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Zillow has a new home buying service program. This type of program is called iBuying. They will purchase your home sight unseen if it fits their criteria.

This new business rides off their core advertising business but is projected to over $20 billion over a 3-5 year term.

What cities is Zillow Offers iBuying homes?

Zillow Offers launched initially in 12 markets:

Phoenix AZ House


Median home value $242,100

Las Vegas NV House

Las Vegas

Median home value $274,100

Atlanta GA House


Median home value $257,700

Denver CO House


Median home value $422,700

Charlotte NC House


Median home value $226,100

Raleigh NC House


Median home value $277,400

Houston TX House


Median home value $186,700

Riverside CA House


Median home value $409,800

Dallas TX House


Median home value $409,800

Fort Worth TX House

Fort Worth

Median home value $197,500

Minneapolis MN House


Median home value $267,100

Orlando FL House


Median home value $241,500

Portland OR House


Median home value $417,600

Zillow Offers is aggressively expanding and are in the process of adding:

Nashville TN House


Median home value $263,000

Miami FL House


Median home value $335,000

San Diego CA House

San Diego

Median home value $634,100

San Antonio TX House

San Antonio

Median home value $177,400

Austin TX House


Median home value $370,700

Sacramento CA House


Median home value $326,400

Tampa FL House


Median home value $218,900

Los Angeles CA House

Los Angeles

Median home value $688,700

Home iconHow many homes has Zillow Offers purchased?

Zillow Offers has purchased well over 700 homes in 2018 and is expected to more than 5X that over the next couple of years.

Home iconWhat is the medium cost per home?

Zillow Offers gravitates to homes in the $200K - $400K range. It really depends on the city and obviously the market conditions.

Clock iconHow quickly do they make an offer?

Zillow Offers typically respond within 72 hours

Deal iconHow quickly do they typically take to close?

Since they pay cash and there isn’t any real estate agent involved, they can close within a week.

What is the market value of my home?

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