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10 Best Places in Nevada For Families in 2024

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What pops into your head when you think of Nevada? 

For most people, undoubtedly, it’s an image of Las Vegas, the party capital of the world. Aside from that, maybe it’s an image of sprawling deserts, or even mysterious Area 51. 

But there’s much more to Nevada than that. Some of the best places to live in Nevada for families and young professionals are nowhere near Las Vegas. 

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The Silver State is truly a wonderland and is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in North America. So let’s go ahead and take a closer look at some of the best places to live in Nevada:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Reno
  3. Boulder City
  4. Mesquite
  5. Incline Village
  6. Henderson
  7. Elko
  8. Sparks
  9. Verdi
  10. Mogul

1. Las Vegas: Party capital of the world

Population: 653,843

Median Listing Home Price: $394,870

Of course, our list of the best places to live in Nevada starts with Las Vegas

Sin City has a pretty sordid reputation, but it’s not only about the casinos, the gambling, the resorts, and the wild clubs. Las Vegas is a bustling city that’s about more than just entertainment and tourism. 

For one thing, residents of Las Vegas can enjoy a vibrant arts and culture scene, some of the best and most eclectic dining opportunities in the world, to say nothing of the entertainment offered by the Strip. And if you’re less into the urban scene, and more into outdoor activities, Las Vegas is within easy distance of attractions like Lake Mead and Red Rock Canyon

Best place to live in Las Vegas, Nevada

There are many great places to live in Las Vegas, but we’ve selected a few of the most attractive neighborhoods for home buyers. Summerlin is a master-planned community on the west side, close to Red Rock Canyon and full of parks and hiking trails. Southern Highlands, nestled in the southern foothills, is another favorite, located only 10 minutes from the Strip. 

And don’t overlook Aliante, another master-planned community in North Las Vegas, which features a golf course, a scenic lake, a casino of its very own, and even an amphitheater.  

2. Reno: One of the best places to live in Nevada for families

Population: 278,577

Median Listing Home Price: $526,062

The city of Reno can sometimes be overlooked as Las Vegas’ little brother. But it turns out “America’s Biggest Little City” has a lot to offer both young professionals and those looking to start a family. 

For one thing, Reno is located near the beautiful Sierras, full of lofty, snow-capped peaks. And Reno itself isn’t far from lovely Lake Tahoe, one of the most scenic and beautiful towns in the country.

Reno is also home to a number of new industries and has become something of a burgeoning tech hub. Tesla has a “gigafactory” in Reno, and both Switch and Apple have constructed huge data centers there. All of this has contributed to Reno becoming one of the top places to live for young professionals. 

Reno is also one of the best places to live in Nevada for families since it has plenty of first-rate public schools and family-friendly attractions. 

3. Boulder City: Gateway to Hoover Dam


Median Listing Home Price: $434,543

Boulder City is an intriguing little city only about a half-hour’s drive from Las Vegas. 

The town is located in a kind of bowl or valley just to the east of Las Vegas. It has that small-town charm, but it’s not too far from the big city; best of all, Boulder City is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The spectacular Hoover Dam is nearby, as is the gorgeous Lake Mead Recreational Area

Sometimes, finding the best cities to live in Nevada takes a little out-of-the-box thinking. Boulder City might not be your first choice, but this small city combines outdoor adventure with the glamor of nearby Las Vegas. 

4. Mesquite: One of the best places to live in Nevada for retirees


Median Listing Home Price: $368,249

If you’re moving to Nevada to retire, you might want to consider Mesquite. 

Mesquite is located about an hour northeast of Las Vegas, in Clark County, and is a renowned Nevada retirement community. And, of course, since this is Nevada, Mesquite is home to its own mini assortment of casinos, resorts, and golf courses. Due to its high number of retirees, Mesquite may not be among the most family-friendly places to live in Nevada. 

But thanks to its amenities and year-round warm and sunny weather, Mesquite is a fine destination for those looking to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

5. Incline Village: Lake Tahoe living

Population: 9,440

Median Listing Home Price: $1,343,080

Incline Village is unquestionably one of the best places to live in Nevada—and it’s also among the most expensive. 

The town is located on beautiful Lake Tahoe, so you can understand why it’s such a pricey destination. But if you have the money to afford it, Incline Village is a true paradise in the Sierras. Of course, there are plenty of lakeside activities and watersports for the adventurous during the summertime. In the winter, you can venture out to enjoy the numerous ski trails crisscrossing the mountainside. 

For those with the income to support it, life in Incline Village is as close to a paradise in Nevada as you can get outside of Paradise, Nevada. 

6. Henderson: Sin city suburb


Median Listing Home Price: $457,527

Henderson is the second-largest city in Nevada, after Las Vegas. It’s more of a suburb of Las Vegas, really, and it receives high marks for its safety. It’s one of the best places to live in Nevada for families, and it’s considered among the 50 best places to live in America. 

And it’s no wonder since Henderson has numerous amenities, including trails, golf courses, bike paths, and lakes. Considering its proximity to Sin City, Henderson has a surprisingly low crime rate. At the same time, it benefits from the same mild climate as Las Vegas, as well as fast access to all its many resorts and entertainment venues. 

7. Elko: The old west


Median Listing Home Price: $324,528

Elko is one of Nevada’s best cities for those looking to experience a little more of that Old West mystique. Elko has everything you could want: close proximity to outdoor recreation areas, beautiful views, and lots of cowboys. Lamoille Canyon and the Ruby Mountains are nearby, which have some of the loveliest scenery in Nevada. 

Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that Elko is located in northeastern Nevada, which is quite remote. If you’re looking to get away from big city living, this is the place for you; otherwise, you’ll have a long commute to reach more populous areas. But there are a number of attractive parks and public spaces to make up for it. 

Plus, the city is one of the most affordable in Nevada, with a low sales tax and an unusually high number of amenities.  

8. Sparks: Reno’s favorite suburb

Population: 111,158

Median Listing Home Price: $491,164

Sparks is another fantastic town located in northwestern Nevada, not far from boomtown Reno. 

It’s really a suburb of Reno, and like Henderson, that means you get to enjoy a somewhat cozier atmosphere, while still being near the attractions of urban life. Sparks is one of the most family-friendly places to live in Nevada, with top-ranked schools and many recreational parks and areas. The city’s livability and affordability makes it attractive for young professionals wishing to take part in Reno’s burgeoning startup scene. 

9. Verdi: Cozy mountain town


Median Listing Home Price: $758,826

Verdi is another suburb of Reno, nestled up against the California border. It’s surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, and evokes that soothing mountain town atmosphere and rural feel. 

Verdi has some of the top-rated schools in the state, a very low crime rate, and has all the outdoor adventure opportunities you could wish for. The urban life of Reno isn’t far away, but the surroundings in Verdi are perfect for raising a family in a more naturalistic and rural setting. This is why Verdi is one of the top destinations for young families in Nevada. 

10. Mogul: Small-town living


Median Home Price: $705,000

Finally, we come to Mogul, Nevada, another suburb of the Reno-Sparks metropolitan area. 

Mogul is considered to be one of the best suburbs in all of Nevada, and it’s easy to see why. As with the other Reno suburbs, Mogul has it all: low crime rates, fantastic public schools, and a tight-knit, small-town feel. As with Verdi, Mogul is a popular destination for professionals moving into the Reno area, and this has been driving up home prices—especially as people flee the coastal cities. 

With its climate, its access to outdoor adventures, and its proximity to Reno, Mogul shouldn’t be discounted when looking for where to live in Nevada. 

Nevada: best places to live

From the azure waters of Lake Tahoe, to the glacial valleys of the Ruby Mountains, to the natural wonders of Great Basin National Park, Nevada has scenic beauty in spades. 

We think this list of some of the best places to live in Nevada is a good way to start your search. So what are you waiting for?

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