FSBO HomesGiving You Back the Control Over the Sale of Your Home

Introducing FSBO Homes

Think of FSBO Homes as your modern agent.

FSBO Homes was created to cater to a pressing demand in the real estate market for a modern approach.

It seems that the real estate selling process works against the homeowner, making the process of selling their home difficult. FSBO Homes turns this around by introducing a service that’s more efficient and less expensive.

Does FSBO Homes Operate In My Area?

FSBO Homes has multiple locations around the United States. You can find them in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida. To find your nearest location simply type in your zip code on their website.

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Pricing of FSBO Homes

FSBO Homes pricing varies depending on your location. You can expect to pay around $3,000 for their service.

How Does FSBO Homes Work?

At FSBO Homes they take care of everything, just like a realtor.


Inspection and Valuation

FSBO Homes will send out a professional inspector and a professional appraiser to inspect and value your home. They’re qualified, experienced, and unbiased.


Listing Your Home

An expert from FSBO Homes will come out and take photographs of your home. They’ll create a beautiful listing with 3D scans to give the visitors a chance to view your home virtually instead of booking an in-person viewing.


Receive Offers

The FSBO Homes platform allows prospective buyers to make unofficial offers. This gives you the chance to receive and negotiate multiple offers before creating a binding agreement.


Sell Your Home

When you’re ready to move forward with one of the offers, FSBO Homes has a real estate attorney who will create all the necessary paperwork. You’re covered to ensure the sale goes through smoothly.

The Advantages and Limitations of FSBO Homes

No Commission

FSBO Homes charges a flat rate fee of around $3000. This is a fraction of the commission a realtor will charge you in commission.

Flexible Offers

The platform on FSBO Homes allows you to accept and counteroffers without the legal commitment, meaning you have more flexibility and a bigger chance to negotiate a better deal.


You’ll only find FSBO Homes in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida. The good news is that they’re an expanding franchise.

Flexible Offers From Buyers

You’re not legally bound to follow through with an offer on the FSBO Homes platform. Neither are the buyers. They can make you offers and never follow through with them.

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