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10 Cheapest Places To Live in Georgia in Today’s Market

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Georgia offers a warm climate, affordable living costs, and quaint towns to modern cities, which explains its popularity among residents seeking affordability and a high quality of life. 

Whether you’re buying a home, renting an apartment, launching a career, or planning for retirement, this article will explore some of the most affordable places to live in Georgia.  

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How We Chose the Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia

We know what you’re thinking. How do you find an affordable place with great hospitals, schools, communities, jobs, and attractions?

Those things are important.

So, we ranked affordability using the following factors:

  • Median home values and average rent prices
  • Cost of living compared to national averages
  • Unemployment rates and availability of local jobs
  • Population size and accessibility of fun amenities

Our rankings relied on authoritative data sources. These included the U.S. Census Bureau, real estate sites like Zillow, and cost-of-living databases like Sperling’s Best Places.

We selected places blending affordable housing, reasonable living expenses, decent job prospects, and good quality of life. We also looked for cities large enough to offer amenities while keeping costs in check.

This helps highlight places you can have it all without breaking the bank. Georgia delivers prime options for a charming rural escape or an affordable metropolis. So, let’s dive into ten of the cheapest places to live in Georgia.

1. Americus

The most affordable place to live in Georgia is the small town of Americus. Americus provides charm from its Victorian homes and genuine Southern hospitality.

The city of around 17,000 offers a peaceful pace of life with ample amenities to stay active.

Median home prices in Americus sit at about $93,400. That’s a bargain compared to national averages.

Renters fare well in Americus, as well. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $495. It’s further worth noting that retirees in Americus enjoy low tax rates.

Major employers like schools, manufacturers, and medical centers help provide jobs. The nearby hospital is the area’s largest employer.

Outdoor lovers flock to nearby Lake Blackshear for recreation. Concerts and cultural sites like the Habitat for Humanity Global Village also draw plenty of visitors to the area. We love Americus because it’s a small town with big charm and affordability.

2. Macon

Macon’s warm climate and plentiful amenities offer an excellent balance of work and play. Its cost-effectiveness earns it a high ranking on our list. Macon blends big-city culture and college-town appeal with small-town southern charm.

Its 153,000 residents have access to museums, music halls, institutions of higher education, and more. A strategic location makes it a hub for education, healthcare, manufacturing, and military support.

Home prices average around $158,000. The typical rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,131 monthly. Macon’s cost of living runs about 15% below national figures.

Robins Air Force Base and well-known employers like GEICO boost the local economy.

Attractions like Ocmulgee Mounds National Historical Park and downtown’s vibrant restaurant and music scene cater to visitors. Festivals like the International Cherry Blossom Festival attract thousands annually.

The scenic Ocmulgee Heritage Trail stretches seven miles through Macon. Abundant parks, trails, and recreation options give residents plenty to do.

3. Cordele

Cordele’s charming small-town vibe will delight lovers of nature and outdoor recreation. Even with fewer than 11,000 people, Cordele offers plenty of advantages to residents.

The city’s low cost of living (nearly 16% below national averages) helps boost affordability.

Median home prices run about $90,000 in Cordele. Expect the average two-bedroom apartment rent to be near $800 per month.

Agriculture and manufacturing are top employers driving the local job market. Major regional plants offer steady work in food production, lumber, and concrete sectors. Access to the interstate makes it easy to explore the region.

Recreational options include boating and fishing on nearby Lake Blackshear. Crisp County Recreation Complex offers ball fields, trails, and green space for staying active.

Cultural attractions range from Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park to performances by the Cordele Symphony Orchestra at the historic Rylander Theater downtown.

4. Columbus

Columbus offers an appealing blend of outdoor recreation and cultural amenities. Its over 200,000 residents enjoy a thriving arts and entertainment scene centered around the Chattahoochee River.

The Chattahoochee anchors a vibrant downtown with independent shops, craft breweries, and outdoor riverfront concerts that give Columbus a distinctive vibe. The riverwalk stretches 15 miles, connecting residential and commercial areas to ample green space and trails.

Home prices in Columbus average around $153,000. The typical rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $700 per month.

The average cost of living runs 8% below national rates. Military, education, healthcare, and retail sectors buoy the local economy. Major employers Fort Benning and Aflac are based in Columbus.

Highlights include the National Civil War Naval Museum and the state-of-the-art RiverCenter performing arts complex right downtown. Columbus’ extensive park system features the picturesque Columbus Botanical Garden. Whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Chattahoochee River provide outdoor thrills. The Columbus Museum displays renowned American and European art.

Columbus’ location near the Alabama border also provides easy access to Auburn University events and metro Atlanta amenities under two hours away. Diverse neighborhoods and a balanced mix of urban and outdoor recreation give Columbus wide appeal.

5. Valdosta

Valdosta charms with its blend of youthful college-town energy and rural, small-town allure.

Its over 55,000 residents appreciate cultural riches and affordability. It’s a regional hub for education, business, healthcare, and the arts.

Median home values hover close to $130,000 in Valdosta. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment comes in around $950. The cost of living is approximately 8% under the national rate.

Major employers in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and other sectors provide jobs. Property taxes are also lower compared to other areas.

Attractions like Wild Adventures Theme Park and Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area offer outdoor recreation galore. The Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts is the crown jewel of Valdosta’s cultural scene and a thriving downtown.

6. Augusta

Augusta’s roughly 607,000 residents enjoy an appealing mix of historic southern charm and growth in sectors like healthcare and technology.

Housing market deals abound in Georgia’s second-largest city, along with plentiful jobs.

Median home prices in Augusta sit around $160,000. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment runs about $1152 per month. The cost of living remains approximately 13% below the national average rate.

Major employers include the medical, education, military, and growing tech industries. Healthcare centers like Augusta University Medical Center provide excellent care and thousands of jobs.

Augusta is renowned for hosting golf’s prestigious Masters tournament each year. Family attractions like Riverwalk Augusta provide downtown fun with mini golf, laser tag, and more.

7. Warner Robins

Warner Robins offers comfortable small-city living near the larger city of Macon.

Over 81,000 residents enjoy ample parks, recreational facilities, and hometown charm. The municipal airport also provides easy regional access.

Median home values in Warner Robins are around $193,000. The average one-bedroom apartment rent sits around $1,172 per month. The cost of living remains about 8% lower than the national average. Robins Air Force Base provides a key job anchor and major distribution and manufacturing facilities.

Popular attractions include the Warner Robins Recreation Department and the Museum of Aviation. Houston Lake Park is a jewel offering hiking, boating, fishing, and much more. Community events and festivals include hometown offerings like the annual Independence Day celebration.

8. Perry

Perry delights visitors with abundant small-town charm and southern hospitality.

Approximately 16,200 residents enjoy low living costs, averaging almost 18% below the national rate. Local farms and manufacturers are Perry’s biggest employers.

Expect median home prices of around $291,000 in Perry. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment sits near $1,135 per month.

Major local employers are in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and food services.

Perry is lauded for its skilled labor force, with a high proportion of residents having completed high school and college programs. This contributes to the town’s economic stability, with major employment sectors spanning manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and food services.

Parks like Rozar Park and Lake Tobesofkee offer plenty of outdoor recreation. Museums and beloved events like the annual Perry Fair showcase the city’s heritage and culture. Concerts, holiday celebrations, and a lively farmers’ market give locals year-round fun.

9. Savannah

Savannah’s manicured public gardens and elegant historic town squares exude signature Southern charm. This vibrant port city has reasonably priced housing despite its world-renowned appeal to tourists.

Median home values in Savannah are around $394,000. The average rent for a typical one-bedroom apartment comes in around $1,657 per month.

Major industries include manufacturing, logistics, tourism, and creative sectors like preservation and design. The busy seaport sustains a strong import/export, warehousing, and transportation job market.

Iconic sites like Forsyth Park and shops and restaurants along River Street help immerse visitors in Savannah’s beauty.

Nearby beach town Tybee Island also draws crowds longing for fun in the sun. Downtown Savannah provides walkable access to art galleries, theaters, and unique boutiques.

10. Athens

Athens offers an engaging blend of small-city conveniences and the lively vitality of a spirited college town.

As the home of the University of Georgia, Athens has a population of around 127,000 residents. But it maintains a relaxed pace and community feel.

Median home prices in Athens are around $392,000. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment runs approximately $900 per month. The cost of living for necessities like groceries and utilities stays below national benchmarks.

Major employers include education, healthcare, manufacturing, and government agencies. The university and associated medical centers are primary sources of stable employment.

The city’s artistic soul shines through at sites like the Georgia Museum of Art, the State Botanical Garden, and the vibrant downtown scene.

Restaurants, cafes, and live music venues provide plenty of evening entertainment. The surrounding countryside offers abundant options for enjoying the outdoors, from hiking to boating.

Other Budget-Friendly Options to Consider in Georgia

Looking beyond our top ten affordable Georgia spots? It’s worth checking out metro Atlanta suburbs like Clarkston and Stockbridge in the eastern part of the state.

Cities like Rome, Dalton, and Cartersville offer excellent value for the money in northwest Georgia. They’re all regional manufacturing, education, and medical hubs.

Consider southern towns like Moultrie, Douglas, and Bainbridge, which combine small-town living with cost savings. Their local economies thrive on agriculture, processing plants, and supporting regional industry and commerce. These cities are smaller but offer easy access to job centers.

Though more expensive than some of our leading picks, these cities still offer median home prices ranging from $100,000 to $150,000. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment remains under $1,000 per month.

The Good and Bad of Living in Georgia

Georgia, fondly referred to as the Peach State, has unique attributes that make it attractive to residents and visitors alike.

However, it’s important to understand that, like any place, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of living in Georgia to give you a comprehensive view.


  • Gorgeous, diverse landscape from beaches to mountains
  • Mild winters and comfortably warm summers
  • Low cost of living compared to much of the country
  • Options ranging from major cities to quaint small towns to rural hideaways suit different lifestyles


  • Limited public transportation options outside major metropolitan cities like Atlanta
  • Extremely frustrating traffic congestion in Atlanta’s sprawling metro area
  • Uneven healthcare quality throughout the state, with struggling rural hospitals and fewer providers
  • The summer heat and humidity can be oppressive

Georgia earns its reputation for southern hospitality, rich history, and affordability. Choosing the right community comes down to finding an area that matches your budget and preferences.

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