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Two iBuyers are resuming their activity this week

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Two iBuyer companies will start buying homes again this week. Opendoor and Offerpad offer new health plans and services for those that are looking to sell or buy a house.

Offerpad has resumed extending cash offers for properties, and has worked with HealthyVerify  in order to provide new health and saftey plans, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes handling most processes remotely, limiting the number of people in homes and disinfecting common areas.

“The procedures, specifically planned for Offerpad’s unique operations, were thoughtfully designed to reduce the risk of viral transmission”, said Dr. Ana Moran, HealthyVerify’s head infectious disease physician.

Also, they will deliver virtual and video chat home tours and 3D walkthroughs on their website and if a buyer wishes to see the house in person, the Offerpad property will be sanitized and vacant. 

Opendoor also announced the they will begin buying and selling homes again and have come up with new features that are meant to avoid contact between people as much as possible. Instead of having an in-person walkthrough, Opendoor’s direct sales will only require a virtual interior home assessment.

The company now has a new service called “Home Reserve”, that is designed for those that want to buy and sell at the same time; Opendoor will purchase and reserve a new house on the family’s behalf with an all-cash offer and then the homeowners will be allowed to move into the home, while the company will list and sell their old property.

“Life didn’t cease because of COVID-19. People still have a need for a home with an extra bedroom, a bigger backyard, or in a better school district. And we’ve heard loud and clear that safety is the No. 1 priority.” Said Opendoor co-founder and CEO Eric Wu in a blog post.

The iBuyer updated as well the self-touring technology for those that wish to buy homes. They can visit thousands of homes any day of the week, on their schedule, through the Opendoor app.

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