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Top 10 Best Cash Home Buyers in Utah For Your 2024 Sale

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In February 2024, Utah’s housing market was buzzing. House prices went up by 8.3% from last year, reaching an average of $542,500. More people bought homes too, with sales increasing by 3.5%. Homes were selling quicker than last year, staying on the market for about 55 days.

Even though the total number of homes for sale went down a little, there were a lot more new homes listed for sale than last year, giving buyers more options. And with homes selling fast, sometimes for more than the asking price, it’s a good time for sellers but also an opportunity for buyers ready to jump in.

Many homebuyers have simply given up and removed their listings, but this may not suit you if you’ve inherited an unwanted home or you need cash fast.

Fortunately, numerous companies that will buy your house in Utah can help you, despite this downward trend in real estate. Read on to discover your best options if you’re hoping for a fast cash home sale in Utah.

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1. iBuyer.com

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2. Opendoor

Flexible closing

5% Service Fees

1% Closing costs

3. Joe Homebuyers

No-Obligation Fair Cash Offer

No Closing Costs

Buy Home As-Is

4. Enlight Homebuyers

Buy Houses As-Is

No Fees, No Commissions

No Realtors

5. Fast Home Offer Utah

No Hassles

No Fees

Buys Houses As-Is

6. Utah House Buyers

Fair Cash Offer

No Commission

No Realtors

7. Utah Close Fast

No Obligation Cash Offer

Buy House As-Is

No Extra Fees

8. Gary Buy Houses

No Closing Costs

Fair Cash Offer

No Agents

9. We Buy Ugly Houses

Buys Homes In Any Condition

Transparent With Fees

Close In 3 Weeks

10. Express Homebuyers

No-Obligation, All-Cash Offer

No Commissions

No Closing Costs

Final Thoughts and Recommendations for Selling Your Home to a Cash Home Buyer in Utah

It’s vital to perform your due diligence in all things to do with real estate. Before you embark on the cash home sales journey, make sure you understand how these companies work.

While they base their prices on the market value of their home, they also have to make a profit to stay in business. Some companies profit from flipping properties after buying them at low prices, while others fix them up and rent them out.

Either way, they can’t afford to pay you full price for your home. In many cases, you’ll end up getting more out of the sale when you sell to one of these companies because you’ll save on closing costs.

If you do your homework properly, there are many benefits to working with an ibuyer or cash home buyer.

Make an Informed Decision and Enjoy the Best Benefits of a Cash Home Sale

Before you approach a cash home-buying company in Utah, you must gather information to help you make the right decision. These are some of the things to consider during your research:

  1. How much experience do they have in the real estate industry?
  2. How do they determine a cash price for your property?
  3. Do they charge commissions or fees, and how do they calculate these?
  4. How fast can they close on the sale?
  5. Will you need to make any upgrades or repairs to the home?
  6. Can they provide references from previous clients?

A reputable company will answer all these questions and more. The more information you can gather beforehand, the better decisions you can make.

When you make the right choice, you stand to benefit from a fast sale, a reasonable cash price for your home, and fewer closing costs. You won’t have to make any costly repairs, you can skip home inspections, and you’ll avoid invasive home showings, too.

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FAQs About Cash Home Buyers in Utah

If you still have questions about companies that buy houses for cash in Utah, keep reading. These are some of the more common question:

What Is the Typical Offer Price for a Cash Home Buyer in Utah?

Most cash home buyers follow the rule of house flipping when they buy your home. This means they won’t offer more than 70% of your home’s predicted value after repairs.

This will vary depending on its condition, age, and location, as well as other more specific circumstances.

How Long Does It Take To Sell a Home to a Cash Home Buyer?

The cash home-buying process in Utah is a flexible way to sell your home fast. Most cash-for-homes companies will present a preliminary offer within 24 to 48 hours and can close between 7 and 60 days after you accept their final offer.

What Are the Fees and Costs Involved in Selling to a Cash Home Buyer?

Most cash home buyers deduct the closing costs associated with the home sale from their final offer. Some charge a service fee of around 5%, but many don’t charge any fees or commissions.

You could save a lot of money on closing costs, real estate agent’s commissions, and repair costs when you sell to a cash investor.

Can I Sell a Home to a Cash Buyer if It Needs Repairs or Renovations?

While most cash home buyers advertise that they will buy homes in any condition, each has its limitations regarding extensive repairs. In general, ibuyers prefer to buy newer homes that are in an acceptable condition.

Are There Any Tax Implications or Legal Issues to Consider When Selling to a Cash Home Buyer?

For tax questions, it’s best to speak to a tax lawyer regarding the sale of your property. You may be liable for capital gains tax depending on how long you’ve owned the home and whether it’s your primary residence or not.

Additionally, it’s your responsibility to ensure that cash home buyers in Utah follow the due process when they buy your home. They must record the deed and pay any transfer taxes.

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