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What Are the Safest Places to Live in Indiana?

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Safest places to live in Indiana

Did you know that Tokyo, Japan, is the safest city in the world? While many of you reading can’t pack up and move to Japan, Indiana has many alternatives you can choose from.

Safety may not be the first thing people think of when selecting a home. But choosing your new house is about more than whether it has a spacious backyard or two and a half bathrooms.

Location matters a lot, and you want to be sure your new neighborhood is safe. Below is a guide to the safest places to live in Indiana. Keep reading to learn more about the Hoosier State’s safest communities.

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Why Is Neighborhood Safety Important?

Neighborhood safety is vital to you and your family’s health. There is a clear disadvantage of injury or harm in an unsafe community to consider. However, people living in unsafe neighborhoods report higher stress levels.

Unsafe environments create chronic stress. Eventually, your surroundings are so troublesome that you can’t handle daily stressors and may see increased health issues.

Let’s say your current community has more home robberies than the national average. Your neighbor, a few doors down, got robbed and injured during the break-in a few weeks ago.

Concerns over whether you’ll be the next victim can exaggerate responses to simple things. Disputes with neighbors may affect you more.

Heightened responses to daily stressors may lead to physical symptoms like headaches, sleep problems, and fatigue.

What Makes a Neighborhood Safe and Secure?

So what goes into making a neighborhood safe and secure? There should be low crime rates and secure infrastructure, such as streetlights and security cameras in public areas.

A neighborhood watch can help cut crime by encouraging cooperation among residents.

But there’s more to a safe and secure neighborhood than keeping an eye out for suspicious activities. An excellent community requires more than a camera at the local 7-Eleven. Residents must feel a sense of security.

People need ready access to medical care, public transportation, and good schooling for their children to feel secure. Low-cost housing and plenty of nearby recreation can go a long way toward creating a sense of protection.

Security is about having your needs met safely and as conveniently as possible. It’s about a feeling of stability and freedom from fear and anxiety-something neighborhood amenities can give.

Ten Safest Places to Live in Indiana

You don’t have to ponder: “Where are the safest places to live in Indiana?” anymore. Below are ten of the best neighborhoods the Hoosier State has to offer.

We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of each neighborhood. From there, you can choose which community is best for you. Remember, always account for personal preferences.

1. Zionsville

Zionsville is perfect if you love that friendly-town feel. It’s a historic neighborhood and combines urban, small-town, and rural living.

Zionsville boasts a crime rate significantly lower than the national average, with only 15 crimes per 100,000 people.

There is also a powerful sense of community security. Lending to this vibe are well-maintained parks and public spaces. You can also find quality medical care in the suburban town.

On the downside, the area doesn’t have much of a nightlife. You may also pay more for housing than in other areas.

2. Carmel

Roundabouts are a mostly European concept unless you’re talking about Carmel, IN. This city has become known as ‘The Capital of Roundabouts” as there are more than 125 of them.

Carmel’s pros are that there are few violent and non-violent crimes. The city has a crime watch, a tip reporting hotline, and a vacation watch. The latter service is where the police look after your house while you’re gone.

Carmel is a family-friendly place with various good schools. However, you’ll see a lot of personal use from the roundabouts. The city doesn’t have a lot of public transportation and the job market tends to fluctuate a lot.

3. Westfield

Westfield has a remarkable public safety record and outstanding law enforcement. They have a virtual private social network so residents and the police department can communicate to keep the community safe.

There are plenty of cultural and recreational activities for residents. Westfield also has accessible healthcare facilities.

But finding good schooling for your kids may take some research. Unlike Carmel, which has 15 schools, Westfield only has eight.

Finding a job may be difficult as there are limited opportunities. You may not want to move here unless you’re financially secure.

4. Fishers

Money Magazine declared Fishers “The Best Place to Live in America,” and it’s easy to see why. The community has a low crime rate and engaged citizens.

Because of this, Fisher was voted fourth on the list of America’s Safest Suburbs of 2023 by SmartAsset. The town is developing with a steady increase in local businesses.

Fishers’ best feature is the over 20 parks and green spaces. Employment changes seasonally because many park positions may close during cold months.

The town of Fishers doesn’t have a lot of public transportation options either. You may find getting around challenging without a car.

5. Brownsburg

Brownsburg is secure and low-risk; you have a 1 in 1,300 chance of suffering a violent crime, which is much lower than most of Indiana.

The city has plenty of scenic parks or you can golf or go horseback riding at Natural Valley Ranch. This is one of the cheapest and safest places to live in Indiana.

It’s a great option if you want safe living without spending too much. The cons are that there aren’t many cultural amenities. You won’t find many museums. Commute times in Brownsburg also tend to stretch a bit longer.

6. Noblesville

Noblesville is like Zionsville in that it’s a historical neighborhood. Streets leading toward the town square contain original bricks from the town’s start. The city has many Victorian houses.

Noblesville takes a proactive approach to stopping crime with its neighborhood watch program. Thanks to this, there are fewer instances of criminal activity.

Parents have a fair bit of educational choices for their children because the town has 11 schools. This long-standing town has a generally family-friendly vibe. Unfortunately, there’s limited job diversity.

You may not enjoy Noblesville during the winter if you dislike snow. Daily high temperatures reach only as high as 40°F (4.44°C). It’s cloudy and overcast approximately half the time.

7. Plainfield

Plainfield is one of the safest neighborhoods in Indiana. They have a neighborhood watch and you can ask that the police department watch your home while you’re on extended leave.

You can rest easy knowing there are strong community policing and safety initiatives. Plainfield is among the cheapest places to live in the Hoosier State as they have comparatively affordable housing.

Essential services like public transportation, health facilities, and grocery stores are close to residential areas. This does have the side effect of creating crowded public spaces. There’s also not much of a nightlife scene.

8. Munster

Munster is a family-friendly neighborhood with high community engagement. Crime is low, partially because the town’s crime watch program has over 100 groups spread throughout the city.

They have community gardens maintained by volunteers. There are over 20 parks and a vibrant art community. Munster offers easy access to healthcare services.

The town has a strong economy with many affordable neighborhood businesses. It can take time to travel through Munster as there aren’t a lot of public transportation options.

Like Fishers, Muster’s job market is seasonal. Many employment opportunities come from the parks, and work slows during the colder season.

9. Valparaiso

Valparaiso is home to Valparaiso University and Orville Redenbacher. Neighborhoods in the town are family-friendly and safe. There are only 21 crimes per square mile. The national median is 27 per square mile.

The city has plenty of economic development and is a cultural and recreational hotspot with plenty of entertainment. One downside to moving to Valparaiso is that there is limited job market diversity.

The town is an educational hub known for its higher educational options. There are 12 community schools for children. But it can take time to find the best place for your or your children’s education.

10. Jasper

Jasper’s community safety initiatives have paid off because they have a crime rate almost 70% lower than the national average. There are only 222 crimes per 100,000 citizens.

This city is one of the cheapest places to live in Indiana, as the cost of living is generally affordable. There are many outdoor spaces, like Jasper National Park, to visit.

The only real disadvantage to living in Jasper, Indiana, is that there is little public transportation. Commute time can take longer than other areas.

Are You Seeking Safety in Indiana?

The Hoosier State is a fantastic place to live, but of course, you want to know about the safest places to live in Indiana. Hopefully, our guide helps you get on the right track to choosing the right neighborhood.

Don’t forget to consider your personal preferences when selecting your new home. Safety is vital, but you should enjoy living in your neighborhood too.

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