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9 Best Neighborhoods in Naples Florida for Families

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Naples, Florida, is renowned for its stunning beaches, upscale amenities, and vibrant communities. Whether you’re drawn to its luxurious waterfront properties, excellent school districts, or charming downtown areas, Naples has something to offer for everyone. However, before you can enjoy the best neighborhoods in Naples, you need to sell your current home, and that’s where we come in.

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In this article, we will explore the best neighborhoods in Naples to help you choose the perfect place to call home. From the luxurious estates of Port Royal to the family-friendly atmosphere of Coquina Sands, we’ll cover a variety of options that cater to different lifestyles and preferences. Let’s dive into the top communities that make Naples one of the most desirable places to live in Florida.

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1. Old Naples

Naples’ historic district, Old Naples, is characterized by an air of charming luxury. Home to some of the country’s most expensive houses, it sports a median home sale price of approximately $1,095,591

If you’re looking to live in Old Naples, you have to have some serious money to your name. Many of the area’s residents are millionaires, with one of the neighborhood’s primary attractions being a set of beachfront properties known as “Millionaire’s Row.” 

As far as visiting Old Naples goes, there’s quite a bit to see and do. Not only can you browse goods in boutique shops on Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South, but you can also wine and dine at a variety of high-end bars and restaurants. 

The Naples Pier is also located in Old Naples, as are a variety of green spaces and parks. And if you’re interested in animals, you can stop by the Naples Zoo. 

If money is no object to you, this is probably the best place to be in all of Naples. It offers close proximity to the ocean to go along with clean, charming, and interesting infrastructure. 

2. Coquina Sands

Touching the northern border of Old Naples is Coquina Sands, a suburban-style neighborhood characterized by winding roads, shady trees, and a quiet atmosphere. As safe a place as you’re going to find, it’s a great option for families. 

There are a number of things to do in Coquina Sands. You can hit the beach, go walking on a nature trail, ride a bicycle on one of the quiet streets, and much more. 

As far as attractions go, there are a number of options. Perhaps the most obvious of these is Lowdermilk Park, the neighborhood’s beachfront park consisting of playgrounds and sand volleyball courts. 

There’s also the Naples Preserve, a nature preserve consisting of much of the area’s local wildlife. This is a great place to walk, relax, and enjoy a beautiful day. 

In addition, there are a number of restaurants, bars, and cafes located throughout Coquina Sands. These run the gamut from Italian restaurants to coffee shops to American-style diners and more. 

The majority of the homes in Coquina Sands sell for millions of dollars. Like Old Naples, it’s one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city of Naples. 

3. Park Shore

Another high-end beachfront neighborhood to consider is Park Shore. A planned community with plenty of space for all of its residents, its homes sell for millions of dollars. 

Running right through the middle of Park Shore is the Inner Doctors Bay. This body of water contributes a great deal to the neighborhood’s aesthetic and is lined with high-end condos and houses. 

When it comes to recreation in Park Shore, there’s quite a bit for residents to sink their teeth into. The Park Shore Beach Club is an exclusive club for residents only. It provides them secluded access to the beach and the ocean, with only their local Park Shore neighbors to compete with for space. 

There’s also the Naples Botanical Garden. This is a large garden consisting of a variety of trees, flowers, and plants. 

For shopping, there’s The Village Shops on Venetian Bay. This is an outdoor assortment of boutique shops located right on the waterfront. 

As you might expect, there are a number of restaurants and drinking establishments in the neighborhood as well. These include but aren’t limited to French restaurants, seafood restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, and bars. 

If you’re looking for an area that’s a little more secluded, Park Shore would be a terrific option for you. Though it’s in close proximity to everything that Naples has to offer, it’s still very much its own place. 

4. Aqualane Shores

If you have a boat or a yacht, you might consider living in Aqualane Shores. Located on the ocean, and possessing a series of canals that run into Naples Bay, this neighborhood is as water-centric as it gets. 

Like the three neighborhoods discussed above, Aqualane Shores is quite expensive to live in. Most houses go for several millions of dollars. Atmosphere-wise, it’s quiet, laid-back, and tranquil. 

There are quite a few attractions in Aqualane Shores. For instance, if you’re an art aficionado, you might consider visiting the Baker Museum at Artis – Naples. It’s filled with a variety of art exhibits, some of which are permanent and some of which are temporary. 

There’s also the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon, the city’s most popular waterpark. This offers everything from slides to a wave pool to a lazy river and more. 

As far as dining goes, the options are many. There’s Mediterranean food, cocktail bars, cafes, coffee shops, and more. 

And because Aqualane Shores is so centrally located within the city, it offers easy access to essentially anywhere you could ever want to get in Naples. This alone makes it a popular and attractive option. 

If you seek a calm, relaxing environment with high-end establishments and amenities, Aqualane Shores will accommodate you. It’s one of the premier Naples, Florida neighborhoods. 

5. Pelican Bay

Next, we’re going to discuss Pelican Bay, a northern Naples neighborhood that’s primarily exclusive to its residents. Located on the ocean, this community is characterized by an abundance of forests and wildlife.

But that isn’t all Pelican Bay has to offer. It also features tennis courts, workout facilities, nature walks, boardwalks, and golf courses. This is in addition to its many bars and restaurants. 

Another attraction located in Pelican Bay is Lovers Key State Park. This is a 700-acre park complete with barrier islands. It’s an ideal spot for kayaking, swimming, paddleboarding, and aquatic nature watching. 

Curious about housing prices in Pelican Bay? Most houses sell for well over $1 million, with some selling for as much as $26 million. That said, there are select residences available for under $1 million as well. 

If you’re looking to live in an area that’s equal parts exclusive and trendy, Pelican Bay is the place for you. Located within 10 miles of all the city has to offer, it’s both in and out of the action simultaneously. 

6. Moorings

If you’re looking to live in an oceanfront neighborhood, but without spending substantial amounts of money, you might consider living in Moorings. Yes, this neighborhood is still quite expensive. However, it has a variety of condos that are available within the $350,000 to $800,000 range. Moorings home prices were down 13.1% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $1.8M.

Characterized by a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, Moorings offers everything from restaurants to bars to fitness studios to art galleries and more. Regardless of the day, there’s always something to do within walking distance. 

The centerpiece of Moorings is its golf course, Moorings Golf & Country Club. A private country club, it’s one of the highest-rated golf courses in the area. 

As far as location goes, Moorings is hard to beat. It not only borders the ocean but a variety of grocery and department stores. As such, it enables you to get to anything you might need quickly. 

A unique water feature of Moorings is Moorings Bay, an inlet of water that comes in from the ocean. It’s an ideal spot for paddleboarding, kayaking, and other laid-back, water-related activities. 

All in all, Moorings is a terrific option. With properties available at a range of prices, it’s a little more accessible than some of the other neighborhoods discussed on this list. 

7. Port Royal

Port Royal is perhaps the most prestigious Naples, Florida community.  Featuring an array of custom-built mansions, its homes routinely sell for 10, 20, 30, and even 40 million dollars. 

This is a good spot for those who want a lot of land and space. Most of these homes are built on large estates that provide room for pools, tennis courts, and other such amenities. 

Port Royal itself features a variety of creeks and inlets. As such, the area possesses a great number of waterfront properties. Many properties have docks that enable them to launch boats directly from their backyards. 

As far as amenities in Port Royal go, there are quite a few available. Perhaps the most prominent is the Port Royal Club. This is a highly exclusive club featuring a beach, pools, tennis courts, exercise facilities, and restaurants. 

In addition, there are a variety of shops and restaurants in the area. Whether you want fine dining or something a little less formal, you will have plenty of options available to you. There is also an array of coffee shops and bars. 

There’s really nothing bad you can say about Port Royal. It has everything you need and more. 

8. Indigo Lakes

If you’re looking for a single-family home at a more reasonable price, you might consider looking in Indigo Lakes. This gated neighborhood is located in the northern part of Naples and has a median sales price of $592,000

In the center of Indigo Lakes is a community center. This features everything from workout rooms to lighted basketball and tennis courts to a pool and more. It’s a great place for Indigo Lakes residents to congregate and spend some free time. 

Unlike the other neighborhoods listed above, Indigo Lakes isn’t situated by the ocean. That said, it’s no longer than a 10-minute drive to get there. Plus, the neighborhood possesses a number of ponds, providing some scenery for all residents. 

Like the other neighborhoods in Naples, Indigo Lakes is exceedingly safe. This, along with its nearby schools, makes it a great place to raise a family. 

9. Lely

Even cheaper than Indigo Lakes is Lely, a census-designed place located just a short jog from the ocean. This community offers a variety of single-family homes and is suburban in layout. Its homes go for as low as $350,000 and for as much as $850,000

Lely is a little more crowded than the other neighborhoods discussed on this list. As such, it’s not quite as quiet. That said, it’s still a relatively peaceful place to live, and offers up a close-knit community atmosphere. 

There are all sorts of shops, restaurants, and bars in the Lely area. These run the gamut from small local establishments to national chains and everything in between. 

There are also a number of golf courses located throughout Lely, including the Lely Resort Golf and Country Club. It features 36 holes of golf, all of which are characterized by a series of ponds and bridges. 

Lely is a great neighborhood for anyone to live in. However, it’s probably best for families. With an ample amount of affordable housing, its cost of living is much lower than many of the other neighborhoods in the area. 

These are the best neighborhoods in Naples, Florida 

And with that, we’ve discussed the best neighborhoods in Naples, Florida. As you can see, there are all kinds of neighborhoods located within the attractive coastal city. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, there’s sure to be one that suits you. 

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