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How To Sell a House By Owner in Texas in Today’s Market

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What do you need to know?

There are a few things you need to know before you sell your house in Texas. Chances are – if you’ve been thinking about selling your home on your own – this is new information to you, so pay close attention.

You have to be a legal homeowner

That means no renting out a room or half of the house or subletting your place. That’s fine for some, but it won’t fly if you try to sell a home to an owner in Texas. You have to be the owner of the property.

You’ll need proof

The proof is a copy of your deed and some confirmation from your mortgage lender that you are, in fact, the actual owner. It also helps to show previous bank statements or tax returns that prove you own the property.

You can’t be behind on any bills

Being behind means pending foreclosures and bankruptcy filings and judgments, and tax liens will all have to wait until you have a buyer for your house in hand.

You have to be able to leave the home empty

There are specific legal implications that come with selling a house by an owner in Texas, and one of them is you have to be able to leave the house empty until an inspection is complete and a deal is in hand. Unfortunately, that means you might move out of your home until these inspections are completed.

You have to explain where your closing money is coming from

The most asked question from self-employed home sellers is how they’re supposed to come up with the cash at closing. Well, iBuyer handles this for you. You have an online bank account set up, and the company will wire the necessary funds over on the closing day.

You have to pay a small fee

If you sell a house by owner in Texas, there is a fee you have to pay. It’s about $300, and the company sends it off in a deposit that you get back at closing. They take care of all the legal work and registration fees, so this is the only cost you will incur when selling your home by owner.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about selling your home by owner. The team at iBuyer has helped hundreds of Texas homeowners like you sell their homes without paying any fees or commissions.

Paperwork needed to sell a house in Texas

When selling your home by owner in Texas, you will need to provide the following information:

Deeds and plats

The legal documents show ownership and boundaries of your property.

Title commitment

This document shows the lien holders on your mortgage and other relevant information about the title, such as previous mortgages and liens against the property.

Transfer disclosure statement

This form discloses any known problems with the property, like a death on the property, a septic system that needs a replacement, or a condemned home.

Home warranty

Home warranties are usually required when you buy a house, but they can come in handy when selling, too. A home warranty will protect you against unexpected repairs for up to one year after the completion of your sale.

Written statement of the condition of the property

Providing a written report about the current condition of your house can save everyone time and money. However, if you are selling your home by owner in Texas, you must spend some time filling out this form before buyers come to see the house. 

Staging your home will go a long way towards selling it fast and for the highest price.

Proof of homeowners insurance

This document can be a lifesaver. When you sell your home by owner in Texas, you will need to provide evidence of insurance for the period during which the property is on the market. If there are gaps, potential buyers may refuse to buy the house, affecting its marketability.

Environmental disclosures

The disclosure outlines any known environmental issues with the property, including landfill sites or oil wells operating within 1,000 feet of the property line.  Thus, if you are selling your home as an owner in Texas, you must fill this form out to protect yourself and the buyer.

Prorated utility bill

You must provide a prorated utility bill for the time that buyers tour your house. This document is a simple way to help you sell a home by owner in Texas quickly and easily. You outline everything clearly for potential buyers, and there are no last-minute surprises.

Commission work order

It is crucial to have the property professionally assessed before you sell your home by owner in Texas. A Commission Work Order is a written estimation of how much money you need for closing costs and commissions at the onset of the transaction.

This form will be helpful if there are any discrepancies or changes that affect the final cost of closing on your home.

How do you list a house?

If you are selling a home by owner in Texas, the first thing you want to do is create a flyer with pictures and information about your property. Next, you will need to decide how much commission is reasonable for buying and selling agents to charge if they choose to list your house and set a realistic time frame (3-6 months).

When selling a house by owner in Texas, it is crucial to do your homework and choose the right real estate company.

What is the Texas law on selling a house?

Selling a house by owner in Texas is legal if you do not use the services of a real estate agency. It does not matter whether you are selling an apartment, your primary house, or any other type of home as long as it meets the least habitable standards and has all the proper paperwork.

FSBO pros and cons

The most significant benefit of selling a house by owner in Texas is that you get to keep all the commission. You can typically expect around 6% of the selling price, so selling your home for $100,000 would net $6,000. 

Another selling point of selling a house by owner in Texas is there are no closing costs. Because selling your property will not need you to hire a selling agent, there are no extra fees associated with selling your house.

However, selling a house by owner in Texas does come with its downsides as well. First, be highly organized and have the knowledge needed to sell your home independently.

You will have to invest countless hours of posting ads, showing the house, and selling throughout the construction process when selling without an agent or an iBuyer.

Carry out repairs

Whether selling a house by owner in Texas or selling with a real estate agent, you should carry out all necessary repairs before selling. Taking care of them yourself will allow you to sell your home quickly and at a price you initially set. 

Price your home correctly

This step is essential to selling a house successfully, whether selling with or without a selling agent. Make sure you do your research and find out what other homes in the neighborhood are selling for.

Use online tools to compare prices and ensure that your selling price is fair before even considering listing your home. 

Scope your competition

It’s crucial to understand the competition in Texas when selling a property by owner. Check out comparable properties’ selling prices and make sure yours is competitive.

Always be open for negotiation

Selling a house by owner in Texas means that you have complete control over the selling price. While you probably have a selling price in mind, you should always be open for negotiation so that your home can receive a selling price in line with market value.

Avoid breaking the law

It’s critical to check for any possible breaches of the selling regulations while selling a home by owner in Texas. Therefore, you must disclose any significant problems or faults with your house during the seven years preceding the sale.

Have the necessary documents ready

When selling a property privately in Texas, it’s critical to have all your paperwork in order. Make sure you complete all necessary disclosures and that you include any sale agreements if you’re using an agent.

Prepare your house for a prosperous selling period

It’s vital to ensure that your house is clean and tidy when selling a property by owner in Texas. By making the selling process as easy as possible, you’ll have more potential buyers viewing your home. 

Use social media to market

When selling a property in Texas, it’s critical to use social media like Twitter or Facebook to promote it. Ensure any photographs of the home you take include the selling features and characteristics so that potential customers can connect with them.

Be available

You should always be available when selling a house by owner in Texas. Be sure you can provide your selling documentation and any additional information requested so that the selling process runs smoothly. Always pick up calls and respond quickly to any messages.

Promote the selling features of your home

It’s critical to emphasize selling features and draw attention to them when privately selling a house in Texas. Highlight any selling characteristics that set your property apart from your competitors’ homes.

Avoid pushing for a quick selling period

Be patient when selling a house by owner in Texas. It’s important not to rush the selling process because this could result in selling your home for less than it is worth.

Price your home competitively

Price your selling property correctly when selling by owner in Texas. It’s important to compare prices with similar properties and ensure that yours is competitive before you even consider selling.

Be visible

When selling a property privately, it’s vital to ensure potential buyers can see your home from the street or path they use to enter the neighborhood. You can put up a sign near the road or make sure your house number is visible from the street. 

Take a look at real estate data

When selling a house as is in Texas, some people prefer to sell without an agent because they want the selling price of their property to remain how they initially set it. Doing this gives them more control over how much the selling price changes throughout the selling process.

Texas for sale by owner contract

There are a few different contracts that you can use to sell a house by owner in Texas. The most common selling contract in the state is an “AS IS” agreement because it saves both parties from going through the problematic wording of a selling contract and allows for more flexibility.

It is crucial that you and the buyer state “no refunds” once a final price is stated in the selling contract. That will mean there cannot be a money-back guarantee if they don’t meet specific criteria of your selling contract after closing.

FSBO alternatives 

Some selling alternatives in Texas can make selling a property by owner in Texas more affordable and help ease the selling process. For example, online real estate websites provide listings of properties across the country while also providing selling statistics.

Concessions made by FSBO sellers in Texas

When selling a home on your own, you can make some selling concessions to buyers. However, it would help if you always remained flexible when selling property privately, because you’re more likely to receive offers this way. 

For example, some selling concessions could include paying for closing costs or allowing the selling buyer to have pets.


When selling a property on your own, it’s important to avoid selling warranties because this could result in selling your home for less than what it is worth. 

Therefore, you should only include selling warranties if the selling contract is with an agent or other marketing professional.

Mortgage information

When selling property on your own, it’s crucial to have all mortgage selling information readily available. This data includes the mortgage you have and any costs involved with selling a home

For example, some contracts in Texas may include paying for a termite inspection or a provision that states you must pay back a percentage of the selling price if you don’t get a specific type of selling mortgages. 

Repair credits

There should be a list of any repairing expenses that the selling buyer will have to pay if you’re offering a property as-is in Texas. These might include repair estimates or other services that the selling buyer may need to pay for if they decide on a home without an agent.

For example, some repair credits could include the cost to replace the water heater if this is something that you need to do before selling the property.

Execute the guide on how to sell a house by owner in Texas

Remember, it’s essential to read through your contract thoroughly before signing it. This way, you’ll be able to see your rights as the seller and if any repair costs should get paid by you or the buyer.

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