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Top 7 We Buy Houses Companies in Jacksonville

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The median days on market in Jacksonville is 40 days. As a home seller, you want to get your house for sale in front of approved buyers before the demand dies down. You probably want to receive a confirmed offer within 20 days, too.

To many, it might seem like cash buyers in Jacksonville Florida are a good option when you want to sell your home fast. Are they really all they’re made out to be, though?

Keep reading to find out more about how these companies work, and how iBuyer works to improve your chances of selling your home faster for more cash.  

Reviewing Cash Home Buyers Jacksonville FL

These are the leading cash home buying companies in Jacksonville, FL, and what they have to offer:

1. Buying Jax Homes

Buying Jax Homes is a local fix and flip home buyer based in Jacksonville, FL. Their team comprises a retired financial manager and professional house flipper as well as admin and marketing personnel.

They’ve sold over 150 houses to date and pride themselves on a down-to-earth attitude and honest approach to real estate.How they Work

This company makes you an offer for your home based on its real estate value taking repairs and cleaning into account. They advertise themselves as a no-fee service.

Home sellers can apply for an offer online by entering their property details or calling them to discuss the matter. Buying Jax Homes does not make an offer until they’ve inspected the property.Pricing

Buying Jax Homes is vague about its pricing and time to close as these processes depend on the home inspection. Once they’ve made an offer, you set your closing date.Pros and Cons

Overall, this company has positive reviews from previous clients and on the Better Business Bureau. Most customers praise their friendly attitude and considerate service.

Some home sellers might not like the idea of paying for repairs without an opportunity to compare quotes.

When you sell with iBuyer, you have plenty of time to shop around for a better offer or repair your home yourself. 

2. JWB Homebuyers

This company has been around since 2006 and managed thousands of real estate transactions in that time. They specialize in large-scale renovations and complicated title issues and also buy land.

JWB only works with motivated home sellers who will take a low price for their homes in order to achieve a quick cash sale.

Based on reviews, it seems their primary objective is to buy homes cheaply and renovate them for rentals. How they Work

With JWB Homebuyers, you fill out an online form and receive a cash offer within 15 minutes. You can expect to receive your cash within three to ten days.Pricing

JWB bases its prices on their budget and not the value of your home. Part of their guarantee is that they will make an offer fast, but do not pay full price for the homes they purchase.Pros and Cons

Speed is the obvious benefit when you work with this company. However, due to the urgency of their processes, many homeowners feel pressured to accept offers from JWB Homebuyers without considering other options.

While JWB Homebuyers has some positive reviews, there are also numerous complaints about their service levels.

Some reviews, although praising the company, refer to working with them for two months on the sale of their home. This seems contradictory to their claims of quick sales. 

It also doesn’t make sense to settle for a low offer when you can receive a fair one from iBuyers. 

3. Jax Nurses Buy Houses

Jax Nurses Buy Houses started in 2019 and targets distressed homeowners wanting a quick sale. Their main customers are people who are:

  • In possession of an unwanted inheritance
  • Late on their taxes
  • Face eviction or foreclosure
  • Want out of the retail market
  • Are relocating urgently
  • Trying to sell a house as-is

Their team comprises qualified healthcare professionals turned property investors.  How they Work

Jax Nurses Buy Houses works like most cash home buyers. You fill in an online form, and they prepare an offer for you.

Once they’ve inspected your home, they’ll make a firm offer. If you accept, they transfer the funds into an escrow account until a date of your choosing.Pricing

This company bases its offer on property values as well as the potential of flipping or renting the property. These factors include demand for rentals in your area, vacancy rates, market rents, appreciation, and the potential resale price of your home. 

Then they deduct the estimated cost of renovations and holding costs.

In the example given on their website, their offer is $106,000 on a home valued at $185,000. Pros and Cons

Jax Nurses Buy Houses have many good reviews online and an average rating of 4 stars. Most reviews center around their compassionate and attentive service.

On the downside, it’s clear that sellers receive a lot less for their homes than the market value due to all the deductions and calculations involved.

There’s also no opportunity to haggle over the price of repairs. It’s a take-it-or-leave-it scenario when you work with these home buyers.

4. Henry Buys Homes

Henry Buys Homes focus on buying and restoring homes damaged by fire, hurricanes, or floods, as well as distressed properties. They’re a locally-based, family-run business with offices in Salisbury Road, and they buy houses throughout northeastern Florida. How they Work

When you work with this company, you fill in an online form, and they make you a cash offer. Henry Buys Homes will pay for your house within seven days of you accepting their offer. 

They take care of cleaning, repairs, and closing costs. Pricing

Henry buys Houses pays below market value for your home, so they can profit from the deal. Your benefit lies in achieving a fast sale.

They base their offer on:

  • Location
  • Necessary repairs
  • The current condition of the home
  • Value of other homes sold recently in your area

They don’t charge any fees or commissions. Pros and Cons

If you’re looking to work with honest and upfront cash buyers, Henry Buys Houses is a good choice for you. If you’re looking to make any money off the sale of your home, they’re not.

Henry Buys Houses is a highly rated business and has many positive reviews to its name. Their services may suit you, depending on how much it’s going to cost to repair your home after a fire or other natural disaster.

While they seem above board in all their dealings, there’s no doubt you’ll receive a very low offer when you work with this company.

iBuyers focus on offering you what you could get for your home, not what they can get for it. 

5. We Buy Houses Jax 

We buy Houses Jacksonville, or Freedom Homebuyers, is one of the largest cash home investors in Jacksonville. They’re committed to finding solutions for committed sellers looking for a fast, cheap sale. 

They focus on in-person service from their office in Riverside.  How they Work

You can deal with Freedom Home Buyers in person, telephonically, or online. Simply provide them with the details of your home, and they’ll give you an approximate offer over the phone.

After inspecting your home, they’ll offer a final amount, and you can take it or leave it.

Uniquely, Freedom Home Buyers offers a $5,000 advance on their price that you can use as you please before the sale closes. Pricing

Freedom Home Buyers will buy a home in any condition, but their prices always exclude the cost to repair the home to a salable state. 

They don’t charge any commission. Instead, they profit from the sale or rental of your home. Pros and Cons

Most people report favorable interactions with this company, and they respond to any complaints quickly and try to resolve them.

On the downside, they do reserve the right to cancel their offer if they feel they can’t evaluate the property fairly. This is a little contrary to their claims that they will buy any home.

With iBuyer, you know from the start whether you have a deal or not. We don’t keep you hanging around while we make up our minds. 

6. Jacksonville Fast Cash Offers

The house buyers in Jacksonville Florida is a family-run business with branches in Jacksonville and Orange Park. They usually close within seen days and specialize in buying as-is homes, as well as urgent sales.How they Work

Jacksonville Fast Cash Offers follows a four-step process. Here’s how it works:

  • You fill in an online form with your home’s details
  • They do some research and present you with a preliminary offer 
  • They inspect the property and make a firm cash offer
  • If the offer works for you, you accept it and state your preferred closing date

They advertise that they can get your home sold within 48 hours. Pricing

Like all cash investors, Jacksonville Fast Cash Offers won’t offer you more than 70% of your home’s value after repairs minus the cost of the repairs. 

They will pay your closing costs, but they deduct these costs from your sale price.Pros and Cons

The major benefit of working with this company is the speed of the transaction. However, after all the deductions on their initial offer, it’s hard for home sellers not to feel short-changed after these high-pressure sales.

Rather, take your time considering offers from a range of iBuyers, who’ll offer you a fair price based on proven algorithms

7. Yellow Bird Homebuyers

Yellow Bird Homebuyers is one of Jacksonville’s oldest and most experienced cash home buying companies. They have been in business for over 15 years and buy over 30 homes every month.How they Work

Yellow Bird Homebuyers follow the standard, quote, inspect, and accept procedure for a cash home sale. They claim they can close the deal within 24 hours if need be.

If you need to stay in your home for a time period after closing, they’re willing to accommodate you.Pricing

Their pricing plan works on the following formula – ARV minus Repairs minus Closing Costs minus Spread.

In the example given on their website, they paid $199,000 of the $299,000 ARV on a home after deducting all their expenses.Pros and Cons

From the above, it’s clear that you could receive a lot less for your home than you expect when you sell to Yellow Bird Homebuyers.

On the positive side, they’re transparent about their pricing, which means a hassle-free and quick sale. When you work with iBuyer, you’ll enjoy the same transparency, but you’ll get a lot more for your home.

Summarizing the Pros and Cons of Jacksonville Cash Home Buyers 

Cash home buyers are an attractive option for home sellers who need to sell fast due to divorce, foreclosure or inheriting an unwanted house.

They’re also great if you want to avoid some costs associated with conventional real estate transactions. These include expensive home repairs and refurbishments before selling your home, as well as: 

  • Closing costs
  • Agent commissions
  • Seller concessions
  • Carrying costs while your home’s on the market

The drawback of companies who will buy your house for cash in Jacksonville Florida includes a lack of opportunity to negotiate their extremely low offers. Many of these companies prey on desperate homeowners with hard-sell, high-pressure tactics. 

There is a way to enjoy a best of both worlds experience when you sell with iBuyer. We calculate our offer using complex algorithms to determine its true market value. 

Then we deduct our costs to sell your home, plus a service fee, and you get the rest. So, it doesn’t cost you much more to work with us, and you’ll enjoy the benefit of a quick sale. 

Sell Your Home in Jacksonville FL for More Cash

Are you serious about selling your home fast for the best possible price?  There’s a better way. 

We put you in touch with committed home buyers in Jacksonville, FL, interested in buying your home now, not in twenty days’ time. Our buyers are ready to part with their cash, and we pride ourselves on our prompt, efficient service.

Don’t waste any more time. Submit your home address and find out what you can get for your home when you choose to work with iBuyer.

Looking for cash offers on your home? You’ve come to the right place!

Find out what your home is worth in minutes.
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