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6 Cash Home Buyers in New Orleans To Sell Your Home

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In February 2024, the New Orleans housing market took a turn, transitioning into a buyer’s market, a shift from being a seller’s market the previous year. This change implies more favorable conditions for buyers, including potentially lower prices and a longer duration for homes on the market before sale.

The median sale price of homes in New Orleans experienced a decrease to $329,501, a 3.3% drop from the previous year, with the price per square foot landing at $192. This reduction in home prices was observed across various types of homes, with the most significant price drops seen in larger homes. For instance, 5+ bedroom homes saw a decrease of 9.2%, indicating a broader market adjustment favoring buyers.

In the USA, the average home buyer takes at least eight weeks to find the home of their dreams. Then they start the lengthy process of finalizing their mortgage and closing on the deal. 

Do you need to sell your New Orleans home faster than that? Do you want to avoid all the red tape that goes along with selling your home the old-fashioned way?

If so, you might find it tempting to type ‘New Orleans home buyers’ into your internet browser right away and start searching for a cash home buyer. Stop right there.

Selling your home to one of these investors isn’t as straightforward as you think.  

First, read this guide to find out more about the companies that advertise, ‘we buy houses New Orleans’, and how iBuyer works to ensure a faster, more efficient, and more lucrative alternative for every homeowner. 

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Reviewing Your We Buy Houses New Orleans Options

Through March 31, 2023, the average home value in New Orleans is $310K, which represents a decrease of 2.2% over the past year. Additionally, the median time to pending is around 36 days.

Yet, if you’re a homeowner who doesn’t have the luxury of time, it’s your only option. We’re here to help you make the best decision for your needs. 

Here’s a guide to the best cash home buyers in the city, as well as the pros and cons associated with them, to help you decide:

1. iBuyer.com

Offer in 24-48 hours

No commissions or fees

Close in 7 days

2. NOLA Buys Houses

No-Obligation All Cash Offer

No Agents Fees

No Repairs

3. JiT Home Buyers

Buys Houses As-Is

No-Obligation Cash Offer

No Cleaning

4. Orleans Cash Buyers

No Closing Costs

No Realtors Fees

Skip Repairs

5. Home Buyer Louisiana

Buys House As-Is

No Commissions Or Fees

No Repairs Necessary

6. Big Easy Buyers

Buys House As-Is

No Cleaning

No-Obligation Cash Offer

Summarizing the Pros and Cons of New Orleans Cash Home Buyers 

If you need to sell a home fast due to inheriting an unwanted house, divorce, or foreclosure, it’s faster and easier to sell via cash home buyers. 

They’re a good option for avoiding some expenses associated with selling a home, too. These include:

  • Expensive repairs and refurbishments
  • Carrying costs while your home’s on the market
  • Agent commissions
  • Closing costs
  • Seller Concessions

Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks associated with selling your home this way. These cash home buyers know you’re desperate to sell fast, and many of them will bully you into accepting take-it-or-leave-it low-ball offers with high pressured sales tactics.

iBuyer offers a best-of-both-worlds experience when comparing cash buyers vs working with a realtor.

You’re assured of receiving a fair offer for your property when you work with us, and we only charge you what it would cost you to sell via a realtor. So, you enjoy the benefit of a fast sale without getting ripped off.  

Selling your New Orleans for the Best Cash Price

Waiting for offers, haggling over prices, and endless costs are the bane of every home selling experience. You can cut out all these negatives and go straight to the good part when you work with reputable cash buyers.

What are you waiting for? Get a no-obligation valuation today, sit back and watch the offers start rolling in.  

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