Keller Offers iBuyer Program Information

Introducing Keller Offers

Global real estate conglomerate, Keller Williams, launched its iBuyer program in 2019, in partnership with one of the nation's largest iBuyers, Offerpad. This partnership gives sellers the best of both worlds—instant cash offers and the support of a licensed real estate professional.

Keller Williams iBuyer Markets

Keller Offers is currently buying and selling homes in:

Atlanta GA House

Atlanta, GA

Median home value $257,700

Austin TX House

Austin, TX

Median home value $370,700

Birmingham AL House

Birmingham, AL

Median home value $64,840

Charlotte NC House

Charlotte, NC

Median home value $226,100

Columbia SC House

Columbia, SC

Median home value $147,135

Dallas TX House

Dallas, TX

Median home value $212,200

Denver, CO House

Denver, CO

Median home value $422,700

Durham NC House

Durham, NC

Median home value $230,000

Fort Worth TX House

Ft. Worth, TX

Ft Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Median home value $197,500

Houston TX House

Houston, TX

Median home value $186,700

Indianapolis IN House

Indianapolis, IN

Median home value $143,800

Jacksonville FL House

Jacksonville, FL

Median home value $275,000

Kansas MO House

Kansas City, MO

Median home value $147,900

Las Vegas NV House

Las Vegas, NV

Median home value $274,100

Nashville TN House

Nashville, TN

Median home value $263,000

Oklahoma OK House

Oklahoma, OK

Median home value $131,000

Orlando FL House

Orlando, FL

Median home value $330,000

Phoenix AZ House

Phoenix, AZ

Median home value $242,100

Raleigh NC House

Raleigh, NC

Median home value $277,400

San Antonio TX House

San Antonio, TX

Median home value $177,400

Tampa FL House

Tampa, FL

Median home value $365,000

Tucson AZ House

Tucson, AZ

Median home value $189,200

FAQ about Keller Offers:

Keller Offers, also referred to as KW iBuyer program and Keller Williams iBuyer program, is an instant buyer program (iBuyer program) developed by Keller Williams, in partnership with Offerpad. Their goal is to enable sellers like yourself to sell on your timeline, thanks to the fast iBuying model, while also having a traditional real estate agent available to you, should you need assistance along the way.

Keller Offers has an interesting approach, because it’s owned by real estate giant, Keller Williams, in partnership with iBuyer giant, Offerpad. This means you get access to both iBuying and real estate options. Keller Offers will usually present you with a cash offer to buy your home, at a rate determined by Offerpad, and then, if you choose not to accept that offer, a Keller Williams agent will assist you in selling your home in the traditional way.

Keller Offers is owned by Keller Williams, the largest real estate brand in the world. Keller Offers also has a partnership with Offerpad, the second largest iBuyer in the country.

The Keller Williams instant offer program leverages their partnership with Offerpad to determine market value estimates. Offerpad uses predictive market analysis and a team of real estate experts to assess the fair market value of your home.

As with most iBuyer programs, Keller Offers tends to buy homes in the $200,000 to $500,000 price range. These homes are typically newer built single family homes, townhouses, or condos.

Being that Keller Offers is partnered with Offerpad, you can typically expect to receive a response within 24 hours.

Keller Offers, like most iBuyers, enables you to close on your home fast. You can typically choose to close on the sale in as little as two weeks, and up to 90 days after you accept the Keller Williams instant offer.