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Staging a Bedroom: 8 Quick Ideas to Help You Sell Fast

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staging a master bedroom

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Staging a home should create an inviting environment for potential buyers, so they can envision themselves living there one day. This is especially true when staging the bedroom, as this room should evoke a feeling of relaxation and comfort. 

In this article, we’ve compiled eight effective staging tips for the bedroom to help you highlight the best features of the space, increase buyer interest, and the chances of a quicker home sale. 

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1. No Clutter

Absolutely no clutter… anywhere. 

Of course, your home’s new buyers will accumulate clutter as we all do. But in the idea of the home they are picturing in their head, they won’t have any clutter. Make this picture-perfect dream closer to reality and remove all or most of the clutter in the bedrooms.

Take a couple of boxes and fill them with your trinkets and random things, tape them up and write “Christmas Decor” on them and stick them in the attic. 

Clean, simple, and minimal decorations will work best for staging a bedroom. Keeping some character in the room, but removing the excess that distracts from the room itself. 

Store your excess decor in disguised boxes where you keep your seasonal decorations. While you are in that area you can clean that up a bit to show the guests at your open house that there is a lot of storage space in this home.

2. Simple Furniture

While bedroom staging, choose simple modern furniture. Clean lines, matching dressers, and a statement headboard. A headboard is a must-have, even if it’s just for looks!

Check out these DIY headboard ideas if you don’t already have a headboard. Adding a headboard to your guest room will also add some wow-factor to your home. 

Having at least one dresser, if not two, in every bedroom is ideal. Nightstands on each side of the beds if possible, and a stool, bench, or chair if there is room. 

3. Area Rug

The flooring in your house is extremely important when selling your home. No one wants to buy a home with old, dirty, or outdated flooring.

Bedrooms traditionally have wall-to-wall carpet, although more and more buyers are looking for hardwood floors. 

Disguise your wall-to-wall carpets with a strategically placed area rug to give the allusion of a larger room and also make the room look more put together. 

Be sure that the area rug you choose is a very different texture and color than the existing carpet. This solid shag rug will add a cozy feeling to your toes in the morning while also looking modern and home-like to your buyers. 

4. Perfectly Made Bed

For the ultimate cozy and homey feel, make sure your bed is perfectly made and magazine-worthy.

Add faux luxury on a budget with this All-Season Comforter. Choose a size up from your existing bed for an oversized cloud-like look and feel. Pair it with a pop of color in throw pillows and a throw blanket. 

Two to four regular-sized pillows, and up to four additional throw pillows to complete the look. Never exceed 8 pillows for any bed size. If you have more than 8, toss a few on the guest bed while your house is showing as to not distract the prospective buyers. 

5. Clean Closets

The people who are viewing your house are going to look everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Closet space is extremely important when purchasing a home.

Clean out your closet and organize it to the best of your abilities. This will make your closet seem bigger and show the buyers how much it can hold. 

Consider packing away some of your lesser-used clothing items to make some extra space in your closet while staging for the open house.  

6. Add Plants

The bedroom is an area that people don’t always think to add plants to, but it can be the most important room to improve the air quality. Adding greenery to any room can instantly brighten it up and freshen the air. 

Botanical accents are a great way to add pops of color and earthy scents. If you aren’t great at keeping plants alive, grab some fresh flowers at a local florist and place them on the dresser, all the benefits of a plant but less work.

7. Natural Light

Draw the curtains and open the blinds, natural light is the best lighting there is! No matter the room, an opened curtain will sell a house better than a closed one.

You can use a sheer curtain with another curtain on top that is drawn to the side if privacy is a concern. 

Install floor-to-ceiling curtains to make the windows appear larger and add the illusion of more height to the room. This is a great trick interior designers use to make the homes they style look more elegant and luxurious. 

8. Hide Wires

Exposed wires are not only distracting, but they can also be dangerous, especially if someone is wandering your home and doesn’t know the cord is there. Purchase some neutral-colored cord covers and hide any cords that are traveling throughout your bedrooms. 

Any way that you hide wires, make sure that it isn’t a fire hazard. There are heatproof boxes that you can place under the bed to hide power strips in a safe and effective way.

You can also simply remove the wires during the open house or showings and place the wires in a drawer or box for safekeeping until the showing is over.

Staging a Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is the owner’s retreat, especially if they have kids. Make sure the master bedroom is peaceful. White, cream, grey, and blue are the best colors for master bedroom staging.

Keep in mind that neutral colors for walls and pops of colors in accents are the best way to go when staging or decorating a home. This way the look of the room can be easily changed if desired by the new homeowners. 

Kids Bedroom Staging Ideas

Kid’s rooms are hard to stage, especially when there is a child currently living in the room! Follow the same bedroom staging tips above to stage your kid’s room but with a few more things in mind.

Let the buyers see that a child lives here, this room can hold all their toys, clothes, and their piles of stuffed animals. Ideally, your child’s room would look so perfect that the buyer could imagine their current or future child living in that room.

Keep the walls a neutral color with the personality of the room coming from the decorations, bedding, and toys. Your 5-year-old girly girl might love the bright pink walls, but not every child will be a fan of that.

If you don’t have kids, you could always borrow some nursery furniture and stage one of your additional rooms as a nursery. For young couples looking to settle down and start a family, this could be a huge factor in choosing your home.

Guest Bedroom Staging Ideas

Feel free to make your guest room be a home office with a futon or pull-out couch. A lot of people are working from home now, and having a home office is a huge bonus. A hybrid guest room and office are better than no office space at all!

Make sure that the furniture all fit in the room nicely, if they don’t it could make the room feel too small. If you have to choose between a guest room and an office for staging purposes, we suggest going with an office if you already have two bedrooms staged. 

Need Furniture?

If you need to add some furniture to sell your house, consider borrowing furniture from a friend or family member. Local thrift stores or Habitat Restores will have used furniture for reasonable prices.

Rent couches, TVs, or dressers to dress up certain rooms of your house for the open house. Remember that you are not only selling your house, but you are also selling a home, and you should try to make it as homey as possible for your prospective buyers. 

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