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12 Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles for Families in 2024

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Are you thinking about moving to Los Angeles? 

In spite of high living costs, the city offers residents perfect beach weather, diverse culinary dining, and luxury amenities. In Los Angeles, you can live a luxurious life comfortable for your family and enjoy the benefits of the city’s offerings.

Although finding the best neighborhoods to live in Los Angeles can be a nightmare, as there are hundreds of communities for you to choose from. When you have a family, you also have to keep in mind each neighborhood’s school options, amenities, and safety.

These three options alone will be the main factors in picking the best area to live in for a family. Luckily we created this blog post for you to help save you from the headaches and quickly find options of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families.

Now no further ado, here are 12 neighborhoods for you to move your family to in Los Angeles.

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1. Eagle Rock

One of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families is Eagle Rock. The neighborhood is located in the northeast section of Downtown LA and is a quiet residential area.

Don’t let the quietness fool you as it offers a lot of activities for your family to enjoy. Below are Some of the family-friendly activities includes:

  • Park play at the EgaleRock Recreation Center
  • Workshops and exhibits at The World on Fire at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock
  • Enjoy a family dinner night at the Playlab, Lemon Poppy Kitchen, or Pete’s Blue Chip Burgers
  • Create DIY crafts and Appreciate fine arts at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

If you have a canine apart from your family, you can take them to Muddy Paw coffee LA while you enjoy a refreshing latte. Not only is Eagle Rock perfect for entertaining, but the LA neighborhood also provides quality education at Rockdale Visual & Performing Arts Magnet and Egal Rock Elementary.

Home Price and Crime Rate
Eagle Rock is considered 71% safer out of Los Angeles neighborhoods. The median purchase price is $1,187,110 and $2,199 median monthly rent.

2. Brentwood

Brentwood is next on the list of best neighborhoods in LA for families as it offers families to buy a fabulous home with a low crime rate. The community is located west side of the hills providing modern ranch-style homes and two-story Hollywood homes with large backyards overlooking the city.

The Brentwood School is one of the two of the best private schools in the area. Your children will stay off of electronics and never be bored after school, as Topanga State Park offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. In addition, there are a variety of cuisines along San Vicente Blvd, along with trendy restaurants to satisfy your family’s appetite.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median monthly rent is $3,303, and the median purchase price is $2,679,177. As for the crime rate, Brentwood is considered 94% safer of LA neighborhoods.

3. Mar Vista

Mar Vista offers Los Angeles residents a quaint small-town vibe with a tight-knit community. The community is perfect for those who have small children and want to raise them in a safe environment. As one of the best Los Angeles neighborhoods for families and those who want to get away from the glitz and glams of Hollywood.

The neighborhood offers high-quality education through Mar Vista Elementary and Windward Schools. As well as fun-friendly entertainment for enjoyment such as the Farmers Market, Museum of Flying, and Light on Lotus. A short drive will get you to Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier, while you can settle down in a Mid-Century Modern ranch or a Spanish-style home in Mar Vista.

Home Price and Crime Rate
Mar Vista is considered 89% safer than Los Angeles neighborhoods, the median purchase price is $1,714,001, and the median monthly rent is $3,114.

4. Playa Vista

Playa Vista is the best of Los Angeles neighborhoods for families with college students, as it’s home to Loyola Marymount University. It’s a chance for your child to enjoy college life and stay close to home at the same time.

Of course, Playa Vista offers a variety of recreational activities. Families can spend the day at one of Playa Vista’s 29 parks or enjoy community events such as Concerts in the Park and the Taste of Playa Vista.

You can visit Ballona Discovery Park to educate the kids about the wetlands. Then, enjoy a hike on the LMU Trail as a family. At The Runway, you can enjoy some retail therapy, work out at a fitness studio, or dine at a restaurant.

Home Price and Crime Rate
Playa Vista’s median purchase price is $1,304,371 and a $3,701 median monthly rent. In addition, the crime rate is 80% safer in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

5. Studio City

Overlooking Hollywood Hills, Studio City offers a wide variety of amenities for families, including parks, restaurants, shops, and easy access to Universal Studios Hollywood. The school district also provides nearby schools such as Carpenter Community Charter and Campbell Hall.

Studio City gives a mix of small-town and big-city vibes while offering its residents a meadow and hip lifestyle. If you stroll through Tujunga Village, you’ll find a diverse shopping and dining experience, from checking out Aroma Coffee and Tea Company to perusing the antiques at Elizabeth’s Place to seeing a jazz performance at Vitello’s.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price of Studio City is $1,512,203, and the median monthly rent is $2,695. In addition, the crime rate is safer than 56% of Los Angeles neighborhoods.

6. Santa Monica and Venice

If you love the beach and enjoy all-around cool weather, then consider making a move to Santa Monica and Venice. Santa Monica attracts people for its proximity to the beach, its tranquility, and its excellent amenities.

The neighborhood has been considered a beach town at heart since the early 1900s. It was built and promoted as a resort destination with amusement piers to attract vacationers and those wanting to resettle in the west.

You can easily keep fit while living here. The beach is a popular recreational destination here. However, if you explore a little deeper, you will also find jogging/cycling paths and small parks. So if an active lifestyle is a part of your family, then consider buying a home within this community of Los Angeles.

The residents of Santa Monica enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as eating at casual restaurants and shopping at farmer’s markets. In addition, you can take your family to a duck pond at Douglas Park or climb structures at Tongva Park while enjoying the sunset overlooking the beach.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price is $1,639,706 and the monthly median rent is $4,017. The crime rate is safer than 56 % of Los Angeles neighborhoods.

7. Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is a community located in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, and it has a suburban feel, a lot of amenities, and residents who are friendly to families. Aside from being one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks is also home to several parks and several weekly farmer’s markets, so you’ll never run out of things to do as a family.

In addition, with numerous school choices in Sherman Oaks, you can select the kind of education that best suits your family. Finally, if you’re ready to make a move to Sherman Oaks, then start by using or valuation tool to find the value of your home.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price of Sherman Oaks is $1,262,142, and the monthly median rent is $2,385. Also, the neighborhood is considered 73% safer than the Los Angeles communities.

8. Montecito

The neighborhood of Montecito is located north of Downtown Los Angeles and is brimming with family-friendly attractions. With miles of hiking trails and a lot of open space, explorers will love Ernest E. Debs Regional Park and all it has to offer.

The neighborhood also offers excellent real estate, as well as fun activities for children. Unfortunately, since the community is a small one, there aren’t many schools to choose from. However, the schools within the Montecito boundaries are highly ranked.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price of Montecito is $4,581,859 and the monthly median rent is $2,350. Also, the neighborhood is considered 67% safer than the Los Angeles communities.

9. Cheviot Hills

This small community is a hidden gem for families in Los Angeles near Century City and south of Beverly Hills. In addition to excellent public schools, you will find some of the best public schools in Los Angeles just a short walk away from your home. There are plenty of things to do after school, too, with the nearby recreation center and park.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price of Cheviot Hills is $2,265,202, and the monthly median rent is $2,652. Also, the neighborhood is considered 87% safer than the Los Angeles communities.

10. Burbank

Burbank is a few miles north of Hollywood, and the movie industry generates a neighborhood where dreams are met and profits. In this community, families are safe, and the municipal services are well-organized.

There are many educational options available in Burbank Unified School District so that students can tailor their education to their interests and needs. The list also includes schools that offer specialized and religion-based academic programs.

The city of Burbank is frequently hosting events or festivals. In addition, locals enjoy a variety of shopping and recreation opportunities, such as Farmers’ Markets every Saturday in Downtown Burbank and the Downtown Burbank Car Classic in July.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price of Burbank is $1,110,333, and the monthly median rent is $2,784. Also, the neighborhood is considered 95% safer than the Los Angeles communities.

11. Pasadena

Known for its slower pace of life than the city center, this neighborhood is located east of Glendale and Eagle Rock. Also inside Pasadena Unified School District are some of LA’s best schools.

In Pasadena, families can enjoy both nature and city activities. You can hike long the trials behind the famous Hollywood sign or experience a spooky hunt at the Zombie Scavengers. If you prefer tranquility and peace, then have a walk around Storrier Steams Japanese Garden.

If you want to live in a diverse part of Los Angeles, look no further than Pasadena as the best area to do so. A diverse array of ethnicities live here, including 48.42% white residents, 25% Latinos, 8.35% African-Americans, and 18.13% Asians.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price of Pasadena is $1,083,892, and the monthly median rent is $3,029. Also, the neighborhood is considered 90% safer than the Los Angeles communities.

12. Los Feliz

There is a charming hamlet located just south of Griffith Park in an entirely safe region. With a village-like feel, Los Feliz offers a convenient lifestyle and suited to each individual needs.

From Vermont/Sunset on the subway, you can easily make your way to Hollywood or Downtown. The Los Feliz Farmers’ Market also takes place on Sunday mornings.

Additionally, there are many schools, with moderately good private schools. Finally, it is a relatively diverse city, with many people from different cultures and professions.

Home Price and Crime Rate
The median purchase price of Los Feliz is $1,818,099, and the monthly median rent is $2,354. Also, the neighborhood is considered 78% safer than the Los Angeles communities.

Now You Know the Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles for Families

Since you now know your options among the best Los Angeles neighborhoods for families, moving to Los Angeles will be a breeze. However, make sure you do your research of each area of LA when choosing where your family should live. 

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