do some personal vetting of your own. Think over if you want your roommate to sign the lease.

If your potential roommate does leave for whatever reason, you have additional protection from any penalties. However, you will have to bear the financial burden in exchange. The entire rent is your responsibility. 

Consider Using a Referral Service

Referral services can help you find premium listings in Charlotte neighborhoods that you otherwise may not have found yourself. A referral service considers your needs and sets you up with an agent that can help.

Referral services are often free. For example, apartment referral services are paid for by the property managers. Keep in mind that a competitive markets’ referral service likely won’t be free. 

Pick Among the Best Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC

Is Charlotte a good place to live? That depends on your perspective. You have your pick of quiet, upscale places like Ballantyne or the artsy NoDa area. 

Meyer Park has some of the most expensive homes in the city, while Newell has the cheapest homes. Regardless of where you pick, they’re all some of the best neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC.

If you’re looking to place your home on the market, get a free estimate at iBuyer.com. We’ve got various real estate solutions to help you on your home selling journey. 

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