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How To Sell a House in a Slow Market – 8 Tips To Follow

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Inflation increased by 3.2 percent in October 2023. It is not hard to see why the market for buying a home may have slowed down. Inflation means less money to spend and it also means that people are trying to conserve. You may be wondering how to sell a house fast in a slow market.

It can be very frustrating for someone who wants to sell their home quickly. Here is how to sell your house in a slow market.

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1. Know your home value

One of the first things you will need to identify is the value of your home. Understanding exactly how much your home is currently worth is critical to determine what price you should sell it for. 

Get someone to survey your property and do a valuation for you. Do not just guess at the value of the home, if you do, you might end up selling yourself short. Get professional help.

2. Do the necessary repairs

You will also want to make sure that you do the necessary repairs to your home before putting it on the market. There’s no sense in trying to hide or get around flaws. They will come out once you put the home on the market. 

When you do repairs ahead of putting your home on the market you give yourself a chance to get the best possible price for it.

Remember, your buyers are likely to do a home inspection. During this time all the flaws in the home will be identified, so if you can fix some of them then go ahead and do so.

3. High ROI improvements

There are some improvements to your home that yield a high return on your investment. For example, if you are thinking about renovating your kitchen then you will increase your home’s value by doing this. 

The basement is also a good area to invest in when it comes to repairs. If your home does not have a deck you can add one and this will help to increase the square footage of the property.

4. Improve curb appeal

Improving curb appeal is vital for selling your home. Although we have often been told not to judge a book by the cover, when it comes to selling a home, first impressions do matter. 

When people approach your property for a viewing you want to make sure that they are impressed. You can add to the curb appeal of your home by taking care of your lawn, doing landscaping work, and painting the home in an attractive color.

Even if you have to spend some money to get your home looking its best from the outside, it is well worth it, because the money will return to you, when you get your home sold quickly.

5. Consider home staging

Home staging is also something you should consider. Staging your home is an effective tactic for getting buyers interested. When you stage a home you create an ideal picture of the home by using furniture, artwork, and smells to make potential buyers feel as if they are at home when they enter the house.

There are professional home stagers available, but you can also do your research and learn how to stage your home yourself. Whenever you’re staging a home you will normally need to remove any kind of personal belongings. 

If necessary you can bring in rental furnishings and artwork to make the home look a particular way. This is often very effective in pulling in a buyer and getting them to commit to a purchase.

Professional photography

You must use professional photography when listing your home. Once you have staged the home, you should take high-quality pictures of each room to place on listing sites. 

If you cannot take these pictures yourself, you should hire a professional photographer to do it for you. It will be well worth it.

6. Good marketing

Once you’ve decided to sell your home, Marketing the property should be a priority. This means that you need to advertise on every listing site available. 

Use social media to your advantage as well. The more places you can get eyeballs on your property the higher the likelihood that it will sell very quickly.

You can put a for sale sign in front of the home with contact information. Consider using flyers as well to place on community center notice boards or wherever you will be allowed to place flyers. Try to use digital and traditional advertising formats together.

Embrace unique marketing 

Try to find as many unique marketing strategies as you can to sell your property. You can use short-form video content to showcase the beauty of the property. 

You can post these on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also add that in the video to listings wherever it is allowed.

7. Buyer incentives

If you’re having trouble selling your home then you will need to give your buyers an incentive to buy. One way you can do this is by reducing your asking price. 

This is one of the best ways to get a house sold fast. If you have a high asking price or even an average one, calculate how much you can reasonably reduce it to without it affecting your profit margin.

Give cash back offers whenever you can. Sometimes buyers hold off on buying a home because they see that something will need a lot of repairs. Once you find out what their fears are, you can offer them some cash back so that they have enough to do a replacement or repair.

8. Pick your selling method based on your needs

The selling method that you choose for your home should be based on your need at any given time. Some methods of selling a home are more expensive than others. Take a closer look at the three methods you should consider.


For sale by owner(FSBO) is a legitimate way in which you can sell your home. Many people prefer to hire a real estate agent to help them sell their homes. However, you don’t necessarily need one to do so. 

You can put the house up for sale all on your own. However, you’ll have to deal with a lot of paperwork. If this doesn’t bother you, then you should go ahead and list your house for sale and handle the transaction all by yourself.

Real estate agent

The most popular way to sell a home is by hiring a real estate agent. There are many perks to using this option instead of for sale by the owner. 

A real estate agent is a professional who is well-versed in what it takes to sell a house quickly. They have connections that make it easy for them to sell properties. They can help you with showcasing your property in the best way to get it sold quickly. 

A real estate agent will be able to help you with everything you need to do when selling your house. From listing it to closing, they will be there with you. 

However, it does come at a cost. If you don’t mind having to pay someone to assist you then a real estate agent is a good option for you.


iBuyers belong to companies that use technology to determine the value of your home. They will then make you a cash offer for the home. If you decide to go with their offer they will purchase the home from you. 

They will then market the home and resell it for a profit. The good thing about going with iBuyers is that you will get a quick cash offer and will most certainly be able to move out very quickly if that is what you want.

9. Be realistic about negotiations

You need to learn how to sell your house fast in a slow market through realistic negotiations.

Buyers will want to negotiate and when they come to the negotiation table they are doing so because they want a discount. When you put the home on the market and price it, you should factor in the negotiation. This is important because you will need to lower your asking price.

How to sell your house in a slow market

You now know exactly how to sell your house in a slow market. There is a lot to consider and you need to make sure that you take the time to decide exactly which method you want to use to sell a home.

The key thing you must bear in mind is that you need to make your property as attractive as possible to potential buyers. If this means that you have to improve your home or even do maintenance work on it, then go ahead and do so.

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