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Opendoor is expanding to Northern Colorado

opendoor expands to northern colorado

The iBuyer announced three new markets across the United States for which it will provide home purchase operations, in Northern Colorado, the Boulder Valley and Colorado Springs, with a total of over 30 markets part of its operation.

Jim Lesinski, regional general manager, who is responsible for Minnesota, Colorado, Utah and Oregon, said that the number of people to be employed in Northern Colorado will depend upon volume of activity but will likely be people assigned the task of preparing properties for resale.

The company announced recently that their services are available in Missouri, with the launch of the Kansas City market, a popular area among movers and that was ranked as one of the best cities to live in.

Providing homeowners with a quick solution to selling their house, Opendoor makes an all-cash offer, helping them have a move without the hassle of a traditional sale. All they must do is enter the home address and answer some questions about the house’s attributes in order to determine their eligibility.

Opendoor offers a preliminary offer on the house and if it is accepted, the homeowners will complete a video walkthrough to identify any necessary repairs. “All the things that need to be done [when selling a home] are eliminated” Lesinski said.

In addition, the sellers can choose the closing date and have the option to reject the offer any time before closing. “When you sell to Opendoor, there are no unforeseen costs and complete transparency in the sale so you can feel confident about avoiding surprises,” said Megan Meyer Toolson, Opendoor’s chief customer officer.

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