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Live in the Heart of Texas: 8 Best Neighborhoods in Waco

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waco downtown seen from above

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Are you looking for the best neighborhoods in Waco TX? Wondering where to live in Waco TX? If so, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Waco’s best areas to help you out.

Located along the Brazos River, Waco lies almost halfway between the Texan state capital of Austin and Dallas. The county seat of McLennan County, Waco has a population of around 147,434.

Downtown Waco is relatively compact. You’ll find many amenities and services and local attractions include the Waco Mammoth National Monument, Cameron Park, the Dr Pepper Museum, Waco Suspension Bridge, Hawaiian Falls water park, Magnolia Market and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

Why to consider moving to Waco Texas

Texas in general is truly blossoming, with a good economy and great job prospects. Waco offers all the conveniences of city life, right in the heart of the state, without the congestion often associated with other large cities.

Other top reasons to live in Waco, TX, include affordable housing, plenty of urban growth and regeneration while still maintaining a charming town-like feel, a moderate climate and economic stability with jobs in diverse sectors.

You might also recognize Waco from the popular TV show “Fixer Upper”, which offered plenty of insights into local life.

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Best neighborhoods to live in Waco TX

Waco is split into three sides, North South and East, with each area then further subdivided into neighborhoods, as defined by locals.

There are also nearby cities and towns, which although not part of Waco, have close links to the city and depend on Waco’s economy. People may choose to live in one of these nearby places and commute into the city. They include:

  • Hewitt
  • Woodway
  • Robinson
  • Beverly Hills
  • Elm Mott
  • Northcrest
  • Bellmead
  • Lacy-Lakeview

When it comes to deciding where to live in Waco TX, you’ll probably want to take into account factors like real estate values and rental prices, education, local facilities, crime rates and safety, transportation and the local community.

These are our recommendations for the top places to live in Waco:

1. Downtown

Downtown Waco offers the most facilities and leisure options, compacted in a reasonably small area. The liveliest part of the city, downtown’s residential properties are largely apartments and lofts.

The vibrant urban atmosphere helps downtown to rank highly among the good neighborhoods in Waco TX for young professionals.    

2. Castle Heights

Sometimes referred to as the Austin Avenue neighborhood, Castle Heights is one of the most affluent and sought-after neighborhoods in Waco.

Castle Heights is named after Cottonland Castle, a striking Gothic building from the late 1800s.

Located in Waco’s North Side, the area boasts some of the city’s oldest homes. Once comprised of a few houses dotted around a small hill, Castle Heights has grown into a thriving neighborhood with a strong sense of community and local identity.

Planned as an elite housing area, Castle Heights resisted being annexed by Waco until the mid-1940s. It was the first historic district in Waco to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Today you’ll find an attractive blend of architectural styles, including Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Spanish Eclectic Revival, ranch style and minimal traditional. There are also modern condo buildings.   

It’s among the best neighborhoods in Waco TX for families, with plenty of local businesses and recreation areas, such as jogging and cycling trails. Most residents earn a moderate income. Housing prices are, however, higher here than in many other neighborhoods in Waco.

3. University

University, located in the South Side, is where many students will gravitate to when considering where to live in Waco TX.

As well as the obvious reason of its close proximity to Baylor University, the University neighborhood has many shops and restaurants, with many easy to access by foot.

The neighborhood has affordable family homes too, and there are several schools in the area. Many residents generally consider it a safe place for kids to play outside, and there’s good parking.

4. Brookview

Located in the North Side, Brookview is among the particularly good neighborhoods in Waco TX for families.

Over half of the local residents own their own home and it’s considered a great place for real estate investments, thanks to healthy rental prices.   

Brookview has a strong community vibe, and it’s common for children to play together on the local park. There are good sporting facilities, including football fields, baseball fields and basketball courts.

Lee Lockwood Museum and Library is close to hand, and local businesses include law firms, insurance agencies and marketing agencies.

Good sidewalks make it a relatively easy neighborhood to walk around and there’s an abundance of parking for car owners.

5. North Lake Waco

Next to the shores of Lake Waco and partially bounded by the Brazos River, North Lake Waco, is among the best Waco neighborhoods for people who enjoy outdoor leisure.

With Airport Park, Lake Waco Wetlands, Bosque Park and Riverbend Park at your fingertips, you can spend pleasant hours enjoying the great outdoors. Plus, Waco Mammoth National Park is also close by.

The lake itself offers leisure activities like boating, swimming, fishing and jetskiing, and there are several hiking and biking trails to enjoy. Golf enthusiasts can tee off at Lake Waco Golf Club.

There are plenty of shops and eateries in the neighborhood, especially alongside China Spring Road.  

It’s a safe area where many residents would feel comfortable walking outdoors at nighttime. The parks and public spaces make it a good Waco neighborhood for children and dogs.

A fairly quiet area, it has a good holiday spirit and community vibe.

6. Brook Oaks

Alongside the Brazos River and bounded on one side by Highway 84, Brook Oaks has plenty of ethnic diversity, with several immigrant groups living in the neighborhood.

Many young families call Brook Oaks home, and there’s an almost 50/50 divide between home owners and renters.

Dewey Park Recreation Center and Cameron Park Zoo are among the North Side area’s leisure options.  

The average home price in Brook Oaks is below the city’s average; Brook Oaks is a good Waco neighborhood for first-time buyers and property investors. Most residential properties are small houses or apartments.

7. Woodway

On the southeast edge of Lake Waco, the small city of Woodway is essential a suburb of Waco. Within close proximity for commuting, the seven-mile drive takes around just 12 minutes.

The area has a rural vibe, with plenty of oak trees and deer roaming the woodlands. Carleen Bright Arboretum is a pleasant place for hiking and enjoying nature, while smaller parks, such as Poage Park, have play equipment for kids.

The community center is a hub for local life, with diverse events and activities.

One of the best neighborhoods in Waco TX for families, Woodway also attracts retired people and young professionals, creating a good mix of age groups.

The crime rate is more than 50% lower than the Texas average, there are good local schools and the community feeling is strong.   

8. Richland Hills

In North Side, Richland Hills is one of the good neighborhoods in Waco TX when it comes to walkability. Several major roads pass through the area too, making it easy to access by car.

The ethnically diverse area has a Hispanic majority and an average resident age of between 30 and 40. Households comprise families, couples and single occupiers, and the majority of homes were built in the 1970s.

Both rental costs and property prices are lower than the Waco average, making is a good place to consider for anyone for affordable housing in Waco, Texas.

The area has a decent choice of schools nearby, including private schools and Christian schools.

You’ll find a good selection of local amenities in Richland, including Richland Mall, an ALDI supermarket, restaurants, shops and parks. Urban Air Adventure Park is a popular place for family fun.

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