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7 We Buy Houses Companies in Alabama

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Houses in Alabama are selling 22 days sooner than they were last year, but you could still around 47 days for your home to find a new owner.

If that’s a lot longer than you need to sell your house, it’s tempting to Google, ‘we buy houses Alabama’ and let a cash buyer take it off your hands in a few days.

Selling a house this way is quick and easy, but it’s not the best way to achieve the best value for your home. Keep reading to find out how this process works, what to expect from cash buyers in Alabama, and why iBuyer offers a better way to do business.

What Are We Buy Houses Companies?

Cash for homes companies do exactly what they say they do. They pay cash for homes in any condition, fast.

They’re a quick solution for people who want to avoid the delays, expenses, and red tape that go with conventional home sales.

If your home is in poor condition and won’t qualify for potential buyers to achieve traditional financing, you might have no option but to sell it this way.

Most of these companies are reputable, but you won’t receive the market value for your home. To stay in business, they need to consider how much they can earn from the sale of your home, and not your financial gain. 

There are five main types of companies that buy houses for cash. These are:

Fix-and-Flip Investors

If you’re a fan of HGTV, you’re all too familiar with this type of investor. These companies either buy a run-down home to renovate it for an existing client or invest in as-is properties in up-and-coming neighborhoods.

It takes these professionals around six months to flip a house. After that, they start to lose money on holding and operating expenses. So, they might not accept homes that they can’t turn around within this time frame. 

Buy-and-Hold Investors

These investors cater to the 49% of US citizens looking for affordable rental accommodation amid a housing crisis. 

They typically buy houses that need some work before they can rent them out, as well as homes in serviceable condition. Some of these investors must still apply for finance before the deal concludes, which can delay the closing date of your sale.  

Franchise Cash Buyers

Franchise companies buy houses for both the above reasons, and they do so in more than one place. We Buy Ugly Houses is one of the best-known franchises that work this way. 

Franchisees are locally-based and employ local contractors to fix up the as-is homes they buy for resale or rental. They pay a portion of their profit to the parent company in exchange for marketing services and support.  

Most cash-buyer franchises focus on run-down homes or those where the owner doesn’t want to spend time on repairs. 

Trade-in Companies

These companies work slightly differently from the above. They work with homeowners who need a quick sale, so they can pay for a new home without sacrificing too much of their existing home’s value.

Trade-in buyers provide cash for the new home based on the value of the current house, minus their commission. Then they sell your home and take the proceeds from the sale. 


In 2015, iBuyers came to the fore as an alternative to the above options, and have doubled their market share as home buyers. 

They focus on buying homes in good condition, that only require minimal repairs, and they usually profit from the fee they charge for their services. iBuyers use technology to offer clients fair, market-related prices for their homes. 

In this way, working with an iBuyer is a fast, easy, and more lucrative way to sell your home for cash, and some of them offer trade-in services, too.  

Why Would You Sell Your Home to a Cash Home Buying Company?

Since you won’t realize a great return on your investment, it’s never ideal to sell to a conventional home buying company. However, there are some instances where it’s the best option.

These include instances where:

  • You’ve inherited a home you don’t want
  • Your home is in poor condition
  • You’re facing foreclosure
  • You need to sell fast due to a move 

If you want a fast sale and selling your home doesn’t involve many complications, an iBuyer is the best choice for you. 

Companies That Advertise ‘We Buy Houses Alabama’

You’ll find cash home buying companies and iBuyers in almost every state, and it’s always a good idea to shop around before you do business with any one of them.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the most prominent we buy houses companies in Alabama and have done some of the work for you. 

1. We Buy Houses – Alabama 

This Alabama cash offers franchise has branches throughout the state. These all work according to the same processes.

It’s important to make sure you’re working with a licensed representative of this large, reputable company when negotiating a deal on your home. Although We Buy Houses doesn’t dictate the prices their franchisees, offer, they do vet them regularly.

Any agent who doesn’t meet their high ethical standards will lose their right to use the name, We Buy Houses.

We Buy Houses employs a simple four-step process, as follows:

  • Enter your property details on their website
  • An agent will arrange to view your home
  • You’ll receive a no-obligation cash offer
  • Accept the offer and sell your home fast and hassle-free

We Buy Houses works on the common 70% rule, which means they’ll only offer you 70% of the value of your home after repairs minus the cost to repair it. You don’t pay agents commission or fees for their services.

The prices they offer are not-negotiable, and individual investors or franchisees may value your home differently.

Prices are always the major drawback of working with these kinds of companies, and We Buy Houses is no exception. They also only allow one license in each town, which limits your options for working with this franchise. 

On the plus side, you will have an offer within 48 hours, and you know you’re working with a reputable real estate investor who can close the deal within seven days. 

We Buy Houses will buy almost any home as long as you haven’t undergone foreclosure already. They can even work with your bank on a short sale if you owe more than the house is worth, and help preserve your credit record.

With iBuyer, you’ll have an offer within minutes, and you’ll get more cash when you work with an iBuyer. iBuyers are well-established and highly reputable operators, serving almost every city in the USA.

2. We Buy Ugly Houses Alabama

We Buy Ugly Houses is one of the best-known cash home buyer franchises operating across the country. The company has been around since 1996 and offers quick solutions for distressed homeowners.

This company always inspects your home before they make an offer. The process usually takes an hour.

Some of the factors they consider include:

  • Your home’s exterior
  • The condition of the bedrooms and bathrooms
  • The HVAC system and water heater

After that, they make a firm cash offer, and if you accept it, they can close within three weeks.

We Buy Ugly Houses considers local market conditions and comparable sales in your neighborhood when deciding on a price. 

This company operates in the realm of homes that won’t sell without major repairs. As a result, their offers are rarely over 50% of your home’s value after repairs.

The perks of working with We Buy Ugly houses include:

  • Peace of mind thanks to working with reputable buyers
  • A fast, certain sale
  • No commission, repair costs, or staging costs

Lower prices are an obvious drawback to working with this company. For many, the certainty that comes from working with a recognized company and getting paid fast makes up for that. 

Although there are iBuyers who may offer higher prices than We buy Ugly Houses, this firm is a recognized and well-reputed iBuyer with over 2,000 positive customer reviews. 

3. Nexus Homebuyers

Nexus Homebuyers is a network of investors and advertises ‘we buy houses for cash’ in just three states, namely Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee.

There are only three steps involved when you sell your home via Nexus. These are:

  • Requesting an offer online or telephonically
  • Meeting with a Nexus Homebuyers representative
  • Accepting the offer and choosing a closing date

All you need to do to receive an initial offer is provide your home’s details, and you can also skip the home assessment by submitting a video walkthrough online.

This company specializes in keeping refurbishment costs low, so they can offer you more for your home. They can do this thanks to ongoing relationships with reliable contractors in your area.

Nexus homebuyers have many Google and Facebook reviews and a rating of 4.9. They also have an A+ rating on the BBB.

The only complaints are from some renters who aren’t satisfied with the cheap, quick fixes undertaken on the properties. 

With iBuyer, you can sell your home in almost any state across the country. iBuyer offers better prices and lets its investor-partners deal with the repairs themselves. 

4. We Buy Houses In Bama

This company is a fix-and-flip cash home buyer. They’re focused on creating a fast and efficient experience for customers in dire need of a quick sale. 

We Buy Houses in Bama offers another simple three-step process, with the option for a video walkthrough:

  • Fill in your home’s details online, or call them
  • They inspect your home and make a final offer
  • If you accept the offer, you set the closing date

This company has a transparent pricing plan and will explain the process to you. Prices are low, but you will have an offer within an hour.

Speed is the biggest benefit of working with this company. You also don’t need to worry about cleaning and repairs, and they can close within 14 days. 

Their main areas of operation are Athens, Decatur, Huntsville, Madison, Birmingham, and Florence.

The company has an A rating on the BBB, but there aren’t any reviews listed for them.

When you work with iBuyer, you know you’re dealing with reputable, established buyers and vetted investors. We offer fair prices based on the market value of your home and only charge a small percentage for our services. 

5. Ant Buys Houses

Ant Buys Houses advertises itself as faith-based Alabama homebuyers specializing in getting homeowners out of sticky situations.

According to the company website, there are four steps involved in the home buying process. These are:

  • Text, call or use their website to provide your home’s details
  • Set up an appointment to view your home
  • Receive a written no-obligation offer
  • Accept the offer and receive your cash within as little as seven days

Ant Buys Houses offers low prices on as-is homes, but they do pay all the closing costs and holding costs associated with the sale.

Most reviews describe selling a house for cash via this company as a pleasant experience. They’re also actively involved in helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and will even help you move out of your home, once they’ve bought it. 

Are you nervous to work with a small company on such a big transaction? Rather stick with an established, reputable iBuyer for a professional and seamless experience. 

6. ASAP Cash Home Buyers

ASAP Cash Home Buyers buy houses and land in 50 states. They’re committed to providing safe, fast, and fair service to homeowners in distress.

Their process is a little more involved than others, It comprises the following steps:

  • Request a consultation online
  • Meet with a representative to discuss your needs
  • An assessor visits your home 
  • They make a cash offer
  • If you accept the offer, you sign the forms and receive your cash within a few days 

ASAP Cash Home Buyers might offer low prices, but they also offer some unique free services. These include legal support and credit counselling. 

Great service seems to be the norm when you work with this company. Unfortunately, prices are in line with most other cash home sales in Alabama.

With iBuyer, you’re assured of prompt, efficient service that doesn’t delve too deeply into your personal affairs. Since these companies only buy homes in relatively good order, prices are higher, too. 

7. Echo Properties

This local Headland father-son team center around offering reliable, up-front service to homeowners in their area. Their process is simple and transparent. 

After you contact Echo Properties, they review your property to ensure it meets the criteria before arranging to meet you on-site.

Once they’ve looked around, they’ll make a written offer. This usually takes around 24 hours.

If you accept the deal, they can close within seven days or according to a timeline of your choosing.

By their admission, Echo Properties isn’t a good fit if you want to maximize how much you get for your home. They offer low prices in exchange for prompt, efficient home sales.   

Echo Properties can close on cash deals quickly since they buy houses themselves without engaging any outside investors. They can also assist with some of the more unusual problems encountered by home sellers, like:

  • Un-permitted work
  • Squatters
  • Tenant complications
  • Fire damage

The only problem with dealing with Echo is that you may feel pressurized into selling your property for less since few cash home buyers will handle these kinds of issues. 

iBuyers offer prices that are much closer to your home’s market value than conventional companies that buy homes for cash. Yet, you can also count on swift, efficient service and a much faster sale than if you choose to work with a realtor.  

Get the Most Out of Selling Your Home for Cash in Alabama

While researching your ‘we buy houses Alabama’ company options, be sure to compare their offers with iBuyer, first. 

We can provide a value on your home within minutes based on property prices in your area.

Cash Offers on your home? You’re in the right place!

All you need to do is enter your address on our website, and our state-of-the-art algorithm does the rest. Try it now, and let’s get your home sold for more, faster.

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