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8 Best Neighborhoods To Live in Miami in Today’s Market

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Miami is one of the most famous cities in the world, and for good reason. With its diverse cultures, world-class dining, and beautiful art. And of course—the city is known for night-time fun, as well.

The Miami real estate market is booming and caters to nearly any crowd. There truly is something for everyone in the city. But with so many options, the choices can sometimes feel overwhelming.

What makes a neighborhood great for one family may not be the same for a single professional or a young couple just starting to settle down. In addition to the variety of neighborhoods and experiences, there are a plethora of real estate options across budgets.

Perhaps it is time for you to sell or rent your house, and make the move to one of these Miami neighborhoods for yourself.

This guide to some of the best neighborhoods in Miami can help! With a bit of research, you can find the right oasis within the city for yourself.

For more information on the best neighborhoods in Miami, read on below!

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Family-friendly neighborhoods

While it’s true that Miami has a reputation for parties and vacations, there are many areas that make for great tucked-away locations to settle down with a family. These lush, well-kept neighborhoods hold some of the most highly-desired real estate in all of the city (and frankly, the country).

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove—called “The Grove” by locals—is Miami’s oldest continuously occupied neighborhood. This area is known as one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami, with its sense of tranquility throughout its shaded streets.

New residents are also drawn in by the historic architecture and beautifully landscaped parks. There is a cute downtown, and a picturesque bayfront area boasting marinas and well-known parks along Bayfront Avenue. This provides yet another host of activities to enjoy in Coconut Grove—water sports!

Along the city streets, residents will find an eclectic mix of boutiques and shops, and a mix of bars and restaurants sure to appeal to any passerby. Come nighttime, there are various options for entertainment.

This area is located just south of the busy Downtown Miami and Brickell locations. This makes it an ideal location for those looking to be close to the action—yet enjoy the laid-back vibes that can be found in Coconut Grove.

Furthermore, this is a nice area for those seeking community. With a busy social calendar including weekly farmers markets and the annual Coconut Grove Art Festival—there is always a family-friendly event going on.

In terms of real estate, this area proves to be one of the more diverse neighborhoods in Miami. The center of town tends to be made up of older duplexes and condo units. In the outer gated communities, large Mediterranean mansions await.

Down by the water, newly-built high-rises provide luxury condo options for those looking to maintain beautiful views with upscale amenities.

Coral Gables

Similar to Coconut Grove, Coral Gables is another one of the best neighborhoods in Miami for families. This area is much larger and does offer more diversity than its counterpart.

Coral Gables provides old-world charm, as one of the most iconic neighborhoods in the city. The mix of heritage and modern amenities make this one of the most desired areas of Miami to live in. This area is especially appealing to those with an eye for Mediterranean architecture and scenic water views.

Visitors and residents alike flock to the Venetian Pool, as well as the countless other fountains and sculptures that surround the area. In the downtown region, various international corporations have posted headquarters in the financial hub.

The main drag of the neighborhood is known as the Historic Miracle Mile—complete with boutiques, restaurants, and galleries to impress. Additional shopping can be found at the well-regarded Shops at Merrick Park.

Keeping in the theme of old-world needs new, there is a nice diversity of real estate options throughout the neighborhood. There is everything from celebrity mansions tucked into gated communities, to more modest condos and homes closer to the center of town.


For those looking to settle down in a traditional suburban setting, Pinecrest may be for you. It sits within minutes of downtown Miami—but with a completely different feel. Pinecrest is well-loved for its quiet and relaxed feel, close to the action yet lacking the noise and traffic found in the city’s main streets.

Though smaller, this affluent village has proven to hold some of the most desirable real estate in Miami. Picture tree-lined streets leading to bustling mansions.

Pinecrest is also renowned for its appearance and meticulous landscaping—thanks to strict zoning laws, the community remains well-kept and ordered. For this reason, walks or bike rides around the neighborhood are frequent occurrences.

Similar to Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, Pinecrest is a good location for families or those looking to settle down in a quiet corner of the Miami area. With amazing local parks and community life, there is much to offer to this effect.

Furthermore, Pinecrest’s popularity can certainly be seen in its real estate. This area holds one of the country’s most expensive zip codes, with beautiful estates on sprawling grounds.

Luxurious escapes

While family-friendly communities certainly have their benefits, there are plenty of other areas of the city for those seeking a different type of experience. To keep the same sort of peace and tranquility while opting for more modern luxury and privacy—the below are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami.

Bal Harbour

Along the northern tip of Miami Beach sits Bal Harbour, a luxurious oceanfront escape. This community focuses on peace, tranquility, and privacy above all else.

Bal Harbour is about 40 minutes outside of Downtown Miami, meaning the amenities of the city are well within reach—but without all of the hustle and bustle. With that said, this atmosphere attracts a diverse pool of residents hailing from around the world.

Additionally, Bal Harbour is lined with a pristine and uncrowded beach and village-like streets. This makes for a perfect setting to walk, swim, or bike—or just to relax.

However—just because this community has an affinity for a relaxed vibe, does not mean it goes without fun. Downtown, you will find the world-famous Bal Harbour Shops. This collection of upscale, world-renowned boutiques and restaurants are surrounded by gorgeous landscaping.

This beachfront neighborhood remains low-key. So while it may not boast stunning historic architecture, it instead opts for modern and well-designed luxurious residences. Look out for one of the various gated communities of single-family homes, or the Collins Avenue ultra-luxury high-rises.

South of Fifth

South of Fifth is one of the most well-known communities for luxury in all of Miami. It sits at the southernmost point of South Beach, often referred to as “SoFi” by locals.

While this neighborhood is small in size—ranging only a few blocks—it does not fall short in amenities. It is surrounded by water on three sides, with the beautiful South Pointe Park along its border.

The vibe in this neighborhood remains laid-back and private. Local beaches, shops, and restaurants remain busy—though it lacks the commercial development other areas of Miami are dominated by. This helps preserve the residential and high-class atmosphere.

When it comes to real estate, South of Fifth boasts some of the most exclusive properties on the planet. Home to celebrities, executives, and other big names—the community prides itself on privacy and luxury for those lucky enough to call it home.

Expect to see ultra-luxury residential options—including condos in high-rises and designed villas.

Havens for young professionals and fun-lovers

Miami is definitely a place to find fun and excitement, regardless of your age or professional status. But for younger couples, or those just looking to bask in the fast-paced city lifestyle, consider the following Miami neighborhoods.

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is truly an idyllic escape within Miami—and a great community with a friendly, welcoming culture.

Though it is an island town, it remains connected to the mainland via Rickenbacker Causeway. This means you can reach the city by car in minutes—yet reap plenty of opportunities to relax a world away from the business of the city.

Plus, the island remains fairly self-sufficient. There are grocery stores, pharmacies, and other necessities available alongside locally-owned shops and restaurants to ensure residents do not need to leave the island paradise if they don’t want to.

Key Biscayne sits between two state parks: Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park to the south, and Crandon Park to the north. This means there is plenty to do and see for outdoorsmen and women.

There is a diverse population occupying this community, with an emphasis on the laid-back culture that serves as the foundation for the beaches and businesses lining the island.

While the neighborhood can get crowded on weekends, the overall vibe of the island remains laid-back and carefree. Residents can be seen walking, biking, or riding golf carts around town rather than driving cars.

In terms of real estate, there are a variety of options for Key Biscayne. Toward the northern end of the island, there are luxury condos available. On the south end of town, single-family homes prevail.


Brickell is one of the best neighborhoods in Miami for those looking to maintain a fast-paced city lifestyle. Sitting in the financial hub of Miami, this neighborhood provides all of the amenities one can dream of.

With so many bars, restaurants, and shops around every corner—there is truly something for everyone. Plus, there are parks and gardens all over the neighborhood, in addition to cultural activities and exhibits like the famous Wynwood.

Brickell has garnered the nickname “Manhattan of the South,” sitting just south of Downtown Miami’s historic Central Business District. It serves as the stomping grounds for investment, banking, and financial institutions—with a buzzing nightlife, as well.

Most Brickell residents enjoy the day-to-day without a vehicle, instead opting to walk or take public transportation to get around.

For residential options, most of Brickell is made up of apartments and condos at varying price ranges. For those looking for a more luxurious option—check out the Brickell City Centre development.

South Beach

South Beach is one of the most iconic neighborhoods in all of Miami. For those seeking a beachy, exciting lifestyle with top-notch dining and nightlife, this may be the neighborhood for you.

South Beach is known as a year-round haven for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. However, it goes much further than this—with its storied architecture and beach-centric culture, there is a reason South Beach is so famous.

With so much to offer, this community pulls in an extremely diverse mix of residents and visitors. Within the community, there are various sub-neighborhoods to cater to a variety of lifestyles.

During the daytime, Ocean Drive boasts world-class bars, cafes, and shopping. While the sun is out, enjoy some of the renowned beaches and rooftop pools all over the city.

After dark—South Beach becomes even more exciting. There are nightlife options for any budget and atmosphere desired. Everything from sports bars to famous club scenes is available, often stretching until the early morning hours.

If shopping is more of your scene, check out the Lincoln Road Mall for boutique shopping.

Another major benefit to residing in South Beach is its accessibility. It is very walker-friendly, with locals also opting for bikes and scooters as well as the Miami Beach Trolley (which is free!).

As its population of residents, there are diverse options for real estate, as well.

In the Art Deco district, find older mid-rise condos available. For those looking for a single-family home, the Bayshore district is sure to impress. On the higher-end of the scale, the South of Fifth community boasts incredible condos and luxury high rises.

Make the move to one of the best neighborhoods in Miami

With this guide, you can begin to see how diverse the city of Miami is. There is a neighborhood for everyone, depending on your family status and ideal lifestyle. Each community is rich with its own history and culture—while remaining connected to the city’s sense of vibrance.

Is it time for you to make the move to one of the best neighborhoods in Miami?

There is no time like the present. Plus—you can sell your house in minutes with no showings, repairs, or headaches.

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