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Best Neighborhoods in Greensboro – 6 Places For Your Family

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Did you know that more than 19% of Americans move to a different location every year? Considering that statistic, it’s safe to assume that you will end up selling your house and moving to a new place at some time in the future. While you have the entire country to consider for possible locations to settle down, you shouldn’t forget to consider the best neighborhoods in Greensboro, NC.

What’s so special about Greensboro, North Carolina, you ask? Greensboro is often known as Gate City and is full of very diverse neighborhoods for every budget and lifestyle. It is a city that is quickly growing and changing with so many things to do that you’ll never be bored. 

It even has a sparkling nightlife in the downtown area, restaurants to fit every preference, and plenty of museums for those who would be interested in learning more about Greensboro’s unique history. But, of course, before you pack up and leave for Greensboro at once, you will need to consider which neighborhood might be right for you (and your family, if you have one). 

Let’s first start with one of the most highly-desired neighborhoods in all of Greensboro: Downtown.

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1. Downtown

When it comes to good neighborhoods in Greensboro, NC, you shouldn’t ever pass on the downtown area. This area offers perhaps some of the most lively and vibrant communities in Greensboro. If you are a young professional and want to move to a place that isn’t necessarily the big city but still gives off big-city vibes, then downtown Greensboro is for you.

Today, you will find that downtown Greensboro is full of busy restaurants, parks, and unique boutique shops, but it wasn’t always that way. For a couple of hundred years, Greensboro was nothing but a small town in North Carolina. Not many people bothered to visit the town until a railroad system connected it with other, larger locations throughout the United States.

It was only in the late 1890s that Greensboro was nicknamed Gate City as the result of those railroad tracks. Since then, Greensboro’s popularity started to grow. In the 1920s, Greensboro’s very first skyscraper went up, and more only followed. 

But it was only 20 years ago that real progress started to hit Greensboro, especially the downtown area. Today, you will find the downtown area on every list of Greensboro, NC, best neighborhoods, including this one. If you love shopping, you’ll always find something interesting and unique to buy downtown thanks to the numerous boutique and niche shops. 

As for dinner or lunch, you’ll never have to argue about food with your friends or family. Whether you’re an avid meat-eater or a strict vegetarian, there are all sorts of restaurants to fit your preferences in the downtown area.

While there are not many traditional houses downtown, there are still plenty of renovated apartments and condos that you can choose from. And from these apartments, you can always get great views of the city. 

2. Fisher Park

The best Greensboro, NC, neighborhoods don’t stop there. After all, city life isn’t for everyone, especially if you already live in a big city. Instead, you might want an environment that is calmer and more relaxed. 

Fortunately, when living in Greensboro, you’ll find that every neighborhood has a slightly different vibe, making the city a place for everyone, regardless of lifestyle. Fisher Park is a much more tranquil area compared to downtown. However, don’t be fooled; Fisher Park isn’t in the middle of nowhere and you won’t have to drive 30 minutes to get to the grocery store.

Fisher Park is still very close to the downtown area. For that reason, it can be the ideal location if you want to be close to the hustle and bustle of Greensboro’s downtown without actually being in the downtown area. You can enjoy the peace and quiet that Fisher Park has to offer and if you decide you want to go to a club or restaurant downtown, you can get there in a flash.

The great thing about Fisher Park is that it has its own restaurants and stores so you won’t need to rely entirely on going to the downtown area if you don’t feel like it. In fact, it is home to the very beloved Deep Roots Market. This market is full of organic produce and other healthy items, making it easy to make health-conscious choices if you are concerned about your diet. 

But the benefits of living in Fisher Park don’t stop there. Coincidentally, there is a Fisher Park within Fisher park. This park is 12 acres and can be a great place to hang around and get some fresh air. And, if you have children, they can safely play in this area. 

3. Westerwood

If you want to move out to one of the good neighborhoods in Greensboro, NC, and live among young people or if you are a college student, Westerwood might be the best place for you to live in all of Greensboro. As with Fisher Park, Westerwood is a stone’s throw away from the downtown area. While you could certainly drive from Westerwood to downtown, why not take a stroll instead?

Along the way, you’ll be able to see all the unique events and establishments that Westerwood has to offer. Westerwood is full of colleges, so if you prefer to live in a home or apartment instead of a dorm, you won’t have to make a huge commute to reach your campus. Instead, all you’ll need to do is walk or ride your bike for a few minutes and you’ll reach your college in no time. 

Because Westerwood is full of colleges (and, of course, college kids) you can expect this neighborhood to be full of life. In particular, Westerwood houses two colleges: the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Greensboro College. This sort of setup may not be best for families or seniors, but for the young, it can be the perfect place to live and explore. 

As with Fisher Park, Westerwood has a park of its own known as Lake Daniel Park. However, instead of 12 acres, Lake Daniel Park is a whopping 80 acres in size. Because this park is so large, you can spend the entire day here walking along the trails, sitting on benches and taking in the sun, or hanging out with friends and family. 

Lake Daniel Park is a great place to have a picnic as well.

4. Linley Park

Of all the Greensboro, NC, neighborhoods, Linley Park is the perfect place to move to if you have children or if you plan on having a family in the future. It is a little bit farther from downtown from the previous neighborhoods, but if you favor peace and quiet and plenty of space, then that might be ideal for you. However, if you do need to get downtown for whatever reason, you will most likely need to drive or take a form of public transportation. 

However, don’t take Linley Park’s distance from downtown too seriously since this neighborhood is full of its own stores and restaurants that the downtown area can’t compete with. For example, this neighborhood regularly has farmer’s markets where you can buy all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan goods, and homemade objects. These farmer’s markets can be a great opportunity to not only get some fresh air but also to socialize with other people and find unique things for sale that you might not find anywhere else. 

Beyond the farmer’s markets, there are plenty of parks scattered throughout all of Linley Park. These parks give this neighborhood its unique, suburban look. You’ll find that most of the streets here are lined with trees and that the neighborhood, in general, feels very much at peace with nature. 

These parks are quite large and they are the perfect place to hang out with your family and friends after work or school. You won’t have any trouble throwing around a baseball with your kids or pets if you have any. This is not to mention that you can find some of the most unique houses in all of Greensboro in this neighborhood. 

5. Summerfield

Summerfield is one of the Greensboro, NC, best neighborhoods if you want to sell your house and become one with nature. Summerfield is farther out from downtown, about 20 minutes by car. While this might be a bit long, especially if you have to commute to the downtown area for work, the distance has its own benefits.

After all, you won’t be able to hear any of the commotion of the downtown area all the way out in Summerfield. But don’t be mistaken; Summerfield isn’t rural and it certainly isn’t lacking in things to do to keep you busy. You will notice that what makes Summerfield different from any of the other neighborhoods discussed previously is that it is full of forests and hills. 

Summerfield can boast so much nature because it is full of parks, including Summerfield Community Park. However, as a consequence, you might not find as many restaurants and shops as the other neighborhoods. On the other hand, the parks in this area are unparalleled.

They are full of bike trails, shelters for picnics, and playgrounds for the kids. Some even have ponds and lakes where you can fish to your heart’s content. You’ll also find no difficulty spending the whole day hiking around if you feel like it.

The properties in this neighborhood tend to be large with a lot of land to work with. On the other hand, you might also find some smaller ranch-style homes. Because the houses in Summerfield are so diverse, you won’t have any problem finding the right kind of house for your family and budget. 

While most of Summerfield is nature-focused, there are also some niche shops you should check out. Godino’s Bakery & Coffee House, for example, is one of them that you shouldn’t miss out on.

6. Old Irving Park

Old Irving Park is another neighborhood that is perfect for growing your family since this neighborhood is also growing itself. Old Irving Park is very close to Fisher Park (north of it, in fact), although it is a little less developed. Don’t let that scare you away, however.

Because Old Irving Park is still building itself up, there is plenty of space and plenty of houses available to buy. For that reason, if you want to move to Greensboro before it gets too crowded, this neighborhood might be your best bet to plant your roots before you lose your chance. Most of the homes in this neighborhood are single-family homes.

These homes come in every style you can think of from Colonial to Tudor and beyond. For that reason, if you love old-style homes, you won’t have any trouble finding them in Old Irving Park. Also, those older homes are often remodeled so you won’t have to worry about them crumbling over your head.

More than that, they are often very spacious and can be perfect if you plan on having children or already have them. The best thing about Old Irving Park is that it surrounds the Greensboro Country Club. So, if you ever feel bored and don’t know what to do, why not go out and play some golf?

The best neighborhoods in Greensboro, NC

Finding the best neighborhoods in Greensboro, NC, will depend on your preferences, but Greensboro has something for everyone regardless of lifestyle. From the hustle and bustle of the downtown area to the more tranquil parks of Summerfield, there are plenty of options to settle down once you sell your home and decide to move. 

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