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Boston’s First iBuyer: Redfin Now

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redfin expansion in boston

Sellers in the Boston metro area can now request a cash offer directly from Redfin as the company launches RedfinNow.

The platform is available to consumers in 23 markets in nine states and Washington, D.C., giving homeowners an experience without worrying about home improvements before selling or having to deal with open houses and private showings.

“Boston home prices grew by double-digits in March, but this hot market is a double-edged sword for sellers who also need to buy. RedfinNow makes it easy for our customers to get a strong offer for their current home so they have the money to buy their next and the flexibility to line up their closings so they only need to move once.” said Jason Aleem, vice president of RedfinNow.

If an owner wants to request a cash offer, all they have to do is type in their address and provide basic information about their house, and Redfin uses its machine-learning algorithms to make an offer based on the home’s location, condition and cost of repairs.

A Concierge listing service is also available to Boston-area sellers, that need help with getting their house ready to go on the market, and the team makes a customized plan to get the house set, source the vendors and manage the project at all times for a fee of 2%.

Redfin is making offers on townhomes and single-family homes built after 1900 in Middlesex, Norfolk and Plymouth counties.

“RedfinNow gives homeowners certainty and control over exactly when they sell with a strong cash offer that lets them avoid the stress of home prep and repairs and clearing out for open houses and home tours”

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