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The 7 Best We Buy Houses Companies in Dallas

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The Dallas housing market has been going strong for over a decade. It’s over twice as hot as it was in January 2011 in terms of sales. There are only half as many listings, however.

This, alone, creates the perfect conditions for a seller’s market. When demand is high and supplies are low, prices soar!

It’s no surprise people are flocking to Dallas in droves. Booming wages and a hot economy are causing people to discover the wonders Dallas has to offer. They’re going to need someplace to live when they get here.

This is where we buy houses in Dallas companies come into play. If you’ve got a property you’re looking to list but don’t have to wait until a listed property sells, looking up we buy houses Dallas companies is a fast, easy, and painless way to convert your house into cash quickly.

So if you’re selling a house and are looking for some home-selling tips, here are several of the best we buy houses for cash Dallas companies to consider.

We’ve pulled together several of the best we buy houses fast in Dallas companies to help you sell your house quickly, easily, and painlessly!

1. Jamie Buys Houses

Jamie Buys Houses is a popular Dallas house buying company. They’re known for removing all of the headaches that come with selling a property. They handle any repairs that might need to be made.

They also remove any confusing commissions, making selling a house as simple and as straightforward as possible. They even let you set your own closing date!

Jamie Buys Houses work with homeowners in all kinds of different circumstances. They buy foreclosed houses. They buy houses from people going through a divorce or bankruptcy. 

Jamie Buys Houses routinely receive 5-star reviews from grateful customers. They often mention how easy Jamie Buys Houses are to work with, with an effortless process. Many more express their gratitude for Jamie Buys Houses being there for them during their time of need.

How Jamie Buys Houses Works

Listing your house for sale with We Buy Houses In Dallas TX couldn’t be easier. It’s a simple, three-step process that can be mostly done online.

First, you simply have to list your home for sale with them through their website. A representative will talk through your listing, confirming any details and double-checking that everything’s correct.

Next, an agent will visit your house with you. They’ll then inspect your property. When they’re finished, the agent will offer you a cash offer.

Finally, all you have to do is set the date that the sale is finalized.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. Wouldn’t it be great if selling a house were always that easy?

Jamie Buys Houses Fees and Rates

One of their big selling points is their lack of confusing fees. You don’t have to worry about commissions or closing fees or listing fees or any of the other seemingly endless fees that come with selling a house or property. Instead, you get a thorough appraisal followed by a generous cash offer in keeping with the current market rates.

The fact that this company buys houses in so many different states and conditions means that they can save you quite a bit of money in expenses, in many circumstances.

2. Four19 Properties

Four19 Properties also offer an excellent We Buy Houses service. They regularly receive rave reviews from customers and publications alike.

They’re a no-frills cash home buying service with fast offers, so you won’t have to wait months for an offer like you would if you were listing your property. If you’re looking to sell a house fast in Dallas for fair market rates, you should put Four19 Properties on your list.

We can’t emphasize fair market rates for your home enough. Too many We Buy Houses For Cash companies make their profits by offering lowball rates.

How Four19 Properties Works

The process for selling a house for cash to Four19 properties is very similar to Jamie Buys Houses. First, you just have to contact Four19 Properties and let them know what you’re looking for. You can tell them the details of the specific property you’re looking to sell fast.

Here’s one part where Four19 Properties differs from Jamie Buys Houses. Four19 Properties’ agents will work with you to find out the specific reasons why you’re selling a house for cash. Someone who’s dealing with a death in the family is likely to have different needs than someone who needs to leave the state for work, for instance.

Next, they’ll send out an agent to assess your property. After giving your property a thorough assessment based on current standards, market demands, and going rates, you’ll be given a generous offer from the appraiser. At no point during any of these transactions are you under any obligation to agree to any of the offers.

Finally, if the cash offer meets your requirements, you’ll be given the opportunity to decide when the date is finalized. This will give you, your family, and your loved ones the opportunity to wrap up any details before closing on the property.

Four19 Properties Fees 

Four19 Properties offer 0% commission rates. The standard industry rate for selling through a real estate agent, at present, is 6%.

The average time it takes to close a deal through Four19 Properties is between 7 and 14 days. 

Reasons To Work With Four19 Properties

Four19 Properties is a Dallas home buyer’s club by Texans, for Texans. They pride themselves on being active in the Dallas community, which is a huge factor in why they’re one of the most consistently high-ranked Dallas house buying companies for cash since 2017.

Four19 Properties owner Neil Dempsey has been working in the Dallas Forth Worth real estate market since 2007, first in the construction industry and later as a realtor. Together with his wife Shayla, they have a unique perspective on the Dallas housing market that real estate investment companies simply can’t.

It also means you get a great, caring family-owned business in your corner when it’s time to sell your home for cash.

Four19 Properties also offers many of the other benefits common to so many top-notch home buying companies. They buy properties as is, first and foremost. This completely removes the need to clean or repair a property.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed with life and simply don’t have the bandwidth to tackle extensive cleaning or repairing a property to get it ready for market, you should consider giving Four19 Properties a call.

3. WeBuyHouses Dallas

Of course, if you’re going to make a list of house buying companies for cash in Dallas, you have to mention WeBuyHouses. This is mainly due to their notoriety, though, as they are by far the most well-known house buying company for cash in the country, mostly due to their ubiquitous advertising.

That doesn’t mean WeBuyHouses.com isn’t worth including on your list if you’re looking for fast cash for a house or property. The amount of resources they have simply due to being such an enormous company means selling a property for cash is quick and easy, no matter what condition it’s in.

Unfortunately, this size is also a detriment if you’re looking to get the best offer for your home. You won’t get the same attention and focus you’d get if you worked with a more local buyer.

How WeBuyHouses Dallas Works

Many of these home buying for cash companies and services work similarly. Like the previous two companies that offer we buy houses for cash services, selling a house in any condition to WeBuyHouses.com starts by submitting your property information to the company. You can submit your property information via an online form or by contacting the company via phone.

Based on the information you provide, WeBuyHouses in Dallas will do some preliminary research on your property using current real estate data. Then they’ll send out an agent to walk through your property and offer their appraisal.

After the walkthrough, they’ll make you a cash offer. 

At no point during these initial stages are you under any obligation to accept their offer. Once you have their cash offer, you’ll have 30 days to make a decision. 

Should you decide to accept their offer, you’ll receive your cash payment once the deal on your house closes. This usually takes between seven and 14 days.

WeBuyHouses Fees

Like the other house buying for cash companies we’ve listed so far, WeBuyHouses.com don’t take any commission or closing fees out of your cash offer. Unfortunately, they’ve found other ways to reap their profits.

WeBuyHouses.com have a reputation for offering the lowest prices they can get away with. That’s one of the reasons they’ve gotten so huge.

Unlike the other companies we’ve listed so far, WeBuyHouses.com justifies their offers by taking the estimated costs of repairs from the price they offer. Closing costs could be deducted from that price, as well. Plus, the company lowballs even further to give themselves a tidier profit margin.

In short, if you’re looking to get a fair price for your house for sale in Dallas, you’d be better off going with another Dallas house for cash company.

4. We Buy Houses from Stewardship Properties

Here’s another great we buy houses for cash with strong Dallas history and roots. Like Four19 Properties, Stewardship Properties are another family-owned business. They’ve got even more Dallas real estate experience, however, with over 30 years of experience helping Dallas residents buy and sell properties. 

They’ve currently got over $110 million in rental properties, in addition to their extensive listings of houses for sale in Dallas. Clearly, they’re doing something right!

How We Buy Houses from Stewardship Properties Works

The process of selling your house for cash to Stewardship Properties is similar to the other companies we’ve already profiled. Like the others, it begins by submitting your property information to Stewardship Properties. This can be done online.

Once they’ve received your info, they’ll get in touch with you over the phone to confirm your property details.

Unlike the other listings, though, Stewardship Properties don’t need to make a walkthrough before making you an offer for your property. This makes them an attractive choice for those selling a house from outside the state. You won’t have to take an expensive trip from your area to your property, so you won’t have to worry about taking time off of work or adding to your already busy schedule.

Should you decide to accept Stewardship Properties’ offer, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose your closing date. Once the papers are signed, you’ll receive your cash payment!

The cash offer will be the entirety of what’s offered, as well. There won’t be any hidden fees or expenses. This removes any worry of getting gouged, so you can expect a good price for your house based on the current real estate market in Dallas.

5. WeBuyUglyHouses Dallas

Apart from WeBuyHouses, WeBuyUglyHouses is the best-known and widespread of the house buying for cash market. This means that many of the same perks, but also the drawbacks, of the other house-flipping giant apply.

WeBuyUglyHouses is a bit more focused and diligent than WeBuyHouses, though. Unlike the other one, they do have extensive experience working in the Dallas area. They even sometimes deal in commercial properties.

How WeBuyUglyHouses Works

Selling a house or property to WeBuyUglyHouses is fast and easy. You start off by providing your house info to the company. Once they have your info, they’ll make an appointment to see your property. After giving your house a thorough walkthrough, they’ll make you a firm cash offer.

Once you accept their offer, you’ll receive your cash payment as soon as your home closes. This can take as little as three weeks.

Is WeBuyUglyHouses Worth It?

WeBuyUglyHouses is a step up from other massive house flipping companies, who deal with such large volumes they’re simply not able to give your house the individualized attention it deserves. Unfortunately, they still use many of the same techniques to get away with offering you as little for your property as they can get with.

This means properties sold to WeBuyUglyHouses can end up yielding much less than the current going market rate for a house in Dallas. 

Given how competitive the Dallas real estate market is, at the moment, you’d be better off going with another house buying for cash company if you can.

6. House Buyers of America

If you’re looking for a mixture of regional knowledge and national resources, House Buyers of America is worth a look. House Buyers of America isn’t as widespread as more massive companies like WeBuyHouses or WeBuyUglyHouses. They still have locations in Virginia, DC, Maryland, Texas, Oklahoma, and Delaware, among others.

House Buyers of America features many of the same reasons for working with a we buy houses for cash service as the other companies we’ve listed. They buy houses as is, for one thing. This prevents you from having to make expensive repairs before you’re able to sell your house.

Speed is the other main reason to work with House Buyers of America. Selling a home through a realtor or listing the property yourself can take ages. When you work with a we buy houses for cash service like House Buyers of America, it usually takes less than 30 days to close.

House Buyers of America is one of the best-reviewed home for cash companies out there. Their average rating is 4.7 out of 5. This alone makes them worthy of at least a look if you’re looking for a reputable house for cash service to work with.

How House Buyers of America Works

The process of selling a house to House Buyers of America is similar to the rest of the companies we’ve listed. There’s one key difference, though: House Buyers of America buy themselves.

Other house buying companies act as a mediator, putting you in touch with potential buyers who express interest in your property. This isn’t that dissimilar to how a traditional realtor works. It also can add unexpected delays and complications to selling your house.

With House Buyers of America, you give them your info. They check out your property and then make you an offer. Should you decide to accept their offer, you can usually have cash in hand in two weeks or less.

Who Uses House Buyers of America?

Homeowners experiencing unexpected complications with the house they’re trying to sell are the main clientele served by House Buyers of America. This could come in the form of complications due to inheritance, such as a property being stuck in probate.

The unexpected heirs might already have a home, as well. They might not even be able to relocate to Dallas even if they wanted to. 

Property owners with a house in need of repairs are another group who frequently sell houses to House Buyers of America. House repairs can often be unexpectedly costly to get your property in a condition that’s ready for the market.

Finally, empty nesters or those who simply want to move into a more modest property make up a big portion of House Buyers of America. By the time you’re ready to downsize, you don’t need any more stress in your life. Working with a house buying for cash company removes all of the complications of selling a house, so you can focus on your next adventure.

7. Southern Hills Home Buyers

We’ll close out our list of we buy houses for cash Dallas companies with one final Texas-based company. Southern Hills Home Buyers are based out of Plano, Texas. This gives them a unique perspective into the Texas real estate market and how best to serve them.

One thing to keep in mind with Southern Hills Home Buyers is they don’t necessarily buy every property as is. A house needs to meet their criteria in order to qualify for an offer. If you’re dealing with a house in need of repairs, you might do better working with one of the companies listed above.

Southern Hills Home Buyers are consistently well-reviewed by their customers, though. Their discernment in picking out properties means they can offer better prices than some of the other we buy houses for cash companies we’ve listed, as well.

What about iBuyers?

There are many great We Buy Houses companies in Dallas, but iBuyers tend to be better.

iBuyer.com puts you in contact with buyers looking for houses for sale in your area. You can have an offer in minutes instead of weeks or months. You can also get a free home estimate in just a few minutes using machine learning based on Big Data from your area. This way, you’ll know what your home is worth, as well, so you can get the best possible offer.

Get A Free Online Home Valuation in Minutes!

iBuyer companies combine the power of cutting-edge technology with the efficiency and ease of a we buy houses for cash company. You’ll get the highest-possible prices while still having the stress-free selling process that house buying companies for cash are known for. 

Those looking to get the best price for their house for sale should strongly consider an iBuyer. We connect the best buyers with the best sellers to help everybody get the best possible deal while still receiving the highest quality service.

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