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Spring Home Selling Tips 2024: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Did you know that more than 4 million houses sold in 2023 in the United States alone? More and more homes are starting to sell in this booming housing market, and if you’re thinking about selling yours, now is the time to do it. Spring, in particular, is a great time to sell your house because it is precisely the time when people start looking to buy houses. 

But what kind of spring real estate tips should you follow to make sure you sell your house at a good price during the spring? Fortunately, selling a house in spring isn’t as hard as you might expect, but there are a few factors you will need to take into consideration. Keep reading and learn more about selling your home in spring fast and at a good price. 

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1. Start decluttering your house

The last thing you want is for your home to be full of clutter when you’re trying to sell it. Keep in mind that you will need to have someone take pictures of the interior of your home. If the only thing that anyone can see is clutter, you can’t expect people to be all that interested in your house. 

More than that, excess clutter can alter the appearance of your home. In particular, it can make your home’s interior look much darker and smaller than it really is. This, of course, is not a great selling point for selling a house at any time of the year. 

While it might be difficult at first, it is very important to get rid of as much junk as you can when you put your house up for sale. You don’t necessarily have to throw it all away, but you should store it somewhere so that it doesn’t fill up your house. Ideally, you should only have the bare essentials in your house when you put it up for sale. 

This means that you should have a few pieces of furniture to set the interior such as a couch, some armchairs, a dining table, and so on.

The details

These simple pieces of furniture will give your home just a bit of character while still rendering your house neutral for potential homebuyers. You could also clean out your house entirely if you plan on living somewhere else while you put your home up for sale. 

An empty house will showcase how spacious the house is. However, it is usually best to have at least a few pieces of furniture in the house, especially for real estate listing pictures. This is because a few pieces of furniture put the interior space into perspective and makes it more attractive. 

If you have a lot of clutter, it is a good idea to start decluttering long before you put your house up for sale. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to clean out your house and make it look like a model home. After you’re done with the interior of your home, you can start with the exterior.

2. Do some landscaping 

Since you want your house to look good when you put it up for sale in the spring, it only makes sense to make sure that your yard looks good as well. You might be surprised to know that curb appeal can greatly influence a person’s decision to buy a house or not. If your yard looks scraggly, cluttered, and if the grass is overgrown, it will cast a negative light on the rest of your house. 

Does this mean that you have to give your yard a complete makeover just to sell your house? Not at all! In fact, you’ll likely only need to make a few minor adjustments to improve the visual appeal of your property. 

To start, you should make sure that your lawn is mowed. There’s nothing worse than having a piece of property with scraggly, overgrown grass, especially when it comes to pictures for your home listing. Overgrown grass can make your entire property look unkempt and old. 

This is not to mention that this overgrown grass will only be more work for potential homebuyers to deal with in the future. A well-mowed lawn, on the other hand, is a different story. When the lawn is trimmed, you will find that the entire property will look much more spacious and fresh. 

This, of course, will translate well in property listing pictures.

What you need to know

A mowed lawn will also make your house look newer and more spacious. But of course, there are more ways to improve your lawn than only mowing the grass.

If you find that your lawn is looking a little dull, try to find ways to add a bit of spice to it. In particular, adding a few flowers to your front lawn will do a very good job at this. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to do a bit of simple landscaping. 

After all, a few flowers or colorful plants at your local garden center won’t cost you very much. All you need to do is put them in the ground or in some decorative pots and you can call it a day. Putting some colorful plants out in your yard may not seem very effective, but it is actually one of the most effective things you can do to improve your house’s curb appeal. 

This is especially true if your lawn is relatively empty. An empty, drab lawn isn’t going to attract a lot of attention, even if your house has a lot to offer. You need to make sure that something about your property catches the eyes of potential homebuyers

Again, colorful plants and flowers are perfect for doing this. The natural splash of color that they add will contrast against the rest of your lawn. This will make people take a second glance at your property and check if it has anything interesting to offer.  

3. Clean the windows, floors, and other surfaces

Very few people are interested in buying houses that look dirty or rundown. If your house looks dirty, all that dirt and grime will make it look much older than it really is. So, if you’re looking for tips for selling your home, you should consider cleaning the majority of the house. 

This is especially true if you are having an open house or if you are still preparing to take pictures for the house listing. You will want your house to look as good as possible. Of course, if your house is several decades old, you’ll never be able to make it look brand new just with a bit of soap and water. 

However, making sure that the majority of the house is clean will make it look as good as possible. Starting with the windows at the front of the house is a good idea. After all, when people pass your house or look at pictures of it on the internet, the front of the house is the first thing they’re going to see. 

If the windows are covered in grime and handprints, it isn’t going to look very appealing. All you need to do is take some cleaning solution and wipe down all the windows in the house and make sure there are no spots of grime left behind. After the windows are as clean as they’re going to get, move onto the floors. 

Clean everything

Whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, or any other type of flooring, you’ll want to make sure it’s clean. If you have carpet covered in stains, your house is going to have a harder time selling. You could always have the carpet replaced or you can try and clean it as best as you can. 

In the case of non-carpet floors, make sure you sweep away any excess debris and scrub away any spots. Clean floors will make your house look more spacious and new. Finally, clean off any other surfaces in your home. 

For example, don’t forget about your kitchen and bathroom counters. These surfaces tend to get covered in water spots, stains, and other debris. So, try to clean them until they’re as shiny as they’re going to get. 

All about spring real estate tips

If you’re looking for spring real estate tips to sell your home fast, you’ll need to make sure that your house looks the part. To do this, you’ll want to make sure that you declutter your house as much as possible. Then, amp up your curb appeal by mowing your lawn and adding some plants or flowers. 

Finally, make sure your house is clean. To learn more about selling your house using our iBuyers service, submit your address below and create an account. 

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